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Revisiting The Real Virus Parts I and II

(Film Credit: Animation by Steve Cutts)

As they ramp up digital ID mandates and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) around the world it might be a good time to revisit a couple of oldies from the Good Citizen catalogue. The Real Virus Parts I and II.

None of what they’re planning is possible without our willingness to surrender the terms of our liberty, or allow ourselves to be controlled by the tools designed to obliterate our liberty which is nothing less than tyranny under the guise of a frictionless life.

The Good Citizen
The Real Virus
The Real Virus Global totalitarianism has arrived with a virus and as a virus. Not with a natural virus but an engineered virus that may have been intentionally unleashed on the world to open the door to the real virus. They’re still calling this event a pandemic. Fear, propaganda, censorship…
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Ukraine is apparently the first country outside of China to incorporate all the World Economic Forum Great Reset madness into digital form. Coincidence? Everything seems suspiciously planned these days. Especially since they bludgeoned all conspiracy theories in broad daylight the past few years.

Did you see Papa Dementia today telling the 82nd Airborne they’ll be in Ukraine soon? A few days ago he couldn’t contain himself about the U.S. leading a New World Order. A few minutes before that he’s casually talking about how 40 million died before the “liberal order” came to the rescue last century. Yesterday he cut loose with the food shortages and economic pain like it’s all a necessary duty we have to embrace and he had nothing to do with it at all.

He keeps saying the quiet stuff out loud and that’s probably why they selected him. Loose lips sink empires. The first President in history who most definitely should be in a Cuckoo's Nest playing cards with Cheswick and Tabor is slaughtering conspiracy theories every time he opens his dumb mouth.

Ukraine goes digital China. Talk about truly owning nothing and staying on schedule. They might not have running water, or even homes in one piece across half the country but hey, at least they have digital ID so the comic knows where they are and what they’re buying at all times, even if there’s nothing around to buy at all. They combined a Social Credit Application with Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity & a Vaccine Passport all within their government app, in Ukraine of all places. Bunch of weirdos leading the New World Order, not just Papa Dementia the groper and sniffer in chief.

Digital tyranny in Ukraine? It’s hardly a country with people anymore. Maybe that virus that was supposed to originate at one of the U.S. funded biolabs and leak across Europe spreading with the refugees was actually a behavioral one. Move ten million Ukrainians into Europe with their new digital habits of having everything run through one government application and they can be shining examples of the future that awaits Brits, Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans, etc. A socio-behavioral virus introduced into social bodies that have already been pre-conditioned for two decades of privacy annihilation habituation to welcome their chains - full control over the population by digital gatekeepers for participation in society.

What to do about it? The power is literally in our hands to take back control. Part II:

The Good Citizen
The Revolution Will Not Be Swiped
The Real Virus Part 1: Game-ification of the frictionless life. Priming the West for a Huxleyan variation of China's Social Credit System. The following is a Good Citizen guide for those who feel too helpless at this moment to change the world. Take it or leave it. The choice is literally in your hands right now…
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A warm welcome to all the new Good Citizens!

Make yourselves at home. If you’re new to Substack it’s easy to set up your profile and play with other Good Citizens in the comments. There are lots of great people offering some interesting ideas and insights and no shortage of fun and jokes. Come out and play.

If you enjoy your experience don’t hesitate to join the Good Citizen Flock. Moving forward there will be more posts permanently in the Flock meadow.

Spring is in the air. The season of rebirth and rejuvenation, revival and reinvigoration.

I’ll be taking the next two days off for the first time in a few months to go into revival orbit.

But I’ll catch you all again on the other side of the moon with some fresh material.

Have a great weekend.

Breathe. Breathe in the air. Don’t be afraid to care.

In darkness and in light, in sickness and in health, in liberty or tyranny, until censorship do us part.

The Good Citizen

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