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Well, the thing is that I've always thought Twitter (or anything like it) is inherently a bad idea. I thought that since I heard about Twitter way back. One cannot have a "conversation" with the entire mass of people at once. Ever had a "conversation" with the audience at a ballpark... a movie theater... a bus full of people?

I don't need to get into the details of what technically defines a "conversation." It just is not. Honest people know this. I really believe that many people desire to fabricate a synthetic "conversation" in the arena for attention and in hopes of their minute of fame.

I've never been interested and I'm still not. Whether it's Elon's less-bullshit Twitter or Truth Social or Gab or even Substack Notes. I think Notes is likely to be the undoing of Substack.

It has put in place yet another synthetic "The Conversation" or "The Public Square". There really is no such thing. It's the toe in the door for the evil fucks that intend to kill free will. They are not just racists and fascists and a cult thereof but they are deeply "shen disturbed" (aka not right in the head) people that are hateful and violent.

They hate you and me and people like us because we won't happily join their cult. Not just that but our continued existence outside of their cult is a threat to it's existence. We know it and they know it and they hate us over it.

Substack Notes opened the gates of Hell and the daemon hoard is rushing the stronghold. I think that it is now highly unlikely that Substack will remain in a form that made it uniquely valuable to people like us.

I'm sorry but I will not participate in Substack Notes. Best of luck to everyone that does.

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Excellent post. I may be a moody millennial but I'm in the minority among my generation who is repulsed by all this pc, ist, and ism 💩.

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All centralized institutions and platforms are vulnerable; Substack is no exception. While it lasts as a domain of free expression, we should get ahead of the censorship wave and start colonizing decentralized platforms, which have been blooming in the background for years, but which have not yet reached critical mass. James Corbett reported on four of the most solid projects (Qortal, Bastyon, Nostr and Minds) :


Just yesterday, Matt Taibi confirmed his presence on Nostr:


Substack has a clean UI, with no intrusive advertising or pop-ups, gives writers full control over content and most importantly, gives them email addresses of their subscribers. They've set a high bar which will not be easy to match on the decentralized networks (which are inherently more challenging to develop, in a technical sense). But we may soon have no alternative. The hammer may fall suddenly, so at least backup your subscriber email list frequently.

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Right to the heart of the matter.

"You do know that's a terrible answer, right?" says the self-declared brown guy. There is no question in his mind; it's a given, an unquestioned certainty that the debate (on thought and expression!) ends where his identity is offended. Breathtaking in its superficiality and self-involvement.

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Let me List The Risks:

- Parents

- Kids

- Foods

- Animals

- Governments

- Deep States

- Potholes

- Suntan Lotions

- Blue Light

- Refined White Sugar & Flour

- The List Is Endless...

Existence Is Precarious !

Did i list All Those Bastards Who Make Life Miserable ? No ? That List is Too Long...

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Bravo Good Citizen. Without naming names, I got into it with one of those interlopers at notes. I get so frosted when it supposedly all about “the right” instigating violence. Yet who is doing the church and pregnancy center vandalizing with virtually no arrested. Not to mention burn loot mayhem etc. Hopefully Notes will not be the downfall of Substack.

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This is great .... thanks for posting this. Have you ever seen this?


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Well there you go. You typed the "J" word.

One can call out the black race hustlers still with little real pushback, but mention the "J" word (which, btw, I never capitalize any longer) and the little black hat wearers swarm.

I've often wondered if Best is a jew. If so, he will capitulate when the time is right (when he's made enough money or the honey trap is no longer useful, or God willing, their stranglehold is broken)..

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Censorship is only for those who have something to hide and who are so full of fear that they might be discovered as the poor wretched souls they have become. They live in houses without mirrors.

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Whenever I read missives from the ADL, I am reminded of why that dastardly organization was started: to defend the Jew Leo Frank after he raped and murdered Mary Phagan, a 13 year-old Irish-American girl.


Frank was the President of Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith Lodge No. 144. As the owner of a pencil factory, he was also Mary Phagan's boss. On April 26, 1913, when little Mary went to his office to collect her paycheque, he took the opportunity of being alone with her to rape and then murder her.

Frank tried to pin the crime on a Black janitor who also worked at his pencil factory (James Conley), but ultimately he failed and Conley's name was cleared.

After Frank was convicted and sentenced to death, the ADL was founded in an effort to save his life. After numerous legal appeals failed, the Georgia governor eventually commuted Frank’s sentence.


So, a group of Real White Men got things done and lynched Frank.

To this day, the ADL still claims Frank was innocent. There was even a Broadway musical made in 1998 ("Parade") portraying him as the victim in the case.

You can't make this stuff up.

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Liberal white women and brown people like this woke douche should never be engaged, what is the point?

These are the very people that create fake accounts or that have their minions post the worst of the racist posts you will see on conservative leaning sites, don’t be fooled, a true racist wouldn’t bother with these comment sections. It’s 99.9% fake.

GC, I occasionally see a post in your comments that is warm to stupid, borders on racist or is just plain ignorant, usually just one per writing you upload. You simply ignore them as others do and they vanish into oblivion, do not engage and they lose their power of opinion 100% of the time, you do not censor or delete any of them I assume, that is the correct way to deal with the faux racists or knuckle draggers.

Your site is the only one I comment on, I enjoy the comments from others as well. If this is ruined by the fascists, I will stop completely, which means they win I guess, I could care less, but I hope Chris stands his ground.

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Damn good article! You brought together many of the most important and influential propaganda instruments in this piece.

Victimhood status makes people complacent, and apathetic, which is critical in controlling their actions. Once someone falls into the victimhood trap it takes a lot to get them out of it. Being a victim necessarily requires you to look outward to fix every issue in your life. This causes the individual to wither away, the victim becomes a slave to their own illusion.

Similarly, bringing people out of this state is complicated, because they have to admit their own failings in doing so. They also will be forced to look retrospectively at all of the missed opportunities that have passed them by as a result.

That's why I believe that promoting a victimhood mentality is truly evil. It's the ultimate form of human waste, as in wasted lives.

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Chris, I hope you read these comments. I think the answer is two fold. 1. We endorse free speech trust people that they will speak respectfully as content creators. 2. The Substack community is the right place for content and behavior management. Watch this interview that I did with Randy Sullivan of Bourbon Real Talk. His 24k member community self-polices the behavior of it members. Here is the link: https://edbrenegar.substack.com/p/randy-sullivan-bourbon-community

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You have a good one too GC!

Censorship is as useful as a cardboard bomb shelter. People who are so sensitive to free speech can put their heads between their legs and kiss their asses goodbye. By the time they wake up to understand what is going on, the fuse is already lit and traveling quickly to the stick of dynamite that is stuck up their assholes.

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Individual authentication is the answer to the censorship problem and I can only think that the 95% decline in participation that would occur when anonymity is removed is the reason it hasn't been done already. Social media would lose it's chokehold on discourse and governments would lose a tool to control the population. Treat social media like the digital town square it is and use existing slander and libel laws to self-police, why can't this happen?

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Wow such a good example of entrapment attempt by the woke. Chris Best is obviously more intelligent than to fall for that. Bless him. Go Chris!

Engagement between the writers and the readers and 100% free speech is the gold standard. I am certain we will be challenged many times. I am also certain the centered, calm, logical approach to encountering this kind of hysteria will allow us to rise above such discourse.

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