Pastor Manning Has Bigger Balls Than Michelle Obama

"You can never call on God for help if you don't know the truth."

At the start of the year in a post on Damar Hamlin's sudden coincidence on the football field, I provided data on the hesitance of Black Americans to line up for the experimental “vaccines.”

One reader replied that she would have shared the post, but there was ‘some racist stuff’ so she couldn’t. Showing the black community’s distrust of pharma and government experiments was “racist” according to this reader.

This is how deep the programming goes on “racism.”

How did we arrive at this world where everything is racist?

And if everything is racist, then nothing is racist, and the word has no meaning, which would mean we’ve truly arrived at a colorblind society.

Why is this affliction, this sick obsession with race and racism mostly isolated to the United States?

Cui Bono?

Note #1: If you’re offended that I don’t use the terms African Americans or People of Color, this Substack probably isn’t for you.

Note #2: Being offended is always a choice. That choice will be given no purchase here.

After the Occupy Wall Street movement was infiltrated and decimated from within, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent in the stormtroopers to quash the final fragments of protest. Bloomberg makes billions selling investment terminals and software to Wall Street speculators. The protests were bad for his target market.

The anger at the bankers and speculators and real owners of the country who engineered the global financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent recession did not subside with the extermination of OWS protests. So they turned to the one guaranteed psyop to create confusion, maximize division, and take the heat off themselves—racial division.

They knew those Mortgage Backed Securities and Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) were going to create a banking crisis. They knew the rating agencies were lying about the creditworthiness of underlying investments in early 2008 when Bear Stearns collapsed. They knew they were going to need an escape hatch, a frontman to sell their racial division.

This is why campaign Obama immediately changed outfits once taking office and became Race Divider Obama and war criminal Obama.

But Obama was one man, and although he did more than any other President to set race relations back in the U.S., it wasn’t enough.

So they dug into the halls of phony academic disciplines pushing the cult of intersectionality on poor students of lower indoctrination. There they found all the weapons needed to turn Americans on each other rooted in new “social science research” to lend their scam some flavor of credibility.

For the first time, the terms White Privilege, Whiteness, Systemic Racism, and Discrimination magically found legs and devotees outside the comedic lecture auditoriums of Race Marxists. Magically, the narrative shifted overnight to take the heat off the criminal class.

Gradually and then suddenly whiteness became a crime, if not a felony, a way of being in the world that was responsible for every non-white person’s problems. As with affirmative action, non-whites who put family and education first also had to be sacrificed in the name of equity. Asians suffered the most, in hiring and university admissions, and both races still pay the price today.

Whiteness was responsible for historical sins that needed repairing, in the only way a subservient underclass shucking and jiving on the Democrat plantation for sixty years have been habituated to understand absolution—with money and handouts and a shove to the front of the line.

Every spring this is now a daily story on websites tracking this anti-racist racism:

The Wall Street Journal ran a popular story recently about how competitive Ivy Leagues are this year - “Extraordinary Isn’t Always Enough”.

They profiled Kaitlyn Younger, a white, middle-class female from Texas with a 1550 SAT, 3.95 unweighted GPA, 11 AP classes and founder of her school’s accounting club. Among other things, Younger sang in the choir, directed and performed in about 30 plays and had a part-time job.

Younger’s guidance counselor characterized her as “extraordinary”.

She got rejected from Stanford, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Northwestern, UC Berkeley and University of Southern California .

Younger will attend University of Arizona, which admits 88% of applicants.

Extraordinary isn’t enough anymore.

Instead, one must be utterly mediocre and have the proper skin color as well.

A few weeks ago a TikTok video went viral of a white guy with a 5.1 GPA, valedictorian, class president, and 35 ACT score that was rejected from every Ivy League University he applied to and was only wait-listed for some mediocre colleges.

His problem was believing the lie that if he did everything above and beyond everyone else for four years of his life, it would be good enough to compensate for the sin of having white skin.

Did his parents tell him not to bother to even try because the new “man” be keeping him down?

Did they hold a meeting with his guidance counselor and tell him, “Son you can do everything humanly possible to get into Harvard and every other Ivy League school, but it won’t amount to a hill of beans because of systemic racism, so you might as well use your youthful years doing things you enjoy that gain the respect of your peers like join a gang, get girls pregnant, and sell drugs instead.”

He could have skipped straight to the front of the line if he simply used the Pocohauntus grift, and claimed to have Navajo or Cherokee heritage.

Hell, he could have transitioned to a non-cis, non-gender-conforming starfish and every Ivy League school would have sent recruiters wearing knee pads to his house to write a blank check. Nike and Tampax would have rushed to sponsor zis TikTok announcement of getting a full ride to Harvard.

White privilege can only ever be remedied in one way—white suffering. Racial struggles must be zero-sum games. Equity now trumps merit—in the classroom, in the boardroom, in the white house, in Congress, and even in the most deadly places like airline cockpits.

A few years ago employees at Coca-Cola were urged to be "less white." In employee training, they were told: "In the United States and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white." 

It’s a complete violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act for any company or organization to discriminate against employees based on their race, but those who cite this legal hurdle will say it’s simply more proof that the legal system and laws are there to protect white people. Seriously.

U.S-Nancy Pelosi, democrats kneel in U.S. Congress to honour George Floyd -  Tunisia News

The party pushing this nonsense was the party of slavery. The party of actual white supremacy. The party that opposed the abolition of slavery, and the emancipation of black slaves. The party that assassinated Lincoln, opposed voting rights for blacks and founded the Ku Klux Klan in opposition to all post-Civil War integration initiatives.

It’s also the party that has successfully brainwashed three generations of blacks to believe that since 1965, Democrats are their new saviors, and somehow the other party is racist because they believe in merit.

This was also the party of Bull Connor and George Wallace at the time. Those images of blacks getting beaten by police and attacked by dogs during the civil rights era were primarily made possible by orders from southern Democrat governors. Enfranchisement with bruises and dog bites courtesy of the party of the Black Congressional Caucus.

Imagine believing the party historically most responsible for your enslavement and persecution was the party that would not persecute you again.

Since the post-financial crisis race-war-psyop was put into overdrive, Black Americans have been herded by the millions away from noble and righteous color blindness preached during the civil rights era. They’ve been weaponized by institutions covering for those in power—bankers and oligarchs—to turn the target of their rage and anger toward white people (and Asians).

They were not told that the destruction of the family unit and the absence of fathers in black homes, along with Johnson’s Great Welfare Society swindle was at the root of their cultural demise.

By removing the father from the black community and replacing him with the state, they were again swindled by the party of Jim Crow. Their new plantation owners of the Democrat party were the same as their old ones but instead of disenfranchisement, they weaponized this grift so they had a reliable voter base every election cycle.

Black people still oblige them to this day.

But Black people can never be told the truth about how or why their community continues to falter in the absence of systemic or institutional racism. They are told it can only be relieved with the introduction of systemic and institutional racism against “privileged” Whites, Asians, and Jews.

The con can never be revealed and so the corporate media and their masters in the Democrat party and permanent Washington make sure anyone who does expose this great con and this new systemic and institutional racism against whites and other races that put family and education first is labeled…racist!

If Black lives really mattered to Black Lives Matter, they would go after the number one killer of Black lives in America after heart disease and cancer—crime in the Black community.

As with the Hate Industrial Complex (HIC) of the SPLC and ADL, the Race Marxism Grift (BLM) must peddle the currency of racism to give its agenda value.

No racism needs evidence or proof, and yet the accusation will stand because we are all guilty until proven innocent through the self-debasing repentant embrace of anti-racism; through blood guilt, historical guilt, associative guilt, even a guilty conscience, all of which can only be absolved in the same way—by giving the oppressed victims more money and removing all obstacles to obtainment, namely hard work, merit, and achievement.

Racism is now everywhere. Math is racist. White inventions are racist. Algebra is racist. Testing is racist. Police are racist. Every institution that wasn’t created or founded by and for black people, is racist, oppressive, and keeps black people from realizing their true potential.

Grocery stores are structurally racist.

Here’s the “racism” scam exposed in two tweets.

Tweet #1: Trader Joe’s is structurally racist.

Reply to Tweet #1: Trader Joe’s knows it’s not profitable to operate in high-crime areas.

Narcissism, indifference, and entitlement are now so engrained in the black American mentality, particularly with younger generations that they have been weaponized to simply take what they know is theirs through criminal violence with the explicit endorsement of the Democrat party and Soros-funded prosecutors.

I’m oppressed, pay me!
We’re oppressed, these Hermes handbags are now ours!
I need reparations on my groceries here at Target!
White people be killing black people everywhere, die Whitey!

They know they’re victims and the justice system is “rigged against them” regardless of their behavior and actions. It turns out that if you drive home this community-destroying lie generation after generation—that someone is an oppressed victim based on their skin color, even in the absence of at least forty years of systemic or institutional evidence, they will resort to criminal behavior and feel justified in doing so.

This grift, aside from decimating the nation, is so heavily incentivized with fame and fortune, and the narrative of ‘racism everywhere’ is so bereft of evidence that the race hoax is now more common than the hate crime.

Racist MAGA boys patrol the streets of Chicago at 2 am in subzero temperatures with a noose just looking for gay black actors like Juicy Smolliet to attack.

A Black Nascar driver has a noose hanging in his garage requiring a dozen FBI agents to investigate.

Politicians spread the lie. Media spread the lie. The courts protect the race-grifting hoaxer.

Juicy Smolliet learned this grift by seeing how victims are rewarded.

Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson became millionaires off this grift, being the first to rush to a scene where a black victim of white oppression needed a yellow media swarm to draw attention, especially if it was a hoax.

Sharpton’s debut performance with Tawana Brawley, who claimed white men had gang raped her in a New York park, should have been a clue that this grift was just getting started, but the corporate media are not there to expose lies, they exist entirely to promote them.

In a world of illusions where truth is subverted or inverted this anti-white grift now passes for acceptable public “discourse” on television, in corporate board rooms or H.R. departments, at school board meetings, on Facebook, in the columns of coastal media monopolies, in television commercial casting rooms, and at university tenure committees.

Have you watched any TV commercials in the past three years? Apparently, white liberal corporate guilt and sadness, for a thug who overdosed on fentanyl beneath a cop’s knee after trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill and had a rap sheet a mile long, can be absolved by casting black actors only.

How about white men in TV commercials in the past twenty years? Notice anything different from the 1980s or 1990s?

Incompetent, bumbling, goofy, inept, clueless, slobs who just don’t know how to do anything as well as a woman or a person of any other race. Once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it. It’s cartoonish and ridiculous and never fails as an advertising formula.

Get it? White men are dumb.

Statues of “dead white males” need to be removed for…racism. Historically they were oppressors first and last, and nothing else matters.

Trains, planes, cars, rockets, telescopes, tires, telephones, radios, television, electricity, atomic energy, computers, and fax machines. All miracles made possible by the minds and spirits of “dead white males.”  

— Michael Savage

Tech companies could be absolved of their white guilt by rigging their search engines to rewrite history. For five years if you searched “American Inventors” on Google it returned only Black inventors, most of them completely inconsequential. Almost all white inventors had been pushed to the very end of the results, including Bell, Tesla, Edison, Morse, Wright, Goddard, and Ford.

After a decade of this race hustle, a public figure can say openly that white people are evil and should die and that person will find themselves tenure, a broadcasting promotion, new advertisers, and an army of indoctrinated campus crazies following them on the most popular herding platform for certifiable retards on the planet—TikTok.

We are now supposed to believe that white-on-black crime is endemic, a total and complete statistical inversion of reality by a double-digit factor.

You can’t offer these facts or say these truths at white liberal cocktail parties or you’ll be called…racist. Why? Because as the title of a great Michael Savage book says: Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

A recent experiment reveals that on college campuses, the self-identifying liberal graduate or undergraduate student is vastly more racist against Whites than moderates or conservatives, though all groups showed anti-white agreement than any other race.

The experiment is interesting though flawed. The anti-black quotes of Stephen Douglas chosen for the experiment are cartoonishly stupid and overtly racist instead of covertly racist like the Robin DiAngelo and Adolph Hitler quotes, making them easy to disagree with no matter which race is substituted.

Perhaps this also reveals how academics are weary of being accused of anti-black racism by designing a study with mismatching baseline quotes, to preempt any uncomfortable accusations.

There is also nobody more deceptive in expressing their true opinions than a closet conservative or moderate at a university. Non-liberals at universities are terrified of being exposed for holding different views and will assimilate as a means of self-preservation, to avoid the madness of the progressive campus mobs.

It’s surprising they even found a single conservative for their study but we see more consistency across races from moderates and conservatives, while there is clear racist sentiment toward Whites by liberals compared to Jews or Blacks by a factor of four or five.

Check out the results of the above study of college students agreeing with statements Hitler made about Jews, and Robin DiAngelo made about Whites, with races interchanged.

Unsafe Science
Who Agrees with Hitler?
This is a guest post by Michael Bernstein (Brown University) & April Bleske-Rechek (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire). Michael Bernstein is an experimental psychologist and an Assistant Professor at Brown University. His research focuses on: cognitive biases, the placebo effect, pain, and substance use. He is an editor of the forthcoming book…
Read more


Last week a gang of “youths” in Chicago beat the living daylights out of a white girl trying to get inside her apartment. Their new Race Marxist mayor excused the rioting, looting, beatings, and shootings last weekend as the expressive behavior of “poor youths.”

Criminal behavior by blacks is endorsed, validated, excused, and rewarded with billions in donations from corporate America so the leaders of BLM can buy a fifth luxury estate as far from black communities that they encourage be burned to the ground.

On the same day those “youths” turned that white girl into a punching bag for simply being white, a white girl was shot, while inside a car, by a white homeowner in upstate New York for pulling into the wrong driveway with friends.

A few days earlier, Ralph Yarl was shot by an 84-year-old white homeowner for knocking on the wrong house door in Kansas City.

Hundreds of media outlets, and every celebrity and politician only amplified one of those stories and after decades of this madness, you know exactly which story was pushed, and which was ignored.

Ralph Yarl’s story raised $3 million. Kaylin Gillis’ death, while more egregious than the Yarl shooting by distance, will not result in millions of donations to the family or an invitation to the white house for her grieving parents to meet Papa Dementia.

The media’s role in this race war psyop is no different than in any other psyop—push the official narrative, even if it defies all statistical evidence, even if it’s the most preposterous bunch of shit that no rational humans could possibly believe and ignore all the counter facts.

  • If the shooter is white and the victim is black—24/7 around-the-clock coverage chock-full of baloney upon baloney.

  • If the shooter is black and the victim is black. Ignore.

  • If the shooter is white and the victim is white. Ignore it unless it’s useful in making white people seem crazy or as a reason for gun control.

  • If the shooter is black and the victim is white. DO NOT REPORT.

The Washington Free Beacon analyzed media reports of homicides that mention race.

Ratio of White to POC murderer's race mentioned:
White to Black 4:1
White to Hispanic 8:1
White to Asian: 5:1
White to Native: 1:2

Not only were white perpetrators mentioned far more often overall, but they were also mentioned within the first twenty percent of the article or story while black perpetrators were buried at the bottom third of articles.

It gets worse.

Statistically here are the probabilities of being a victim of black or white violent crime in the United States based on data from 2019. It means any race at any random time. Violent crime is considered murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. These include solved and unsolved crime statistics for that year.

Probability of being a victim of violent crime by race (per capita).
  1. Murder: One is 228% more likely to be a victim of a black murderer than a white murderer.

  2. Rape: One is 79% more likely to be a victim of rape by a black perpetrator than a white perpetrator.

  3. Robbery: One is 283% more likely to be a victim of a robbery by a black perpetrator than a white perpetrator.

  4. Aggravated Assault: One is 118% more likely to be a victim of aggravated assault by a black perpetrator than a white perpetrator.

These statistics don’t account for locations or other factors. Obviously, everything changes if one is standing in South Chicago or West Baltimore, versus South Laramie or North Twin Falls.

It certainly shatters the corporate media narrative, the Hollywood narrative, and the Democrat party narrative. They want us to believe these statistics are racist, and that putting them down in writing and communicating them is only something a racist would do.

Fine. Guilty. The word has no meaning anymore if statistics can be racist.

You’ll never hear Rachel Maddow or Don Lemon say that an American citizen of any age or race is over 200% more likely to be a murder or robbery victim at the hands of Black Americans than White.

The statistics on victims of police shootings by race also destroy their narrative about black men being targeted. When adjusted for race per capita and for crimes committed by race per capita, over twenty years, whites are more likely to be killed by cops.

It completely annihilates everything they try to push year after year by instigating division and turmoil through highly publicized events that NEVER happen as they initially report them and are NEVER corrected later.

  • Trayvon Martin

  • Michael Brown

  • Breonna Taylor

  • George Floyd

  • Ralph Yarl?

Even if the poor kid Ralph Yarl was standing at the wrong door at the wrong house at the wrong time, is it really that difficult to understand why he was shot given the racial profile of violent criminals in Kansas City, the fact that Soros prosecutors in two dozen cities are not locking up black felons, and given the soberingly sad facts presented in this quote below?

The homeowner is 84-year-old Andrew Lester, the man who shot Ralph Yarl twice last Thursday. In 1939, when Mr. Lester was born, Kansas City, MO was almost entirely white. Now? Less than 60% of the population is White. And, that change has brought with it tremendous consequences. In 2022, Kansas City had the second most violent year in its history with 167 homicides—only BLM-riot-laden 2020 beat it out, with 179 homicides. This is a man besieged on all sides by utterly-inhumane savages. He's confused, broken, alone, scared, and under attack. I don't care when he shot Ralph Yarl. I don't care why he shot Ralph Yarl. I don't care about the circumstances or details or context or motivations. I understand. I understand why he did it.

— Josef Bosch

Kansas City PD Crime Report (2020)

The questions the anti-racist hucksters must always keep front and center for their Race Marxist revolution is: What’s the matter with white men? What’s the matter with the Police?

In some cases, the police are guilty of crimes, and the blue often back the blue to shield their own from justice, but in the vast majority of cases they are only guilty of doing their jobs.

But the answer to the question of what is wrong with white men? Nothing is wrong with white men in America or anywhere else. If anything they’re guilty of self-debasing behavior by getting on their knees for a bunch of racist grifters peddling constant lies to engineer social and racial division.

And anyone who is not indoctrinated into this anti-white racist cult, with a modicum of self-respect and honesty will always say loud and clear to the Marxist slime that they’re racist.

Because the ultimate question they want to avert is, like all other issues in our inverted clown world dystopia: What’s the matter with the black community?

To answer that question involves, as Pastor Manning admits, “acknowledging the truth. You cannot call on God to help you if you don’t know the truth.”

They need black people so far from the truth that they don’t dare ever consider leaving their Democrat-run Globopsycho plantation.

Because people who see the truth can never be enslaved.

But their greatest coup hasn’t been keeping the truth from the black community, and getting them to blame everyone else for their problems so that they can never even begin the process of healing and rebuilding.

It’s been getting corporations, government institutions, public schools, professional sports leagues, the entire entertainment industry, and millions of brainwashed white liberals with a savior complex to help keep them mentally enslaved and careening toward cultural self-destruction.

The liberal is more deceitful, more hypocritical than the white conservative. The white liberal has perfected the art of pretending to be the Negro’s friend and benefactor. And by winning the support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the American Negro as a pawn in their own political game.

— Malcolm X


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