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Hillary Rotten Soros

Crush the coup! It's a gas gas gas!

Right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.

“Elections may very well be decided by state legislatures and a right-wing Supreme Court.”

Following and upholding the constitution is now apparently a “right-wing extremist coup”?


They’re going to steal 2024 again under the guise that if they don’t, it will be stolen by the Constitution and the Supreme Court, in their world known as “right-wing extremists”.

You just can’t make this shit up.

And they only need to rig five Senate contests in the same five states they rigged in 2020 to avoid losing the Senate, so they might as well do that again in a couple of weeks.

Not that it matters.

Globopsycho will be in charge no matter what.

Even the low-IQ “progressive” caucus that dared write a letter to Biden to push for a negotiated settlement in Ukraine got the memo from Globopsycho and immediately rolled over today like good little obedient servants.

Their letter was accidentally released by “a staffer without vetting.” If these people were any more brain-dead and spineless they’d be slithering in glass cages at the exotic pet store.

How dare any lawmakers call for peace! How dare they warn about Nuclear Armageddon! There’s more “work” to be done toward “democracy” in Ukraine!

There’s at least another $100 Billion that could be washed through the poison dwarf’s launder mats in Kiev and maybe even a dirty bomb or two that can be blamed on that evil Putin.

Forget about clean water in Jackson, Mississippi. Forget about lowering crime in Chicago, Philadelphia, or New York, closing the border to fentanyl and child traffickers, or lowering gas and grocery prices, or doing anything that might ever for even just one nanosecond help the American people.

A real coup in Washington happened a long time ago.

A real coup in London too. Goldman Sachs and the City of London got their “men”. The Royal butt plug with sausage fingers now has his wealthier Hindu Robin.

The WEF and Globopsycho own and control the west.

“John Doe has the upper hand now!”

Nobody is coming to save us. We’re all on our own.

Don’t you miss the old Circuses?

The Good Citizen
The Good Citizen
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