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A Perfect Enchantment

JJ Couey reviews the most viral podcast of 2021 through the lens of 2023.

When you return to 2020 and reevaluate the Covid psyop timeline with a fresh and revamped lens, everything appears warped by pure madness.

The perspective provided by time and clarity, namely the ability to better see the confusion, diversions, and cover stories is both enlightening and frustrating.

When you go back to 2021 and do the same with those you thought might be offering a viable alternative narrative to the confirmed psyop, everything still appears warped by pure madness.

The fact that many of those same “alternative” sources have rebranded themselves as leaders of a “medical freedom movement” is hilarious. One might even need to forgive oneself for feeling a bit foolish wondering why they ever took them seriously.

Your humble fluffy correspondent included.

It’s all, as JJ Couey says at one point of obvious gaslighting by the three stooges during his six-hour review of their most viral “Covid” podcast of 2021—a perfect enchantment.

He slopped at the defense department vaccine trough for twenty years, with top security clearance, representing ten billion dollars in vaccine research, and now he suddenly cares about the vaccine injured?

— George Webb
On a bearded squinter with horse stables near Langley.

Check out investigative reporter George Webb’s reporting on the hoarse whisperer near Langley.

JJ Couey is on Twatter, Twitch and you’ll find links to those sites at his home base here:

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