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Not. Messing. Around.

Dr. Shiva is the real deal, but there is only one person to consistently vote for.

The problem is not that “there aren’t any political solutions to our problems,” or that “nobody is coming to save you” or that “if voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it.” The problem is the government needs its citizens thoroughly demoralized by these assumptions or catatonically programmed to believe the opposite.

If I were looking for signs of which Presidential candidate was not controlled in any way by the global cabal I’d start with the guy who is ignored by the corporate media, censored by social media, disregarded by pollsters, had his campaign slogan pilfered by Booby Kennedy and is completely shunned by the so-called “alternative” media.

I’d look at the guy who exposed the Censorship Industrial Complex as the fascistic merger of Big Tech Monolopies and Secret Police agencies a full year before our fren Elon handed those Twitter emails to some “journalists” on this platform.

I’d look at the guy whom the smartest voices in the deepest recesses of the Internet are chatting about.

If he said all the things I’ve been writing about the past couple of years, I’d take notice, and probably say, “He’s good. He’s really good.”

After wasting far too much time writing about RFK Jr. I’ve thrown in the towel on him, something I did, and then undid, and redid, about fifty times since he announced his candidacy.

But this one is final.

A Zionist appeaser is always part of the cabal. He guillotined his campaign with his recent war-mongering that should disqualify any candidate.



What happened to Bobby ending those forever wars?

Don’t be fooled by his recent book on Fauci, and wishy-washy questioning of only some vaccines. Don’t be fooled by him talking about endocrine disruptors like atrazine, or calling out the CIA for killing his father and uncle.

As Dr. Shiva has pointed out in recent interviews this Kennedy apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree. His uncle, the oft-romantacized JFK signed the Vaccine Assistance Act of 1962 that set the iatrogenocide ball rolling with the formation of the Pharmapocaplyse aims of the CDC. His Uncle Teddy was instrumental in pushing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Bill signed by Reagan in 1986 that immunized Pharma companies from legal ramifications, years after he drunk-drove a girl into a pond to drown.

That RFK Jr. says he’s not against all vaccines and makes headlines as Chief “Anti-Vaxxer” by the despised mockingbird press is indicative of a set-up, given only 2% of Americans have returned for the death jabs. The more they call him a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer as people “mysteriously” clutch their chests and die suddenly, the more they are promoting him, not shaming him.

His path to the White House is still possible:

  • assuming he gets his name on the ballot in all fifty states

  • assuming Trump is convicted and sentenced before the Republican convention or cuts a deal to avoid prison if he drops out of the race

  • assuming he’s invited to any debates after the primaries

If the latter happens you can bet your hyperinflated dollar he’s part of the national selection process. They invited Ross Perot to depose their former boss George H.W. Bush in 1992 to install their Little Rock Arkancide duo of Bill and Hillary who put the kibosh on prosecuting CIA weapons and drugs smuggling operations out of Mena, AK in the 1980s. The Arkancide duo have been hand-selected cabal members for a long time, but that’s how they rigged elections back in the day, with third candidates stealing votes from the party they didn’t want.

Apart from RFK Jr.’s recent zio-schilling, he still has a past riddled with question marks, from supporting the prosecution of gun companies in the aftermath of CIA-induced MK Ultra mass shootings to arresting “climate change” deniers.

His “foreign policy” comments at a recent event appear as if they were written for him at a neocon Kakistocrat’s desk at the Pentagon.

Do you mean the one that was struck by a Raytheon Cruise Missile on September 11, 2001, Israel’s first 9-11, Good Citizen?

Yup, that Pentagon.

Fook. That. Guy.

I want my five hours of essay writing time back, Bobby!

Bobby! Can you hear me, Bobby?

Don’t be fooled by third-party candidates just because they’re not dumb and dumber; because they’re not Beavis and Butthead. I was fooled for half a minute (and five hours) and it makes you feel, well, dumb.

There’s only one candidate (probably) not controlled by the cabal and he recently called every other candidate including Trump, Biden, Haley, DeSantis, Ramalamadingdong, and RFK Jr. exactly, what, they, all, are…

Zionist c**ks**kers!

Zionism IS NOT Judaism.

The highly programmed normies will call Dr. Shiva “anti-semitic” for using the term zionist—a Jewish Supremacist (the only kind of Supremacy permitted) political movement that is responsible for killing millions of Europeans (see the Bolsheviks and Nazis) and Palestinians in its aims to destroy Europe, transfer hundreds of thousands of Jews to Palestine in the 1930s and 1940s (See Edwin Black’s Book The Transfer Agreement, between Zionists and Hitler) to set up a Zionist ethnostate for terror ops, land grabs, and twin tower thermite charges to usher in the Global war on another noun, which strengthened only one country—the Zionist fascist ethnostate.

Non-normie obtuse Americans will be more focused on choosing to be offended by Dr. Shiva’s foul language than really contemplating his rapid-fire truth bombs, which is why Americans will never have a country again.

They - can’t - focus - on - tru-

Look Daddy! A football game. Can we stay and watch?

Few Americans will see the truth of one of hundreds of Dr. Shiva’s candid points— that for decades their nation has been controlled by Zionists.


I’ve never voted in my life because I never saw the point of voting in a one-party system completely captured by corporate power and supranational cabals—including but not limited to Zionists and their evangelical fanatical doomsday nutbag supporters.

In the age of fixed elections, why bother devoting time and attention to any candidates when the outcome is predetermined? When they are all bought by AIPAC?

If it wasn’t predetermined, and the system wasn’t so corrupted, and Dr. Shiva was on the ballot in my state, AND if I ever decided to return to a state (Montana or New Hampshire, assuming no Flouride in the water in these states) and permit myself to become a slave to the Internal Raping Service to steal a portion of my labor value and labor time for absolutely nothing in return other than the perpetual sins of a bloated self-indulgent pilfering terrorist empire, then I’d vote for Dr. Shiva.

He is not, messing, around.

All the rest of the candidates are pure garbage.

A bunch of low-IQ rats and ideologues who were selected purely for their low IQs, herd mentality, divisive rhetoric, and ability to provide spectacle and distraction as controlled opposition.

Truth about American politics only matters to one candidate, because it’s the headline of his campaign poster.

Dr. Shiva’s “Swarm” that controls the population, now by culling it.

But, even voting for Dr. Shiva would be mostly symbolic. It wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans, because he doesn’t have a chance to win. The deep programming of the American people can not be reversed. They are as much a liability to you and your well-being as the candidates they defend, vote for, and send money to, so the best thing to do is get the hell away from them.

The problem is not that “there aren’t any political solutions to our problems,” or that “nobody is coming to save you” or that “if voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it.” The problem is the government needs its citizens thoroughly demoralized by these assumptions or catatonically programmed to believe the opposite.

  1. There are political solutions; voting does matter; government can help you

  2. There are no political solutions; voting doesn’t matter; nobody is coming to save you

By getting people stuck in the hopelessness of false hope through rigged choices, they’ve captured the normies constantly bickering about a fixed dialectic meant to keep them at each other’s throats; constantly defending the cabal’s uniparty.

By keeping people sufficiently demoralized to believe the inverse, they won’t be capable of seeing reality.

What reality?

You only need to vote for yourself.

Each year—selection year, or no selection year. Each month—selection month, or no selection month. Each day—selection day, or no selection day…pull that lever for yourself.

You and only you will decide your future.

Put your future in the hands of anyone else selected by a global cabal and you lose.

Put your faith in the voting masses— in the stupid, ignorant, vicious, ADHD-riddled, bloated, and seed oil-farting electorate that surrounds you, and you might as well go live in a fifteen-minute city and start acclimating to the taste of bugs.

The only way to break free from this system is to declare independence from all centrally controlled (diseased) systems and focus on preparation through self-reliance.

Vote for the essentials of an insulated life, shielded from forthcoming manufactured calamities.

Clean air, food, soil, water, good shelter, energy, warmth, health, defense.

The minimum setup to insulate from Agenda 2030 would include:

  • Financial flexibility through precious metals and commodities for the coming collapse of the fiat system (U.S. interest payments on its debt alone topped $1 Trillion this year. Share of foreign-owned U.S. debt dropped to 31% from 45% five years ago. The game, is, over.)

  • Become at least 50% food and water-independent with at least six months of emergency food storage

  • Arm yourself sufficiently but not suspiciously

  • Go remote (away from cities, and suburban sprawls)

  • Keep Chickens; Fish, hunt, and grow your food (greenhouse protection from falling toxins), while learning long-term food storage solutions like canning, jarring, freezing, and freeze-drying

  • Obtain alternative energy solutions where possible when the grid “fails”

  • Keep necessary pharma products on hand (antibiotics, creams, etc.) But learn about alternative medicines; herbal remedies; vitamins; TCM; and natural healing; so you can declare independence from allopathic Rockefeller medicine. Become your own Doctor. Doctors are not gods. They are highly compromised men in white coats who treat symptoms and never underlying dis-ease.

  • Find people who do the same and stick together; Form those parallel communities to build trust and become more resilient with the help of others

On the journey toward that setup, vote for yourself every day.

After arriving at that destination, keep voting for yourself and your family every day.

It’s the only way you win.

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