I can only hope that this level of stupidity garners such media attention that our government is embarrassed enough to open up the country finally. I am also so sick to death of only vaccinated being allowed to travel. If everyone needs a test before they get on board who cares if you’re vaccinated or not. I appreciate that Novak had natural immunity from an infection but even if he didn’t who cares? The dude doesn’t have Covid. It truly is clown world we are living in.

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It's not stupidity. An agenda is being executed. It leads somewhere....

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Jan 16, 2022Liked by Good Citizen

Love this article! Also like the "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" analogies.Thanks for a great read.

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Just love that first image! Exactly what the schizo government here in Australia no doubt sees - a virus breathing dragon from the North!! Gosh he could be number 1 in both the Australian Open and the Australian Extermination - thank God our good government is saving us all from certain doom.

(Please tell me Poland is sane and there is hope for humanity).

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Poland has made it pretty far without much madness but the test of the sniffles Omicron has just arrived so we will see. There has to be pressure from WEF controlled Bruxelles who hold Poland's precious Euro purse strings to start mandating madness.

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I hope Poland remembers her history, holds fast to reason, and avoids the mass psychosis we have Down Under (not that we can actually escape to Poland, but it's a comfort knowing humanity, in some corner of the world, can run a civil society that has the capacity to resist totalitarianism).

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Poland should decide to host a new international tennis tournament with no vaxxes required.

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Ah yes - The Polski Open - like it!

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Just viewed a News (loose term), on THE 'So Bloody Stupid' outlet, requiring ALL drivers & Support crews to be Fully 'Poisoned' (Not my reference, listed on W.A. gov Home web site as such LOL) in upcoming Australian F1 motor racing. I know it would be drastic for Many athletes on a court or track, to have 'Issues', but Anyone 'Piloting' a race car @ 300Kph, with rising Heart rate + Graphene razors + G forces = Not so 'Good Night Irene!' Plus whom ever else is in the L.O.F! Wellness.

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My God! We are truly locked up in an insane asylum. We need F1 (F1 certainly doesn't need us) and it would be a shame to stuff it up like we have the Australian Open.

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Perhaps on Australia Day, we could All stand at the End of our Collective driveways, & sing 'EWE & Me against the World!' For my vocal Chords - 'Wether' Permiting, & depending on our Current State OberGruppenFuhrer 'Edicts', We could sing Alternate Lyrics to 'Advance Australia Fair', which I think is 'Recession Australian NightMare!' Apologies to the Scottish Lad, who penned the 'Alternate Anthem' in 1878! OOH, it's SO Relevent in 2022! Maybe an alternate Local Production, for Political inclusion, in Film, for the 'Performances of Our Premiers', with seeming Communist Oversight.= The remake of 'Red Dogs!'

Perhaps in the N.T., Michael Gunnar could star in a Remake of Nevil Shute's 1956 classic - 'A Town like mAlice!'

Later Dude.

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The dripping sarcasm in your piece is like balm to my wounded psyche.

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Jan 16, 2022Liked by Good Citizen

Trying to imagine what this tournament might look like next year, after all the compliantly uninformed players have been running around with that “safe and effective” venom in their bodies. Perhaps a different attitude about the “unvaxxed “ might be in the offing?

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Hubs and I were just fantasizing about what would happen if one of the players ends up clutching his chest and falling to the court floor...

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It will happen, unfortunately, and it will be viewed by the entire world. The tide of truth can only be held back and censored for so long.

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Reverting back to their penal colony roots.

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For those of us who need the occasional point of light in all this mandated darkness.: a dissenting voice from the most vaxxed nation on earth, Israel.

Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, recently put the Israel government on full blast. Here are some excerpts from the English translation (original, Hebrew):

"... in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame."

"You refused to admit that recovery is more protective than a vaccine, despite previous knowledge and observations showing that non-recovered vaccinated people are more likely to be infected than recovered people."

"You refused to adopt the “Barrington Declaration”, signed by more than 60,000 scientists and medical professionals, or other common sense programs. You chose to ridicule, slander, distort and discredit them."

"The truth is that you have brought the public’s trust in you to an unprecedented low, and you have eroded your status as a source of authority."

"The truth is that you have burned hundreds of billions of shekels to no avail – for publishing intimidation, for ineffective tests, for destructive lockdowns and for disrupting the routine of life in the last two years."

And more. Change shekels to dollars, and we're good for the USA.

Source and details here: https://swprs.org/professor-ehud-qimron-ministry-of-health-its-time-to-admit-failure/

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Wow, brilliant analogy to "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest." Let's hope Novax becomes an inspiration to others like McMurphy did.

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Jan 16, 2022Liked by Good Citizen

That was a nice touch with the virus particles flowing out of his mouth en masse. Subtle. Informative. Damning.

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Good Citizen:

How many hacksxxinated sports stars will collapse on the court?

Funny they call it a tennis court

Court of criminal neojustice


In s f there was street art for the last 5-7 years that started as Andre the giant/obey then now mostly obey

Obey the mass murderer insane fascists....

I never saw one that said disobey...

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Name & Shame - Companies Discriminating Against Their Unvaccinated Employees

Time to boycott


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I'm ALL Good! Got my 'Mein Kampf' in a Prominant position in Front Window! I've got some Dummy Kinder Dressed in McGowan Youth Costumes, along with Popular Merit Badges. Got My 'TOTALE UNTERWERFUNG BEDEUTET FREIHEIT!' 'Slogan' on my front Fence line. Gave up my Tango Lessons. Now doing Formation Goosestepping for Australia Day! Also enlisted in local Choir doing Nationalistic version of - "EWE & ME', encore of 'I HOPE WE CAN WETHER THE STORM!' I'll be singing the 'High Notes' ('Wether' - for Sheep who don't know). 'Vaxxed' - Travel? Due to lack of Numerical Skillbase in Government, & an ever Changing Passport Metric, you'll now have to have a booster every 6 months to Comply, Sorry 5 mths, OOPS, sorry 4 Mths, Sorry, Sorry 3 Mths. Wait a minute - Safe & Effective, Better make it Every Month! 'Effective' - Better just leave a Vaxx drip permanently in your arm - Otherwise you'll be mistaken for a Junky!

I hear Circus Soleil has been made Redundant! Can't keep up with the Competition! -

Wellness - John Dawe

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you would probably find it interesting, to say the least, to dive into how and why the aussies gave up their guns. A handicapped person with the mental age of 11, (who was seen at the time hundreds of kilometres away), opened fire from the hip and got twenty headshots, (or more. I think there was thirty five deaths). Not identified by the witnesses, and not brought to trial and still incarcerated without any rights.

Plenty more to the story. Prearranged unique 22 berth hearse just happened to be on hand, for example.

There's some great reports online.

To this day I find out more things about this that don't make any sense. And I started a while ago.

I wonder if there is any incident like this that is not a false flag?

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Amazingly, Most Folks haven't worked out the Correlation (Because there is no such animal as 'Coincidence'), between when an Agency, Government, Group, 'Require an 'Incident' to move forward with Strategic Plans, VOILE! Magic! 'THE' incident Manifests itself! Even over riding 'Intercept Protocols &, or Heavily Incrypted Systems!' How 'Compliant' these 'Performers' of Incident/ Terrorism ARE!

If one looks at said Major Incidents, to 'Observe Properly', first thing to do is 'Mute' the Reporters! They, the reporters are there to 'Program' your 'Active Judgement processes', and Warp Outcome. Engagement of THE Audience & bias judgement, has several Bonuses for THE System. 1] YOU can by Bias, pass on your Misdirected 'Views' to others. 2] As with current 'Official Narrative', Stifles questioning of said Narrative, leading to Ostracization of remaining doubters. The System uses the Population against itself! "You are just another Conspiracy Theory Nutter!" Pt Arthur Australia, has so many 'Holes' in Official Narrative, you could use it as a Fly screen. + 'Timing'. ALL about the Timing. N.Z. Mosque 'Killings' - Ditto!

Further; THE U.S. /U.K. /NATO/Israel/ Members of UAE ( 'Handlers' of ISIS) Wanted since circa late 60's, to 'Break up' the Former Persian Empire Sovereign States. Enter Sept 11(Handy having 911 as a 'Reminder Program'-U.S. Citizens Emergency Dial up -NO Coincidence). That's the Yanks on side. London 7/7, That's the U.K. on side. Bali Bombing, That's Australia on side! & ALL AT CRITICAL TIMELINES! OFF WE GO!

Thought; 4 Aug 2020. Beirut. 2,750 Tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate. Stored in warehousing near Port since Sept 2013. This Product is Hygroscopic, absorbs water to diminish 'Effectiveness in explosives. Ammonium Nitrate is 'Stable' in Solid, Molten or in a Solution. However it can become less resistant to Detonation/ initiation due to the presence of Contaminants or on exposure to high temperatures (Eg; Fire or Radiant Heats). It can if in a fire Explode, BUT 7 Years, WHY Now? & Within the blast zone, amongst other things - THE RESERVE food/ grains storage Facility (120,000 Tonnes +/_.)& the Beirut 'Naval Base' facility.

Turn the Sound OFF! CHECK the 'Blast PROFILE! NOT the 1st Explosion, which Looks 'possibly' Normal, but the 2nd Blast!' Not saying this is total, but it does leverage The Population Against each other & THE Iranian 'Backed' Government!!

& ALL the 'Evidence' is GONE!


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"Not since Imperial Japan threatened to invade the continental former penal colony have the courageous people of Australia been so close to existential devastation"

Actually, it was several former penal colonies, along with South Australia that was not a penal colony. And Western Australia didn't start out as a penal colony, though it soon had to become one just to get the labour.

"Not since they handed over their arms to the government in 1996 because the government in all its insight and wisdom told them it was for their own safety have they been so close to grave danger and existential harm".

Where did you hear that, from the government or the main stream media, by any chance?

I looked into it, and I found that the government gun "buyback" programme materially UNDERSPENT its allocated funds. Either it was that rare thing, a government programme that was even more effective and efficient than anybody anticipated, or it simply failed to pull in most of the guns out there. Which do you think it was?

"... has brought the nation hundreds of millions of dollars over the years".

That's an exaggeration. Or do you suppose that there would have been that much less had another won instead? It's a marginal cost sort of thing; at the margins, he made much less contribution than that.

"The Serbian super spreader showed Australia that they are volunteers who have voluntarily committed themselves to a continental insane asylum ...".

If you believe that, you simply haven't been following the protests here in Australia - like the one I attended today. At that, somebody pointed out that the cranes on the construction sites haven't moved in weeks, despite media claims that mandates on those workers have now been accepted and that there will be no problems getting even more applied to them without objections this time. After all, if the trusted media and/or the injury reporting process don't report it, it can't be true (that's the reasoning on one fact check site claiming that there's only a false report about Lachlan Leary's vaccine death).

"Novax Djokovic was really Randal Patrick McMurphy who entered this insane world where his disobedience to authority and refusal to accept their terms of madness was the real threat, and the cold passive aggressive government (Nurse Ratched) was going to make an example out of him. They approved his visa and let him come just for this purpose."

In my long experience of Australian public servants, apart from the police (who include both the very good and the very bad at all levels), the ones you meet mostly know the system is terrible and go out of their way to help and bend the rules their superiors keep making and changing all the time. My guess is that Djokovic wasn't set up like the way you describe but rather someone really did try to help him beat the system - but that stopped working once the system woke up to what was going on. (Think how that first judge tried to work the system for Djokovic.)

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What's with the face diaper?

Bad spam and bad look

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