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Correlation Does Not Equal Conspiracy

A century of Rockefeller medicine and Toxic A̶i̶r̶b̶o̶r̶n̶e̶ Events.

Video Credits
Author of Virus Mania, Dr. Sam Bailey on Odyssey
Steve Falconer's documentary Once Were The Living (Bitchute)

Toxic Events

  • what happens inside our bodies with existing pathogens when there is a lack of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, or homeostasis

  • what happens to homeopathic and holistic doctors who try to cure patients without using Big Pharma and government-approved “medicine”

  • letting convicted murderers out of prison to murder these doctors, only to turn themselves in right after committing the murders

  • suspicious “suicides” and “murders” of homeopathic and holistic doctors and government-funded microbiologists that make the work of Clinton-affiliated Arkancide intel pigs look professional by comparison

  • Woody Harrelson breaking NPC plandemic software around the world

Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 100 Dead
Updated in 2021. The “suicides” keep coming.

Safer - Healthier - People.

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Correlation does not equal conspiracy.

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Do you think Hollywood will ever tell the story of these doctors from 2015 to the present?

List compiled by Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News.

1) June 19, 2015 – Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, formerly of Florida and now practicing in Georgia, was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. That same day in Mexico, June 19th, 2015, three doctors traveling to the state capital to deliver documents were reported missing. This is the only case outside of the United States. Authorities said they recovered the bodies, but the families insist the bodies look nothing like their family members and are demanding more proof and testing. A sad but riveting article was written about those details, here. I also did an exclusive interview with the Bradstreet family. As they publicly said, I was the only journalist they trusted to talk with about the horrific incident.

2) June 21, 2015 – Dr. Barron Holt, 33, chiropractor and father, is found dead on Father’s Day on the coast of Florida.  Dr. Holt lived in North Carolina, the state where Dr. Bradstreet’s body (the first doctor to be found) was discovered two days prior, though Dr. Holt was visiting Jacksonville, Florida when he died.

3) June 21, 2015 – Dr. Bruce Hedendal, 67, a chiropractor and Harvard Ph.D. in nutrition, was found dead. He had practiced for years in Boca Raton. He had been at a competition and won a gold medal on the same day of his death. Presumably healthy and fit, no cause of death has been listed in any articles we’ve seen. A lot of people have contacted me regarding Dr. Hedendal, but admit they were surprised by his death, and still find it shocking. Countless patients write me who tell me they had late-stage cancer and he put them into remission. Some were elderly and are still with us today.

UPDATE: The family and loved ones of Dr. Hedendal have spoken to the media. They’re suspicious of his death and want answers. A few mutual friends of Dr. Holt have contacted me. They are doctors and have shared the cause of death with me. Baron Holt, the 33-year-old father, holistic doctor, and self-described Christian, died of a drug overdose of the street drug “Molly” according to his official obituary which was sent to me by a family member.

4) June 29, 2015 – Beloved holistic MD Theresa Sievers was found murdered in her home. Known as the “Mother Teresa of South Florida,” her husband and children were attending a family reunion in Connecticut when she was murdered. The authorities, investigating “around the clock” for two weeks, now say she was targeted, that her murder wasn’t random, nor was it a home invasion, and that “books and movies will be written about it when the facts are revealed”. It’s that big of a story. 

UPDATE 1: An arrest warrant has been issued in Missouri for the murder of Dr. Sievers.

UPDATE 2:  Two arrests were made in the death of Teresa Sievers. One of the assailants called himself the “Hammer” on Facebook (Dr. Sievers was allegedly killed with a hammer). The other was one of her husband’s childhood friends who was recently extradited to Florida. His attorney says there’s evidence to show he had no involvement whatsoever with the crime. Her husband, Mark Sievers, hasn’t been arrested at this time.

5) June 29, 2015 – On the very same day, June 29th, Jeffrey Whiteside MD, a pulmonologist, disappeared while vacationing with family. Numerous reports called it “mysterious”, saying he was on foot and vanished without a trace. Police have been searching for three weeks. Colleagues have joined in (along with bloodhounds, drones search parties, and helicopters), but not a shred of evidence has surfaced.

UPDATE 1: Dr. Whiteside’s death is officially ruled as a suicide but the local press calls the investigation a “mess” (described here in detail). Many are shocked at how long it took for details to emerge, and many people write to me, voicing their doubts. Local authorities asked the local press if they knew about my stories. They admitted they were aware of them but hadn’t been contacted by the feds on the case.

UPDATE 2: Authorities announce they’ve found the body of Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, who’d been missing for over three weeks. Chief Deputy Pat McCarty, in a news conference, said that a .22 caliber gun was recovered at the scene. Investigators believe the body was there for “some time”.

6) July 3, 2015 – Patrick Fitzpatrick MD goes missing while traveling from North Dakota to neighboring Montana, which he often did, as his son lives there. His truck and trailer were found on the side of the road. The search has expanded, but authorities say it’s as if he vanished into thin air. He’s 6′ tall and Irish-looking, with a goatee (details can be found in the link).

7) July 10, 2015 – Lisa Riley, 34, DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) is found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head. Her husband, who found her and called 911, has a police record. He was previously charged with the attempted murder of his ex, Ms. King, before charges were eventually dropped. Evidence showed gun residue found on Ms. King’s hand and not on Mr. Riley’s. Riley’s story corroborated this, but King’s allegedly didn’t and kept changing (click link in this paragraph for their story, with details on all of this). Mr. Riley has since been charged with the death of his wife, Lisa Riley. We’ll see what happens in court.

8) July 19, 2015 – A month to the day after the first doctor (Jeff Bradstreet, MD) was found dead with a gunshot wound to his chest, Dr. Ron Schwartz was found murdered in his east coast Florida home. He was shot to death. We don’t know if he was holistic, but he was licensed and lived between Florida and Georgia. A gynecologist who lived in an unincorporated part of Jupiter, Florida on a few acres of land, reports indicate he ran an organic lawn service on the side.

9) July 21, 2015 – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a holistic MD, dies suddenly. The same day another holistic doctor is also found dead (see #10 below). They both allegedly died of heart attacks, though their friends and family insist that doesn’t add up. I’d met Dr. Gonzalez and his amazing wife (now widow) Mary Beth,  and my better half has interviewed him several times. His official website says that while they initially thought it was a heart attack, his autopsy shows it was not a heart attack.  The church at Dr. Gonzalez’ funeral in New York was packed with the patients he’d put in remission (some with stage IV pancreatic cancer) and who are still in remission decades later. People, including close friends, write me weekly, questioning the fact he died “naturally”. Dr. Gonzalez also said in several interviews, including the last one before he died, that he thought big pharma wanted him to get hit by a bus or that he might die suddenly. Frightening metaphors highlight this mystery, one we hope to solve soon.

UPDATE: Preliminary autopsy results are inconclusive, but do not support the theory that he suffered a heart attack.

10) July 21, 2015 – Dr. Abdul Karim, an outspoken and loved holistic (biological) dentist, 41 years of age, is found dead alongside the road. He’d been preparing for a half-marathon and was allegedly out training that night. His old lifelong fraternity brother, friends and patients said he was in great shape and ate an extremely healthy diet. Mainstream news said he had a “massive heart attack”, but many who knew him have written to me, expressing their sincere doubts.

11) August 7, 2015 – Dr. Anita Kurmann died while riding her bicycle in Boston. She was an endocrine surgeon and stem cell researcher. Her family is suing the driver whose flatbed truck collided with her, and his company, as reports say they’d really gotten nowhere with the case.

12) August 12, 2015 – Osteopath Dr. Mary Bovier is found slain to death in her home in Pennsylvania. Her significant other, who we’re told is also an osteopath, was questioned and released. There have been no further arrests and no other suspects.

September 7, 2015 – This has no number since none of these doctors died, but we wanted it in the timeline  29 holistic doctors (also referred to in the German press as homeopaths/ND’s/psychiatrists) found poisoned by an overdose of a hallucinogenic drug. I’ve done several updates on the articles, since I broke the news in the US to the health world,  using a German translator, but the story of what really happened has yet to be revealed. One thing most agree on is that it involved a large overdose. Mainstream German news reports that some were in “life threatening situations” when dozens of ambulances and a helicopter arrived at the chaotic scene. The good news? All lived and have allegedly made a full recovery, though some had to be temporarily restrained for their safety.

13) September 16, 2015 – Best selling author and holistic MD, Mitch Gaynor, was found dead outside his country home–an hour from Manhattan, where he practiced. We knew Dr. Gaynor, and had just finished reading an advanced copy of his book he’d sent us. It was quickly ruled a suicide by the local sheriff. The NY Times wrote me, asking for details, and we had an informative exchange. Even though I’ve gently broken the news on this and many other stories, the NY Times fails to source me (I didn’t expect them to source HealthNutNews, though the Guardian UK and other mainstream sources have for some time).

UPDATE: Mitch Gaynor, MD had been on RT not long before he died. We’d hoped to contact them for comment, but soon after Mitch was found dead, the founder of RT was found dead in his Washington DC hotel room.

14) October 11, 2015 – Dr. Marie Paas is found dead of an alleged suicide. Well known for her animal advocacy, people on Marie Paas’ Facebook page were shocked and in disbelief about her death. Unlike the three other doctors who were alleged suicides (one has been officially confirmed), we don’t know the location of where Dr. Paas was found, nor the details of her alleged suicide. 

15) October 29, 2015 – Jerome E. Block, holistic MD, allegedly jumped to his death from his Central Park West residence.  Authorities say Block jumped from the 20th floor of his residence around 9:30 a.m.  Details and video can be found here.

November 2015 – A dozen plus accidental deaths and freak accidents, mostly holistic doctors:

16) Dick Versendaal MD, 17) Janelle Bottorff MD, 18) William Snow MD, 19) Wade Shipman MD, 20) Chris Coffman MD, 21) Christopher Spradley MD, 22) Robert Grossman MD, 23) David Knotts MD, 24) Anthony Keene MD, 25) Kenneth Rich MD, 26) Jamie Zimmerman MD

Besides the 15 doctors covered thus far, who died non-accidental deaths, we have 5 chiropractor deaths that were accidents. We also have more deaths of doctors here: some described as freak accidents. Again, we didn’t include them in the official unintended series. We have the famous holistic ABC News doctor, Jamie Zimmerman, who allegedly slipped and fell and hit her head while on vacation in Hawaii, and who was then carried out to sea. We also have more accidental deaths of holistic doctors here in NY (accidental), and yet another here of a famous holistic MD. We literally can’t keep up at times, there are so many.

Late December 2015 – January 2016

27) Christopher Robert MD, 28) Linnea Veinotte MD, 29) Mark Ernsting MD

Thus far I hadn’t included PhD’s in the series (unless they were also an MD, DO, or DC) but then, just these past few weeks, we learned of two Canadian PhDs/researchers killed. One was stabbed in what his friends called a safe neighborhood. Another, a Ph.D. (wife and mother of two) was hit while jogging near the beach, and then buried in a shallow grave on the tourist island of Grenada. Days later, a holistic doctor and his wife, a physician’s assistant of anesthesiology, were also attacked on that same tiny island. See the details of the death here and what transpired.  This is when we suddenly start noticing a spate of cancer researchers killed, which hadn’t happened previously. Now we have one every few days.

30) January 23, 2016 – A top MD, John Marshall, 49, former 4th generation Marine who’d served in Afghanistan and had survival training, was found dead in the Spokane River. His body was recovered that day. He was said to be in great shape and was on his usual run after his workout at the gym (the man was fierce). Authorities say he had somehow fallen into the river and drowned, and quickly concluded it was death by drowning.

UPDATE 1: A former detective was ordered to stop his investigation into the links between the suspicious deaths of Drs. John Marshall and Brenda Thurman.

UPDATE 2: Dr. Suzan Marshall, an osteopath (wife of Dr. John Marshall) believes her husband was murdered, despite a police investigation and autopsy report that determined it was an accidental drowning.

UPDATE 3: Dr. Marshall’s wife (also Dr. Marshall (DO) third a private investigator, and is questioning the quick call by Seattle PD. She even said someone is trying to silence her. The prominent investigator states on CBS news that the “accidental death” of Dr. Marshall is most likely a professionally staged murder by someone in the military or police. Again, more families are questioning these deaths and what some find absurd rulings by authorities.

31) Also on January 23, 2016, Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, president and CEO of Broward Health, was found dead in public restroom of an alleged suicide. Dr. Sanadi was brought in to assist Broward Health in December 2014, after they had been under federal investigation for corruption.

UPDATE: Details of corruption and allegations involving Broward Health were unsealed in a whistleblower suit. Dr. Sanadi’s death was officially ruled a suicide, however, there are a few odd circumstances surrounding his death.

32) January 25, 2016 – Our own friend of ten long years, holistic doctor Rod Floyd, was found dead at his home in Florida. He lived a few miles from us. I’d visited their home and they’d visited mine. It was definitely not a suicide. His wife of 37 years says he was “hearty and healthy” and called it an accident. That’s all I’ll elaborate on for now, as even I don’t know all the details.

33) January 26, 2016 – Believe it or not but just a few short weeks later, Brian Melito, a holistic MD and his wife (a physician’s assistant) were attacked by a sword-wielding man while strolling a beach on the tiny island of Grenada. The holistic MD survived but his wife was raped and murdered by the machete-wielding attacker. Both assailants in the attacks on the doctors in Grenada had recently been released from prison, and in both crimes, allegedly unrelated, the men nonchalantly turned themselves in.

34) January 28, 2016 –  The new spate of cancer researchers/doctors killed or found dead doesn’t abate, and this one might be the strangest: Yet another famous cancer researcher, and director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute and the Cancer Research UK, Dr. Alan Clarke, 52, who had gone out to take his dog for the usual walk, was found dead in the woods, hanging from a tree on December 28th, 2015 in a rubber suit with a mask on. His death is ruled accidental and a sexual fetish, just after Christmas.

35) February 1, 2016 –  Just a week later, to the day, after losing our local friend and holistic doctor, Rod Floyd, we lost another friend from our holistic community. Paige Adams FNP, B-C, who also lived up the road from us, was found dead in her home. She had worked closely for many years with her good friend and colleague Dr. Bradstreet, whose death started this holistic series. Now we have his close friend and colleague found dead. This is particularly heartbreaking because she was so young. Paige Adams had asked to stop by our house to visit days before she died.

36) February 14, Valentine’s Day – Cancer HIV Researcher in Seattle, Cheryl DeBoer is found dead in a culvert with a plastic bag over her head. Investigators quickly state there was no evidence of homicide, but her mother and other relatives publicly state there was no way she crawled 1.5 miles through brambles, water, and mud to commit suicide in a culvert. They insist that if she’d wanted to take her life (and listed plenty of reasons why she would not–a happy family and job at the famous cancer research lab), she would’ve found an easier way. 

37) February 21, 2016 – Dr. Armon Anthony Bert, D.C., 56, was reported missing by his family and later found reclined in his car in the parking lot of a Kirkwood Lowes store, the “apparent” victim of a heart attack.

38) March 7, 2016 – Yet another cancer researcher, Dr. Nadeera De Silva, is found dead in a field. He was only 34, and lived in a safe, quaint area in the countryside. Authorities quickly announce his death is “not suspicious”, but a public outcry follows, questioning their judgment. We still have zero answers as to his cause of death.

39) March 23, 2016 – Triple homicide: Prominent Holistic doctor Henry Han is found murdered on his 7-acre Santa Barbara estate, along with his wife and five-year-old daughter. All were shot and wrapped in plastic. A young man with no priors and who lives with his father in Santa Barbara is arrested shortly after. His father was ex-CIA.

40) March 24, 2016 – Dr. Elbert Goodier III was murdered in his office while treating a patient.

41) April 6, 2016 – Dr. John Harsch, 59, a self-described holistic medicine MD, was killed while riding his bicycle with a group of friends. He was the only one hit. See details here. (Editor’s note: Earlier in the series, we had another holistic doctor killed on a bicycle ride. Many of her friends and loved ones contacted me regarding their concerns and questioning her death.)

42) February 12, 2016 – Dr. Rose Polge, 25, apparently walked off her job, where she worked at Torbay Hospital in Devon and went missing for almost two months. She’d allegedly written a letter to the Health Secretary concerning a political situation involving doctors at the hospital. Police later recovered her body from the sea, more than 50 miles away where a hoodie (believed to belong to her) was found. There’s now an inquest into her death after post-mortem results proved inconclusive.

43) March 14, 2016 – One of the strangest cases yet is the one of holistic MD and acupuncturist Dr. Curtis Clogston, 68, who was missing three weeks and eventually found dead in his car, allegedly off the route some say he took to work for 30 years. The peculiar part is that Dr. Clogston went missing on March 14, was reported missing on March 15, but was then seen by someone who “knew him well” according to local authorities (stating as much on news video). How then was he found dead weeks later in his car? Many would like to know.

44) April 27, 2016 – Justin Bohn DC, a holistic chiropractor was found dead alongside of his two children. Dr. Bohn allegedly sent a “goodbye” email to his brother shortly before he was found dead. Police found weapons inside the home, and also a strong smell of natural gas.

45) April 30, 2016 – John Hicks MD, a holistic and alternative doctor died at a conference in Mexico. He seemed to suffer from food poisoning, the hospital found his arteries blocked. He died from a heart attack hours after surgery.

46) May 6, 2016 – A holistic doctor and well-known professor, Dr. Vibeke Rasmussen, 76, was found dead in the Boston area. She taught natural health, nutrition and biology at a local university, and was found stabbed to death in her home. She was stabbed over 30 times. This case shouldn’t be confused with the case of Pennsylvania Osteopath Mary Bovier, also found stabbed to death in her home. No arrests have been made in either murder.

47) May 6, 2016 – Dr. Jyrki Suutari, an outspoken holistic doctor in the Los Angeles area, who had a beautiful family and new-born child, was found dead. All we know about his death is that he allegedly took his life in the garage of his home on Mother’s Day.

48) May 15, 2016 – Thomas Bruff MD died in a private plane crash in the mountains of Southern California. Dr. Bruff was an experienced pilot and board certified in preventive medicine.

49) May 27, 2016 – John Lombardozzi DC, a chiropractor and inventor, died in a motorcycle accident. He was an experienced rider, expert motorcycle builder, and was wearing a helmet. Despite that, the coroner says Dr. Lombardozzi died of severe head trauma.

50) June 11, 2016 – We discover that yet another holistic doctor has allegedly committed suicide. Dr. Alex Shvartsman, dentist and naturopathic doctor, killed himself at home over the weekend. We’re now hearing that he, Mitch Gaynor MD (#11 in our series), and Nick Gonzalez MD (#8 or #9- we had two found dead that day) were all speaking at an event last fall that also included Steve “Sproutman”. Steve was killed in a strange car accident. We wrote about what happened, but didn’t include his case in the series. Dr. Gaynor allegedly took his own life, while Dr. Gonzalez allegedly had a heart attack. His wife then updated the public that it didn’t appear to be the case, and that they couldn’t find a cause of death. Now Dr. Alex (allegedly) took his life. All in a matter of months. All of them spoke at the same Health Expo in the northeast. This is breaking news I found out late Father’s Day night.

51) June 11, 2016-  Beloved and prominent holistic Dr. Andy Roberts, age 52, of West Bloomfield, MI died of cardiac arrest on his way to a chiropractic event (he would later slip into a coma and die). Initially I didn’t think we should add Dr. Andy but more and more we’ve seen doctors die of accidents, alleged suicides, murder, heart attacks, cardiac arrest, sudden death, etc. and adding him seemed prudent.

52) June 13, 2016 – Tim Shelton DC was found dead in a freak accident where a tractor rolled over on him. The coroner confirmed the death was accidental, and that Dr. Shelton died from blunt trauma to his head, neck, and chest.

53) June 14, 2016 – An arrest was made in the death of holistic doctor Mary Louise Yoder. The curious part is that Dr. Yoder died on or around July 22nd, 2015, a very busy week for holistic doctor deaths, and authorities quickly ruled she died of natural causes, despite being uber healthy and only 60-years-old. I didn’t originally include her in the series since the authorities mistakenly said her death was of natural causes. We often have authorities make these quick calls only to find out they were false (why the rush officers?). For months, Yoder’s death was considered “natural” until reports said a family member demanded an investigation. In June, her employee, listed as her daughter on her obituary (they were that close), was arrested under suspicion she had poisoned Dr. Yoder. The employee, only 23-years-old, said Yoder meant the world to her. A jury did not find her guilty in a trial that just finished. We’ll keep you updated on this story if new details surface.

54) June 15, 2016 – A man stormed into a holistic doctor’s office, shot Dr. Robert Sowers, and then turned the gun on himself – taking both their lives. A client walked in and saw them on the ground. A woman working there was screaming. The very next day (see #54), another man entered another holistic doctor’s office and killed the physician. These could be coincidence, but we report all mysterious murders/suicides/unexplained deaths of holistic doctors, so are including them in this recap.

55) June 17, 2016 – Another man, wielding a knife, stormed into a holistic doctor’s office and stabbed an alternative MD to death. The victim was Dr. Tiejun Huang PhD/MD R.Ac, RMT, DTCM. Dr. Huang was a sports medicine specialist at the Beijing Olympic Games, a professor of sports medicine and rehabilitation, and practiced acupuncture and Chinese “Tuina” massage. Read all the details here. Dr. Huang allegedly knew his assailant (authorities said immediately), but we had a holistic doctor gunned down by a man the day before (see #53), who they said knew his assailant too. Two holistic doctors murdered in their offices in two days does raise eyebrows.

56) June 20, 2016 – Dr. Michelle Hartley, a young 32-year-old, dies of an apparent heart attack. Michelle earned her DC in 2009 from Palmer College of Chiropractic and specialized in pediatrics.

57) June 22, 2016 – Marc Feldman MD, a department head at the Cleveland Clinic and a Libertarian presidential candidate, was found dead at a motel in Ohio. Someone called the front desk to say Dr. Feldman was unresponsive. First responders arrived soon after. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

58) July 7, 2016 – In July, a well-known holistic doctor/acupuncturist – Dr. Jenny Shi, 65 was found dead in her upscale Creekside Drive home in Palo Alto, CA. The Santa Clara County Medical Examiner—Coroner’s Office found the cause of death to be multiple stab wounds. 

59) August 6, 2016 – Born Alfredo Bowman in Honduras in 1933, Dr. Sebi studied herbal medicine from his grandmother. One of his claims to fame was his belief that rendering the body into an alkaline state makes it impossible for disease and ailments to exist. Dr. Sebi was jailed after being apprehended on charges of money laundering on May 28, 2016. At an unconfirmed date between June 3rd and August 6th, he reported severe health conditions from the filthy Honduran jail he was held in. Rushed to Vicente D’Antoni Hospital, he died in transit. HIS EXACT CONDITIONS OF DEATH AND ANY EVIDENCE OF FOUL PLAY ARE STILL UNKNOWN AND UNDER INVESTIGATION.

60) October 2, 2016 – Dr. Lorraine Hurley was fatally injured when she was struck by a pickup truck in Brewster, MA. She would later die in the hospital. The 56-year-old holistic doctor was found unconscious by police around 7:22 p.m. While police have the driver in custody, they haven’t yet decided whether or not to file charges. Her husband Jay recalls her once saying, “I don’t want to prescribe medicine, I want to cure people,” that’s the kind of woman she was.

61) November 10, 2016 – Dr. Laura Skellchock passed away very quickly and unexpectedly and there is an ongoing investigation into her case the toxicology reports will take a few months (late November) until they are complete.

62) December 15, 2016 – Silvio Najt MD, a board-certified Argentinian Cardiologist, died unexpectedly of alleged heart failure. He was very fit and healthy and this came as a shock to many. Dr. Najt had people coming from all over the world to his Buenos Aires clinic as a famed cardiologist. Some called him a miracle worker.

63) February 24, 2017 – Dr. Mark Buller, an active member of Our Lady of Lourdes parish in University City and a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, was killed while riding his bike by a Ford Van.  He was just 67 years old. The St. Louis University professor and bioterrorism expert was also a member of “multiple national committees and governmental advisory groups, including some that advised the intelligence community on biodefense.” Police said Buller was killed shortly before 6 p.m. on Friday and pronounced dead at the scene.

64) March  3, 2017 – Dr. Juan Gonzalez, aged 59, was murdered inside his holistic clinic and police can now confirm that his death is being treated as a homicide. He was well-loved.  Detectives were called to the business at 1022 31-W Bypass for a welfare check and found a man dead inside the building upon arrival. (Update: A patient’s husband has been arrested and plead Not Guilty, but a trial has not yet taken place)

65) April 7, 2017 – Ronald Kibert, DC died and was found dead under a large tree limb. His loved ones questioned what he was doing outside during a storm.

66) April 24, 2017 – Glenn Towery, DC was reported missing. A nationwide search continues into its second week as of 4/24/2017. Dr. Towery failed to arrive at his practice and was last seen early on 4/17/2017 at a convenience store in Victoria, TX. His truck was found on a back country road with few clues. As of the date of publishing, he’s still missing.

67) May 7, 2017 – Dr. John Greg Hoffmann, who at one point lost his medical license but got it back for his alternative practices as an MD, died from injuries sustained in a single-car accident that went off a cliff, as he was returning home from his cabin. Some close to him tell us there were no tire marks and they find it suspicious. We will update you as more information becomes available.

68) May 29, 2017 – Dr. Christopher King, 49, a famous holistic MD, was shot to death on Memorial day, a little after midnight, while eating at a popular organic restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. Louis Joseph Sebastian, whom he’d never met, gunned him down. A woman he’d dated said she accidentally texted him and invited him. Some state there was an argument that ensued before the death over the woman. A representative of the restaurant disputed this account, saying there was no evidence the two guests argued before walking out of the establishment. It was also mentioned that the shooter bragged about mob connections a lot that evening.

69) July 1, 2017 – Holistic Dr. Scott Mieras was killed when the bus he was driving crashed in North Canterbury, New Zealand when his bus crashed through the railings of a bridge, landing in a shallow area of the Waiau River. He was the sole driver of the vehicle. No other vehicles were involved. He is survived by his two daughters.

70) July 15, 2017 – Holistic Healer Dr. Justine Damond was shot and killed by police.  She had called officers to report a possible assault outside her house when she heard a woman screaming. She was shot by an officer as she approached the police vehicle in her pajamas. He shot past his partner in the closed vehicle and killed her, nearly killing others in the process.

71) July 20, 2017 – Holistic MD Ron Schmid was found dead. He campaigned against the use of fermented cod liver oil, which had previously damaged his heart, he claimed.

72) July 28, 2017 – Dr. Glen Scarpelli. Dr. Scarpelli and his wife both allegedly jumped out of the window of their holistic clinic (located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan), leaving behind neatly typed and packaged suicide notes in plastic baggies.

73) July 29, 2017 – Dr. Andy Cutler part of the autism world and overall health community, died of an apparent heart attack. His friends and loved ones were shocked. We have no news beyond this.

74) August 1, 2017 – Ann Boroch, a naturopath committed suicide by alleged hanging. According to the coroner’s report, she was found in her garage. Her family had previously stated it was a sudden natural death. Then the autopsy came out and her entire Facebook page was taken down. Our hearts are broken.

75) August 4, 2017 -Dr. Gabriel Goodwin committed suicide by jumping from an NYC highrise. This happened not long after the similar death of Glen Scarpelli and wife (also in NYC)  (#71). Goodwin had a history of mental health problems.

76) August 7, 2017 – John Michael (Dr. Mike) Lonergam died of an apparent heart attack. His girlfriend was out of town, and he was alone at the time of his death. His staff reported that he was healthy. He had a shot he gave that allegedly included vitamins called the Jesus shot.  We will keep you posted as we receive more information.

77) August 17, 2017 – Holistic Dr. Thomas Fay died of unknown causes and his family has called his death “unexpected and a bit surreal”. We know that Dr. Fay was outspoken about chemtrails, Sandy Hook, gun control, and much more. We wish we had more information to share with you.

78) September 13, 2017 – Dr. Achutha Reddy, a self-described holistic psychiatrist, was stabbed to death countless times at his clinic and then allegedly outside the clinic as well. A patient was arrested.

79) Friday, November 11, 2017 – Self-described holistic Dr. Annie Fairbanks, 38, was found shot dead in her home along with her husband Jason Fairbanks, late 30s, and their 3-year-old daughter and nine-month-old son. Police initially told neighbors to go inside and lock their doors (so neighbors reported live on TV).

80) Sunday, November 26, 2017- Dr. Miguel Crespo, 40, stem cell and cancer researcher, was found dead in the bathroom on the 8th floor at the famous Weill Cornell Medical Center Hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  (This is the SAME Weill Cornell where Dr. Lorich #82 worked, who was also found dead in a bathroom just days later). Initially, authorities didn’t say what they thought the cause of death was but then said they were investigating a possible overdose.

81) Saturday, December 3, 2017 – Dr. James Winer, the outspoken, controversial, prominent, self-described holistic doctor (and radio show host in several states) allegedly died on or around December 3rd.  He was a well-known alternative doctor out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are told Dr Winer was found on the sidewalk unconscious and with no ID or wallet.

82) Sunday, December 10, 2017- Dr. Dean Lorich (MD) 54, was found dead in his Park Avenue home bathroom by his 11-year-old around 1 PM on Sunday, December 10th on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His wife and other daughters were out. Police almost immediately called it a suicide. Dr. Lorich was one of the most skilled surgeons on the planet, operating on celebrities like Bono of U2, after a severe accident on his bike in Central Park. Despite Dr. Lorich’s world-renowned surgical skills, authorities say he missed his heart and instead stabbed himself in the torso (close but not quite close enough).

83) Friday, December 15, 2017- Dr. Barry Sherman 75, was found dead with his wife Honey 70, in their Toronto mansion on Friday, December 15th. Police said they suspect a murder-suicide but the grown children almost immediately released a statement about how shocked they were that the authorities would say something of that nature. They said there was no way it was murder or suicide as their parents were full of life and joy and that their family, friends, and even colleagues do NOT believe it.

84) Saturday, December 16, 2017- Dr. Tony Starr, an Osteopath, aged 52, was found dead at his residence by friends after failing to respond to text and telephone messages.

85) Thursday, January 11, 2018- Dr. Clive Bridgham, of East Providence, Rhode Island, was found dead in his home. At the time of his death, the police believed he had been murdered but declined to provide any additional information.

86) Thursday, February 23, 2018- Holistic Dr. Mark Flanagan, age 62 of Seguin, died after allegedly hanging himself. He was described as fit, healthy, and fun-loving by his friends who- understandably- appear to be in shock.

87) Monday, February 12, 2018- Dr. Timothy Cunningham went missing in Georgia on February 12th. According to authorities, he left work early that day saying he wasn’t feeling well, and wasn’t seen again. 

88) Monday, April 2, 2018- Holistic Dr. Norman Valdes Cotten Jr., 54, who lived in Howell, MI, and practiced in Fowlerville and Commerce Townships, was found burned in a vehicle in Pontiac, on Monday.

89) Friday, April 20, 2018- Dr. Richard Caskey of Connecticut’s death is still shrouded in mystery. We were contacted by some of his patients who said that office staff told them he (allegedly) had food poisoning at a conference just days before he was found in the bathroom by his sons (who we are told are also chiropractors). That is all the information we have on Dr. Caskey at this time.

90) Thursday, April 19, 2018- World-famous traditional healer and elder Olivia Arévalo Lomas of the Shipibo Konibo Indigenous people of Peru was assassinated with five shots to the heart.

91) Sunday, April 29, 2018- Biohacker and CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, Aaron Traywick, 28, was found dead on Sunday. While not many details are known, we do know he was found in a spa in Washington, D.C., face down, doing flotation therapy in very shallow water.

92) Saturday, June 16, 2018-  Holistic chiropractor, 38-year-old Dr. Chris Cheung of Walnut Creek, died after his outrigger canoe overturned in the Berkeley Marina. Cheung was reportedly paddling alone. His body was found floating in the water while his vest was in the boat.

93) Friday, June 22, 2018– Dr. Tristan Beaudette, 35, of Irvine, Calif., was bleeding from a chest wound when deputies found him in a tent early Friday at a Malibu Creek State Park campsite. He had been camping with his girls when someone gunned him down, in front of his daughters.

94) Tuesday, October 30, 2018- Dr. Christopher Brugger, 52, of Bradenton Florida (near Tampa) died when the gyrocopter he was in crashed. It is still unknown what happened as the pilot and instructor, 45-year-old Chris Lord, had thousands of hours of experience and (reportedly) had licenses to fly over 30 types of these gyroplanes, as well as his instructor’s license.

95) Wednesday, January 9th- Top Italian immunologist and former centre-right politician, Fernando Aiuti, 83, died due to complications after falling down stairs at a hospital in Rome.

96) Sunday, January 27th- Dr. Sarah Hawley, 27, beloved by all who knew her, was killed in what appeared to be a domestic-related murder-suicide. Her live-in boyfriend, 30-year-old Travis Geddes, who she had been with- and happy- for over 4 years, killed her before killing himself.

97 and 98) Friday, March 15th- James Eckert, a 48-year-old chiropractor, and ultramarathon runner, and his wife, 50-year-old Lizette Eckert, also a chiropractor, were both killed by a single gunshot to the head. Although officials have arrested an 11-year-old child, it is still unknown if the child has a connection to the couple.

99) Monday, March 19th- Dr. Lois Ladd, 68, and her husband Michael were found murdered in their home. Dr. Ladd was an acupuncturist, or as she describes in her online videos a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a chiropractor. There are no leads and the Edwardsville Police Department has brought in the Major Case Squad to help.

100) September 2019- Dr. Van Koinis Koinis was found dead last September from what authorities say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

101) November 29, 1019- Dr. David Bailey was found dead inside his North Huntingdon, PA chiropractic office on Black Friday, 30 minutes before opening.

102) March 12, 2020- Dr. Brian Drake At approximately 7:29 p.m. Thursday, March 12, officers of the Bonners Ferry Police Department, assisted by the Boundary County Sheriff’s office, responded to a call of shots fired at 6811 Main street, Bonners Ferry (Idaho). Fellow holistic doctor and chiropractor, Dr. Dan Moore, 63, has been arrested late Thursday afternoon for the death of Dr. Drake. According to local news, Idaho state police say they believe 63-year-old Daniel Moore shot and killed 45-year-old Brian Drake in Drake’s business office in the middle of the night.

103) May 2, 2020- Dr. Bing Liu, 37, was discovered by Ross Township police in his home with gunshots to his head, neck, torso, and extremities, according to a statement from the department. A second man, identified as 46-year-old Hao Gu, was found dead in his vehicle from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to reports.

104) July 2020 – Holistic Dr. James Greg Bonham and his longtime partner were both found dead in Lexington County, South Carolina. It was ruled as a murder-suicide.

105) November 2, 2020- Dr. James Sowa – Police in Pennsylvania are investigating the suspicious death of a Bensalem chiropractor. The death is now a homicide investigation, according to the Bucks County Coroner’s Office.

106) November 11, 2021 – Holistic Dr. Jon Kolonich and his wife were both found dead in different locations in Franklinville, New Jersey. It was ruled a murder-suicide.

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