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Sacred Geometry, Energy, Origins & Life

Erasing the past to keep ancient knowledge and wisdom from the present.

What if ancient civilizations had some useful knowledge about our species, the planet, its energy, human consciousness, healing, or even awareness of and contact with non-terrestrial species?

What if our history, our origin story was much different than what we’ve been told?

We often spend so much time digging up the truths of recent history—the fabricated narratives of major events, the false triggers of recent wars and conflicts, and poking at new religions masquerading as tolerance or science—that we fail to focus on the distant past, and what has been erased from the educational curriculum, purged from academia, or deleted from the historical record.

What if the arrival of Rockefeller medicine, the subversion of natural healing (TCM) from medical school books, and Rockefeller education (the dumbing down of the population) were just the tip of the iceberg regarding this assault on humanity, this attempt to keep us ill, passive, weak, subdued, submissive, distracted, divided, and uneducated?

What if by keeping this information about healing, frequencies, energy, sacred geometry, mathematics, and the cosmos from a species you could control them without effort?

What if substituting all that useful information with myths, fables, orthodoxies, superstitions, rituals, and conflicting prophesies you wouldn’t need to work to keep people incurious because they’d simply ignore all that useful information on their own and dismiss it as mystical mumbo jumbo?

Do you think they wouldn’t do it? X FILES "The Truth is Out There" (1993-2002) Tv Show Poster  24x36 This is a Certified Print with Holographic Sequential Numbering for  Authenticity: Posters & Prints
Why is the Flower of Life everything? — LIVING IN MANA

Excerpt from the feature-length documentary The Primordial Code (2023). Documentary by Marijn Poels.

English subtitles (CC) available.

Still, there are some rituals this Good Citizen will not be parting with…

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