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It's amusing how Chomsky has beclowned hisself with spectacular irony at the end of his life and career. The great critic of corporate-state strangulation of society joined the corporate-state chorus of totalitarians in their Two Minutes' Hate for people who reject the risky, ineffective, state-subsidized jabs.

So, "...what might meaningful government intervention look like?"

We already know the answer to that question in terms of long-term effects. It would be a merely temporary amelioration of conditions natural to "Western" civilization itself. Gradually the character and mentality of the people and their culture (egocentricity, sensuality, Abrahamism, Zionism, gluttony, rapacity, humanism, etc.) would restore conditions like those which prevail today. There's no need to repeat this cycle. Been there, done that. Rather, we need to destroy the whole culture of "Western" civ. Abolish corporate capitalism and its central banking. Disperse every assembly of Abrahamists through decapitation and other means. Smash the fraud called democracy. Abolish the welfare state, government education, and so on. All of that must be replaced with a new religion, one hostile to collectivism, which is based on reality, not on our mishmash of fantasies and delusions about God, divine chosenness, human rights, technological development, and whatnot.

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