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Dum dum, dum dew dum, dewby dew

"The bodies are still warm, how dare you challenge the official story!"

Don’t be irresponsible.

Repeat the official story verbatim, and attack those who don’t.

Then wait for further instructions.

That’s how the truth is discovered.

That’s how it’s always been discovered throughout history.

How are they so good at keeping the NPC Borg in check after every event?

Maybe they were injected with something that reacts to certain pulsating microwave frequencies.

Dum dum, dum dew dum, dewby dew


It’s been ten days since the Lahaina inferno.

1200 humans are still unaccounted for and that fact always goes missing from every "report,” even in the alternative press.

You don’t hear about the police roadblocks on Front Street that left a traffic jam of trapped and later toasted Americans.

One local legend “Fish” has a first hand account of the oddities. There was no electricity at the Safeway, before the fires reached that half of Lahaina, despite what Alex Jones and others are reporting, “They left the power on so the fire would spread!” Police were under orders not to let anyone leave. By the time he makes it half a mile down the highway to the next beach north, he hears “Boom boom boom!”

Cars going “boom” only happens in the movies.

How many police cruisers went “boom” at the road blocks? If there was even one we would have heard about it and they'd get the nonstop hero treatment.

Sorry, way off script, powerlines and hurricane winds.

Click the image to watch his account (source: Hawaii Real Estate on YT)

And exactly how do 1200 people go missing on an Island?

Are they rebooting the show Lost?

And the FBI shows up with a mobile morgue and cordons off a 5-mile area?

There are only two reasons for the FBI to show up to anything:

  1. To kill Americans in their homes

  2. To clean up and prepare the cover story in the aftermath of government crimes (in this case probably killing Americans in their homes and cars)

But okay, sure, powerlines and hurricane winds.

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