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Good Citizen Ham Sarris

Public Intellectual and Master Logician.

A few days ago Toby Rogers of Utobian wrote of our hand-picked public ‘experts’ chosen by the powers that be to deceive us, “…some of the smartest people in the world — James Surowiecki, Naomi Klein, Nassim Taleb, Noam Chomsky, Slavoj Žižek, and so many more — stopped being smart.”

Perhaps they were never as smart as they performed in public.

Noam Chomsky’s ghost which appears to have been marooned on a far-off island that gets no sunlight had a particularly public totalitarian moment when he said anti-vaxxers shouldn’t be able to participate in society. The guy who exposed the interconnected (fascist) nature of corporate and state power merging in every industry now shills for Big Pharma and post-modern-day eugenics operations.

Slavoj Žižek has always been an obnoxious pudgy Marxist. El Gato raked him properly yesterday in his post “Never Trust a Fat Communist” so there’s no need to kick a slobbering baboon while he’s already down. As Gato so cleverly expressed, Marxists are useless loafers and complainers incapable of creating or building anything valuable for humanity. Their only means are demolition and destruction in the pursuit of a single end, power.

With their total infiltration of lower indoctrination centers across the west they now appear capable of self-replication on a logarithmic scale every generation. Maybe this is how we get the Tyrell Corporation. They have shimmied their shady civilizational-destroying agenda into all levels of public education through novel grifts like Social Emotional Learning, and Critical Race Theory via Anti-Racism which is inherently racist.

They were never smart, only historically blind, economically illiterate, and always cleverly deceptive by cloaking their agenda in tolerance and acceptance.

Public intellectuals and SMEs, the WEF’s chosen public-private acronym for hand-picked (Subject Matter Experts) propagandists paid to peddle the psyop narratives have always been just that.

Add to the long list of pretenders the ultimate smugger Ham Sarris. In the past few years, he has suffered very public meltdowns of Trump Derangement Syndrome, contending that “misinformation” and speech should be suppressed that is “dangerous” when a “dictator” like Trump comes to power under “dubious” circumstances.

He’s another CFR goon with a Ph.D. and a podcast who has superficial conversations with other CFR goons. Regular guests include neocons and neoliberals peddling the latest think-tank guff that attempts to justify endless looting and wars.

Perhaps in a long list of pretenders Harris is the most deceptive. He speaks slowly and confidently in his hypnotic“Waking Up” meditation voice using words like logical and rational as if his brain holds a monopoly on the essence of both within the context of every conversation he performs.

His public spat with Brett Weinstein has been amusing. Harris, who for years has proclaimed that “we must have difficult conversations about all subjects” refuses to accept any of the endless invitations by Brett to have a difficult conversation about Covid vaccines. He does appear perfectly happy to go on every other podcast other than Weinstein’s to talk about Weinstein and Covid vaccines.

With each new appearance, he can’t help but dig his own reputational grave deeper and deeper. Like most frauds, he will not put principals first and betrays them at the first sign of political expedience, which also makes him an ideologue. The default state of all ideologues is hypocrisy. Objectivity and therefore truth will always be thrown overboard to keep their ship on its predefined course.

Ideologues will betray reason and rationality even while claiming to conjure both with their mental gymnastics. In Sarris’ podcast appearance with MIT mumbler Lex Rogan Jr. who is patiently waiting for Keannu Reeves to die so he can reprise the John Wick role, Ham claims “on that timeline…” (where we assumed a deadly virus was lurking everywhere) “…it was completely rational to want to get the Covid vaccine…” and that people had a “civic responsibility” to do so.

Except it was not at all in any timeline, in any simulation, at any point in the history of human life, under any circumstance a rational thing to do.

  1. It was always irrational to trust Big Pharma corporations.

  2. It was always irrational to trust the U.S. government on any issue.

  3. It was always irrational to believe a single word uttered by corporate media mannequins whose salaries are paid by those Big Pharma corporations.

  4. It was never rational to believe they could produce an effective “vaccine” in nine months for a coronavirus using an experimental mRNA technology.

  5. Not only was all of that irrational to believe, but it was borderline batshit crazy. Unfortunately for millions of people, it was also a deadly narrative to believe.

No matter which direction they drag on the political spectrum, the bias of Scientism’s ideologues will always reveal itself. If they've taken the loot in exchange for their betrayal, they'll yank all of humanity down with them.

There are no experts invited into the public domain and there never were. There have only ever been chosen and anointed corruptibles who are paid tidy sums to perform as experts.

And seeing that is like being handed the keys to The Great Resent psychological prison after being sentenced to life.

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