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Alex Versus Alex

Alex Jones is an often prophetic yet complicated figure who is not always right. Alex Berenson is a mediocre midwit with no principles.

A short clip from the feature-length documentary Alex’s War.
Director: Alex Lee Moyer
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First they censored and de-platformed Alex Jones, and I didn’t speak up because he’s just awful. Three years later they came for me and that was like, totally different because I graduated from Yale, travel in establishment liberal circles and once worked for the New York Times.

The only thing clear about Berenson is that he has no principles. From denying the efficacy of Ivermectin to arriving months late to the truth on the deadly vaccines to smearing Dr. Robert Malone on live TV last year, he’s presented himself as an entitled, petulant little prick. His Substack writings on geopolitics are unintentional comedies.

What level of shamelessness does it take to crowdfund $125,000 from hard-working people for a legal vendetta after earning millions on book sales and substack subscriptions? Even after settling with Twitter for an undisclosed amount (millions?) it took six weeks of being called out for him to offer to return that money.

As for Alex Jones and Sandy Hook, he has apologized for the past five years and said he believes it happened. His recent civil trial in Texas was a laughable fix, a total subversion of the U.S. Constitution and legal precedence, but that doesn’t bother the deranged establishment midwits because it’s happening to someone they don’t like.

Only in communist countries (and woke culture) are transgressions marked with permanence through cancellation or disappearance.

Only in totalitarian dystopias are forgiveness and redemption made impossible, not just by the state, but by society.

Only in failed states do legal systems predetermine winners and losers based on political views.

We are all human. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes.

And yet we are still all connected by our rights and liberties that must be equally protected by a blind justice system, regardless of beliefs or speech.

It’s not that complicated.

Well, apparently it is for some.

Worth reading: Jon Rappoport on Alex Jones.

Jon Rappoport
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