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Dead Shooters Tell No Tales

Inducing "mental illness" through Electronic Warfare to create the "lone gunman" to cause mass hysteria for the gun grab agenda.

While the United States has the most firearms per capita of any nation by a wide margin, it also has a disproportionate number of ‘mass shooting’ events compared to other nations with a substantial ‘armed’ citizenry. In fact, the U.S. seems to have ALL the mass shooting events, a statistical improbability.

After each mass shooting event, we hear the same voices repeat the same lies, usually reinforced based on one’s ideological agenda. They often fall into one of two broad categories.

  • Voice 1: We have a mental health crises

  • Voice 2: We have too many guns

If either of these was true it stands to reason that there would be mass shootings with greater frequency in other nations with both guns and mental illness.

Here are nations with significant numbers of firearms in civilian possession, that have no mass shootings.

Total Firearms ~

Pakistan: 43,000,000
Germany: 16,000,000
France: 14,000,000
Canada: 12,000,000
Serbia: 3,000,000
Austria: 2,600,000
Switzerland: 2,400,000
Finland: 2,000,000

Have you ever heard about mass shootings in Serbia? Finland? Switzerland? How about Pakistan?

They do happen, but rarely. Very rarely.

Surely there are armed and mentally ill people in these countries to such a degree that there would be a mass shooting more than once every decade.

Last night the lone-mentally-ill-gunman struck again, this time in Maine.

And per the usual programming by the media, and simplified normie two-way dialectic on attention networks, the masses have responded in their usual reflexive and unthinking way.

Npc | CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY ALLOWED A MENTALLY ILL MAN TO BE A FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR? | image tagged in npc | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Oh dear, looky what we have here…

Watch the video above to see just how frequently “mentally ill lone gunmen” hear voices before going on shooting rampages.

Nobody wants to admit publically what’s causing many of these, and for what agenda, in the same way that nobody has the guts to publicly admit what’s causing all those “wildfires” in very specific places.

But it’s easy to say the truth out loud:

Electronic warfare against citizens, sometimes TI’s, or Targeted Individuals who all report the same thing before and during their violent rampage (if they survive)—HEARING VOICES!!

It’s rare that we get a mass shooter who was recently admitted to a mental institution for “hearing voices” instigating him to shoot up a military base.

When the military base shooting didn’t work out for the Feds they opted for something more horrific and went with Kiddie night at the bowling alley instead.

Since the majority of shooters are not supposed to survive and usually don’t survive, what percentage of dead shooters heard voices during their rampage?

Dead shooters tell no tales.

What are the odds they take this guy Robert Card alive? The odds are probably greater that Chris Rock gets bitch slapped a second time hosting the Oscars.

And if they do take him alive, how many people will question the official narrative that he was just another mentally ill man with a gun?

When the story disappears from the headlines, how many will hear his private testimony to the Fed interrogators and the details about “hearing voices” and not being himself?

It will probably be about the number of people who will live to see Chris Rock bitch slapped at the Oscars a third time.

Oh Looky, how convenient…

With next year’s election just around the corner, we can expect to see a lot more of these and maybe a few Saint Floyd police encounters as well.

Check out Lookoutfa Charlie’s YouTube Channel for more info on psychotronic weapons. Source clips taken from this video below.

You will hear a voice telling you to join the flock. Do it do it do it do it.

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