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Chris Knows Best

The only bulwark to censorship on a centralized Substack is CEO Chris Best. And the corporate-state's 'anti-fascist' fascists and 'anti-racist' racists are gunning for him.
The Claytons Social Justice Warrior — Fulcrum7
Inversion Clown World: The useful idiots of our time embrace corporate-state power to fight imaginary fascism and racism with… fascism and racism.

The recent launch of Substack’s Twitter Notes has merged previously isolated echo chambers of users on this service into one algorithmically curated feed of content. This means the uber-fragile safety-first Millennials and Zoomers are now seeing opinions that they’ve been trained at their $40k-a-year lower indoctrination centers to equate with… um, like literally violence.

If you’ve arrived here outside your echo chamber, before you fill your diapers with faux performative outrage of “overgeneralizations” about generations and how that’s “problematic and stuff” consider which generations meet the following criteria:

  1. Understand the basic tenets of Freedom of Speech (there’s no such thing as hate speech) and why it’s the essential freedom from which any society hoping to live free needs to start (the founders knew this 246 years ago)

  2. Do not require or hysterically demand intermediaries censor those who have differing opinions that challenge their viewpoints

You’ll find that polling data shows these are overwhelming Boomers and Xers that meet both criteria. The generations of sticks and stones and all that. The Generations that could resolve conflict, find common ground and agree to disagree. Those days are long gone.

Unfortunately those generations also both failed miserably in raising children that are anti-fragile, permitting them instead to assimilate into the identitarian cults of anti-fascism and anti-racism. Both of these engage in projection onto their political enemies by endorsing the very things they claim to despise in order to silence them—racism and fascism.

These are both sub-cults of the intersectionality cult to which these younger generations of uncritical thinkers, the useful idiots of our time, have fully assimilated.

Weaponized by both corporations and the state to justify censorship under the guise of “moderation for safety and protection” they embrace the merging of corporate and state power, corporatism, which is also ironically, fascism. These are deeply unserious people, but they must be taken seriously because they have the backing of the global technocratic order.

To understand this mental illness that inverts reality and projects onto their political enemies the very sins they embrace, one needs to see the world through the lens of their intersectional matrix which divides the masses based on race, gender, sex, ability, sexual orientation, cultural heritage, ethnicity, and class, into two groups: Privileged and Oppressed. With the privileged being the oppressors, and the oppressed being the victims. Victimhood is rewarded and celebrated, even where it doesn’t exist.

intersectionality - Natalyad

Everyone must join in the war against the oppressors to protect the oppressed. That they view Jews as being inherently oppressed in the twenty-first century is a laughable inversion of reality and any rational and objective Jew would admit that.

That “Black Minority Ethnic People” and “Dark Skinned” people are dominated by other races and need “protection” from “allies” who are mostly white affluent liberals suffering from a savior complex is itself incredibly racist. That they cannot comprehend how or why this is so, is a testament to the power of their blind assimilation into this identitarian cult as well as the failure to teach rudimentary critical thinking skills to the aforementioned triggered generations.

Racism, sexism, misogyny, ableism, and homophobia, (any “ism”) are the social currencies of this cult. One can claim to be a victim of any or multiple -isms and immediately leverage that as social capital within the cult.

In order for the cult to have value and a mission purpose, they must see these things everywhere, even if they do not exist. Fabricating the -isms are acceptable even if disproven because everyone within the cult knows that even if fabricated (Juicy Smolliet), that doesn’t discount the wider accepted orthodoxy that this -ism is still omnipresent in society. As with any cult, no evidence is necessary.

This is a very lucrative initiative that has billions of corporate funding through the Hate Industrial Complex (HIC). Count the ADL, SPLC, and other groups as the biggest shakedown artists and hucksters of the HIC. Due to deficits of all -isms, they simply fabricate hate and intolerance wherever they can and with whomever they can. The ADL now has Substack in its sights. With billions of dollars in funding from trillion-dollar corporations like Apple, they’re not going to stop.

Oh, the horror!!

It’s important to understand this cult to understand why so many younger adherents call for “content moderation” on tech platforms. If the state can’t directly infiltrate a company as the FBI and CIA have done with Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others, they want the corporation to do the bidding for the state, and censor those who oppose their cult orthodoxies. Since the state has absorbed this intersectional cult into its web and weaponized its adherents, the state now has two generations embracing actual fascism and doing its bidding.

The recent launch of Notes, a new tool I’ve found entertaining and a great way to meet other writers and explore their works, has put added pressure on Substack CEO Chris Best. For years the corporate state has been gunning for Substack and now they’ve got their armies of cultists, and mockingbird “writers” with purple check marks to colonize the platform and start making greater demands for moderation censorship.

CEO Chris Best appeared on the Decoder podcast yesterday. You can watch the relevant clip above where the race-baiting sleazy “brown man” tries to trap Chris in a hypothetical censorship scenario. He claims that in 2023 racist hate speech like All Brown People are animals and shouldn’t be allowed into America is not uncommon.

This grifter is clearly part of the Hate Industrial Complex working for corporate media to push the idea that racism and hate are so ubiquitous, that we are in the midst of a moral panic that Best had better agree to censorship to protect the “Brown People” like him.

Best wisely stays quiet and cool. He borders on flustered but by staying quiet in his attempt to straddle the fence he avoids the political pig pen that the brown man attempts to lure him into.

Why does all of this matter?

If you enjoy Substack and have found it useful to transgress the official censors and flee their narratives, then this last refuge for honest writing and journalism should be important to you.

Furthermore, if you are a writer or podcaster, or content performer and Substack has become a ‘side hustle’ as the kids like to say, then you should pay close attention to this ongoing war. It will affect your livelihood.

You should voice your support for CEO Chris Best (on Notes) for holding firm against some very powerful forces: Corporations, Intel Pigs, Western Governments infiltrated by a global technocracy, Big Tech rats, and all the little quislings begging for safety from ideas their pea brains cannot debate.

Moderation is always euphemism for censorship, and all of them are demanding content moderation to the extreme.

CEO Chris Best is the only wall holding back the censorious mob. The pressure must be enormous yet surely he knows the second he cracks this place is no different than any other failed Web 2.0 cesspit.

The censorship calls are already working. Substack has added tools to block users from responding to Notes if that poster doesn’t like the response. I’ve already been blocked by three purpled check mark-wielding CIA underlings including Seth Abramson.

Who is Seth Abramson? Dartmouth, Harvard, Lawyer, “Professor,” and CNN and Washington Compost contributor. That should tell you all you need to know but let’s take it one step further to prove his CIA ties.

Abramson and Brit psycho girl boss Louise Mensch were integral in orchestrating the TDS-inducing astroturf scam called #TheResistance. This was effectively a propaganda operation of “Intel leaks” to orchestrate a soft coup against a democratically elected president.

Abramson appeared on CNN regularly to testify about his certain knowledge of Trump-Russia collusion, all of which later proved to be blatant lies. Instead of rotting in a prison cell for his treasonous crimes, he’s been rewarded with tens of thousands of subscribers on Substack.

While attempting to engage him directly and point out his unreasonable desire for censorship, and how Google is a weapon of mass disinformation, he decided to take refuge in the first offramp for unskilled thinkers and debaters—personal attacks.

After that, it was only right that I point out his assimilation to the intersectionality cult and how he’s clearly using the cult to push for censorship while embracing all of the cult’s dictates.

Abramson wrote in response to CJ Hopkins’ inquiry about his desire for content moderation censorship:

Logical, rational, reasonable ideas should always be able to withstand competition with and confrontation with logical, rational, reasonable ideas that propose an opposition to them. What you are referring to are irrational, puerile, disingenuous, bigoted word-splatters that have no value as a matter of public discourse. So no, for instance, I do not think there is any value in a Black person being confronted with racist language.

Qualitative assertions of speech, replete with social justice buzzwords, and the superior ability to decide what is valuable to public discourse and what isn’t. He follows it up with virtue-signaling racist anti-racism through a liberal savior complex.

To the cult, a black person confronted with racist language is too fragile to handle it. Is there anything more racist than that assumption? Seth and his intel pigs with their armies of weaponized cultists are going to save and protect that black person from hate by preempting the “public discourse” with blatant censorship. This is pre-crime for speech to protect future victims who fall on the oppressed side of the intersectionality matrix.

Do not believe for a second Abramson believes any of this crap. He’s a Harvard-educated lawyer of Gen-X performing as a member of the corporate state tribe. His grift has made him very wealthy and he’s brought his circus to Substack.

And because he didn’t like the above facts I presented to him he blocked me and effectively erased me from any attempts to respond even to other users beneath his original note calling for Substack to censor.

Abramson isn’t the only Corporate State stooge with a purple check mark on Substack. Remember “Pandemic Amnesty” girl boss Emily Oster of Brown University who “loves parenting and data” and wrote that crap for CFR rag The Atlantic? She has tens of thousands of paid readers too.

I addressed her delusional piece with my own in November.

The Good Citizen
The Unforgiven
Read more

For anyone who knows the history of censorship, this is how it always starts: With whispers, murmurs, demands, and organized campaigns funded by state grants and corporate donations, and it ends with a blitzkrieg of banning and blacklisting.

One day it’s Note replies, the next month the parasites with blood on their tongues want to ban “offensive” writers that are guilty of “literal violence” with their words.

Every writer should be taking this seriously regardless of what content they write. If the path to writer censorship hits 1, it’s game over for Substack.

The best thing we can all do is to get on Notes and praise and support CEO Chris Best for holding firm against the madness of the mob. Push back in the cult’s replies, but do it strategically.

  1. Ask questions that will expose their hypocrisy

  2. If they use euphemisms and buzzwords like ‘hate speech’ and ‘valuable discourse’ or ‘content moderation’ ask them to define everything that will require arbitration. The won’t be able to in a way that doesn’t reveal their censorious desires and their claims will collapse immediately.

  3. Do not initiate personal attacks or engage in the behavior they know you’re already guilty of for simply being pro-liberty and anti-censorship

  4. Restack (The equivalent of the Retweet button) those ideas and voices that expose the moderation censorship agenda so we amplify those posts. You can also Restack posts like this one to Notes. The only way I can grow is when you all share my work, so thank you.

It might not save Substack, which as I wrote last week, due to it’s centralized structure was always doomed to cave to the censors one day, if not be outright scuttled by email providers like Gmail who have been dumping many newsletters in Spam folders intentionally.

But at least in the process of engaging with Notes, and warding off the censors a little bit longer, you’ll discover other writers and readers to bond with and see firsthand the intersectionality cult’s performances, and maybe have a good laugh in the process.

And what better way to start your weekend?

Have a good one, Good Citizens.

Drop a Deuce In Seth Abramson and Louise Mensch’s Intel Pig Pen

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