Your writing is going from strength to strength, comrade. Great minds think alike - I am publishing a sequel to How To Visit Karenland FUPAZ (https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-visit-karenland) in a few weeks. It will analyze the caste system of the cities. Here's a sneak preview since I appreciate you and your readers:

"Caste mobility is limited, with one exception. Untouchables can be elevated to gods if they martyr themselves in a way that serves the brahmans. As high priestess Nancy Pelosi proclaimed, Thank you for dying George Floyd!"

PS: The Bank of America example is absurd. I met Brian Moynihan once, every bit the brahman douche you'd expect.

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Excellent review of anarcho-tyranny being pushed on us since Obama took reins in 2008. Biden’s speech was a continued divisive push and a way to set up another incident they can blame on Trump supporters. FBI and Capitol Police set up Jan 6 to be violent and will repeat. Then Biden will issue martial law to continue to punish. Great Reset is their end game.

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It's been obvious what the State is doing is unsustainable. The primary objective is to destroy everything. Or at least as much of our social structures and economy as possible.

Notice how old most of the people in DC pushing these policies are? They're planning for a posh retirement after robbing us blind and indirectly killing citizens. Many of those are people who elected them.

Then the global predators will swoop down and offer their solution.

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The odds of converting the cities back to something more reasonable are very low, as well as those states already in control of the globalists. Its not worth the effort, let them learn the hard way. Like the Texas governor send all the miscreants to those areas. The crime will escalate in towards those who have promoted this agenda. Good for them!

Retreat to the middle, localize all inputs and build up from there.

When I was a kid I played a game SimCity and here its playing out in real time.

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TPTB are using divide-and-conquer and social chaos to wreck our society until we demand a "solution": One World Government. It's a UNIPARTY and today's "Right" and "Left" are both Illuminati puppets.

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those 87k irs guys are going to be predominantly in red states you can bet on it.

im in the uk but tend to use an american server only to find the vid at the end unavailable in my country, had to go to a british one, disappointed that my effort was for a crap punk band lol

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One of the best pieces I have read in a while. Kudos!

The #1 Issue We Face Today is That The Systems That Govern Our Lives Are Completely Corrupted.

Our systems no longer work for the people. - they work for the Globalists.

We need to talk solutions. We need to put all of our other issues aside and work together on this one line item. All parties. All people. Here's how:


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Coming from Minneapolis, you are describing plain old marxist tyranny. Anarchism doesn't have anything to do with it, but then if marxists and capitalists agree on one thing, empowering people and giving everyone ownership over their own production is somehow a Mad Max thing and needs to be put down like a feral dog. Control freaks on the right or the left can't imagine the world without their controlling it.

Anyway, I agree with you that our elite are engaged in the destruction of America and Western Civilization - for their globalist ambitions. But it is hard to take seriously so confident a pronouncement of anarcho-tyranny coming from conservatives who don't have any clue what anarchism actually is.


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Great article once again, Somehow didn't see it yesterday at American Thinker, it's one of my go to sites everyday. Maybe because it was under a different name that i had never seen before!!! Will be linking today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Speaking of American Thinker, J.B. Shurk had a good article today that I am linking as well. If you haven't seen it yet, you would love the title - "When Must a Good Citizen Become a Dissident?"

Thought of your writing instantly when I saw that!!!

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Not sure why the Sex Pistols would be "video unavailable in your country" for me. But I expect many things to become unavailable soon.

Great piece, TGC! I'll have to go spin some Johnny Rotten now.

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Woke up shaking my fist toward the heavens.

Thank you for elucidating my frustrations.

Blessings on your day.

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Just in, at the beginning.

Excellent, as usual.

I must ask a question.

As you got me thinking.

I realize you may answer it, within following Piece.

But for whatever reason,

I always think there must be concomitant & alternative forces at work.


"Today it is sold as curing social ills such as “racism”, and “mass incarceration” for the “social justice” movement

who do not see they’ve been

coopted by.........................."


Now...I'd like to express my feelings.

I feel, I went to bed, about May 2020 or so, awakened the next early morning, & just about every Mayor, State Legislature, Governors, MSM TV talking heads, etc. ...



No call from Mr. Soros, or years of slow set-up, by he & others, can fully explain it to me.

THERE HAS TO BE ONE, ONE, REASONABLE MODERATE DEMOCRAT. AND YET, I have not heard one talk about Soros' influence.

I do NOT disagree with your researched & well thought out thesis, of Soros' & others like him, influence.


5G, UFOs playing/beaming 8-track tapes saying "be stupid now," or even other UFOs from the not so distant future, using betamax recorders to beam down visual signals, saying "please be stupid, now."

I'm only half-kidding.

I'm out of answers.

There must be more to this endless inane stupidity.

Any other sources?

I get the habitual: poor nutrition, drugs/"medicines", environmental electronic & chemical pollution, TV, etc.

Please tell me it's due to talking monkeys, who are friends with Bigfoot, who knows Chupacabra, who both scuba dive with Nessie, & all entered a secret underwater cavern, ended up in Antarctica, & are hanging out with 7 foot ants.

Thank you for listening to my feelings.

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Life imitating art... Kurt Schlichter started the Kelly Turnbull fiction series in 2016, and despite his repeated admonitions that his books are a warning, not an instruction manual, what was preposterous in 2016 is quickly becoming the new normal. Great books that I encourage everyone to check out! https://www.amazon.com/Kelly-Turnbull-6-book-series/dp/B07XXD1TVX

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Dr. Pierre Kory gave expert witness testimony in the George Floyd case that forced me to re-evaluate my own conclusions, and he provided his extremely detailed analysis here:


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It really does seem like a deliberate policy... as disorder and chaos gets worse and local agencies cant handle things, then the dem mayors responsible “beg” for help from the feds and they come in and federalize the police, take over the cities. Its a power grab strategy. Except the cities are vulnerable . Cities need power and need to be fed . The whole policy is doomed to failure cause all the smart able people will leave

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Well done!!

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