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This Is Going On

MAADS the vaccines are working as intended? Misfit Angry Audiences Detecting Slaughter.

In early January after the depopulationists approved the poison shots for children I published a piece comparing Nazi war crimes against children to the CDC, the FDA, and western “liberal democracies” committing war crimes against children.

(L) Vanessa Figueiredo: Executed by Pfizer injection 2022 | (R) Karel Bulina: Executed by Nazi firing squad 1942

There is hardly a difference in the outcome between the two, only in methodology. Lining children up against a wall to take a bullet or forcing them into “showers” is so 20th century. Genocides of the past never ended, they were simply rebranded as “following the science”, which meant following the population control and eugenics science. Killing intentionally can take many forms, from poisoning food, air, water, and medicines to selling women's rights activists abortion as liberation.

The Good Citizen
Before The Children of Pfizer
Warning: The following piece is about war crimes against children. As I have been saying privately for two years and writing publicly for a few months, we are in a Silent War. Western governments and their oligarch owners have declared wa…
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The shock flowing through the alternative media channels regarding the recent approval of “vaccines” to kill infants and toddlers is understandable, but is it really so shocking? They have been killing adults with these same injections for 18 months and refused to stop or even review data and investigate sensational numbers of deleterious side effects and sudden deaths.

We’ve known since late last year they would need to force approval for children and infants in order for Big Pharma to be shielded with legal immunity. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been repeating this fact since promoting his magnificent exposé of war criminal Dr. Fauci in November.

The level of evil on display is as great as anything that appeared in the 20th century, perhaps even more diabolical because it is global, and cloaks itself in the opposites of its true form so innocent unsuspecting people walk right toward it. Where there were once mass graves, mass starvation, and extermination camps, there are today or in the near future going to be untold numbers of barren women, further declining sperm counts in men, and much more “sudden death”.

Coming to terms with this agenda is not easy. It can shock the psyche of anyone liberated from their perception-managed Matrix, but such is the burden of declaring independence from the prison of comforting ignorance through accepted and prepackaged delusions.

The SADS truth is that soon nothing will be shocking. All this is to be expected as part of the Silent War depopulation agenda, which isn’t only being waged through “SADS” but also through infertility induced by vaccines.

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda

Directed by: Andrew Wakefield
Executive Producer: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Watch the Documentary Infertility on Rumble.

The only thing that would appear shocking at this point would be for the FDA and CDC to stop all “vaccines” immediately, open inquiries into all deaths that occurred in healthy people within 60-days of receiving the clot shots, and call on the justice department to investigate these agencies for corruption and malfeasance. This would be the fox telling the farmer that something terrible has happened in the hen house while the farmer asked the fox to guard it.

In a sane age, the farmer would never ask the fox to do such a thing and would shoot any fox that comes near the farm. We do not live in sane times and so there are a lot of foxes that need shooting but the farmer’s guns were taken for violating red flag laws. So the farmer called the USDA to investigate the dead birds and they found through PCR tests that a very pathogenic strain of avian influenza was responsible and then proceeded to cull the rest of the farmer’s flock while poisoning his cattle feed and blaming the cow slaughter on a heat wave so Bill Gates can sell more fake meat to clueless vegan millennials. The foxes all got raises and promotions to guard a Tyson’s chicken warehouse. I digress.

The Government is always at war with citizens who fund it and then keep reelecting their war criminals. To quote the late great George Carlin, “They don’t give a fuck about you. They don’t care, they don’t care, they don’t care, at all, at all, at all.”

They don’t care if your baby has formula, or if it dies from nano graphene razor blades injected into its bloodstream, or becomes sterile from the perfectly safe and indubitably effective (their kind of effectiveness 💀) jabs.

Everything is an IQ test these days and some people are just failing worse than others. Is that also part of the agenda, to keep the perceptive and intelligent around in a kind of survival of the fittest Silent War Squid Game?

The best we can hope for at this point is a mass awakening and revolution that ends with management’s necks being cuddled by perfectly safe and effective piano wire. In the absence of that, we must endeavor to survive the war another year and try our best to wake up as many people as possible every chance we get by saying without hesitation or fear “This is going on!”

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