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Rise of The Tranifesto Psyop

Chicks with dicks wanna get their licks on them Jesus fricks. Or maybe as with the fake pandemic, that's not what's happening at all.

Hat tip to Good Citizen Flock member Roger of North Carolina for this video. Link to the full investigation of the Nashville “shooting” at the end of this post.
Source Credit: Jim Fetzer Ph.D. on Bitchute

Child actress Melissa Joan Hart has been remarkably unlucky. She’s been present at two different “school shootings” with two different children in two different states.

The statistical probability of her having one child near a school shooting is 1 in 12.5 million assuming an equal distribution of shootings over all fifty states and completely random times.

To calculate the probability of a parent having two different children, each present at different school shootings in two different schools in two different states, we must first determine the probability of a child being present at a school shooting in a specific state since 2000.

The most simple calculation assumes 300 school shootings over 23 years with each event randomly distributed over all fifty states. The official narrative is that there have been over 500 since 2000 but many of those are gang violence and completely unrelated to premeditated mass shootings at schools. Even 300 is probably excessive but let’s go with that number.

  1. Probability of a parent being near a school shooting in a specific state: Each state would have an average of 6 school shootings over a 23-year period, assuming the school shootings are uniformly distributed among the states.

Let's assume that "being near" means the parent has a child who attends a school where a shooting occurs. Since there are 75,000,000 school children in K-12, both public and private, the probability of a parent having a child present at a specific school shooting in a specific state is:

P(being near a specific shooting in a specific state) = 1 child / 75,000,000 children

Since there are 6 school shootings per state on average, the probability of a parent being near one shooting in a specific state is:

P(being near 1 shooting in a specific state) = (1/75,000,000) * 6 P(being near 1 shooting in a specific state) = 1 in 12,500,000

  1. Probability of a parent being near two school shootings in two different states: Assuming that the events are independent is:

P(being near 2 shootings in 2 different states) = (1/12,500,000) * (1/12,500,000) P(being near 2 shootings in 2 different states) =

1 in 156,250,000,000,000 (156.25 trillion)

The problem with this method is the assumption of equal distribution of school shootings. If we adjust the probability to account for the population rankings of the two states Melissa Joan Hart lived in at the time of highly publicized school shootings with each state as a percentage of the total population of the country it would look something like this:

Connecticut and Tennessee: We first need to determine the proportion of the population in each state relative to the total US population. According to the 2020 Census data, the population of Connecticut was 3,605,944, and the population of Tennessee was 6,910,840. The total US population was 331,449,000.

  1. Proportion of the population in Connecticut and Tennessee:

  • Connecticut: 3,605,944 / 331,449,000 = 0.010872

  • Tennessee: 6,910,840 / 331,449,000 = 0.020846

  1. Distribution of the 300 school shootings over 23 years based on state population rankings:

  • Connecticut: 300 * 0.010872 ≈ 3.26 school shootings

  • Tennessee: 300 * 0.020846 ≈ 6.25 school shootings

Now, let's assume there are 75,000,000 schoolchildren in the US. The probability of a parent having a child near a school shooting in Connecticut and Tennessee can be calculated as follows:

  1. Probability of a parent being near a school shooting in Connecticut and Tennessee:

  • Connecticut: 3.26 school shootings / 75,000,000 children = 4.35e-8

  • Tennessee: 6.25 school shootings / 75,000,000 children = 8.33e-8

  1. Probability of a parent being near school shootings in both Connecticut and Tennessee (assuming the events are independent): P(being near shootings in CT and TN) = P(being near shooting in CT) * P(being near shooting in TN) P(being near shootings in CT and TN) = 4.35e-8 * 8.33e-8 ≈ 3.62e-15

Thus, the approximate probability of a parent being near a school shooting in both Connecticut and Tennessee over a 23-year period with 300 school shootings distributed based on population rankings is about 3.62e-15, or…

1 in 276,243,094,000,000 (276.24 trillion)

But wait! There’s more!

Melissa Joan Hart’s 17-year-old son was present next door to another shooting at a temple and his school went into lockdown at the time. What is the probability of a parent having children at or near three different school shootings in three different states? We’ll skip all the math on this one and get right to the answer:

P(3 children at 3 shootings in 3 different states) = 1 in 4,629,630,000,000,000,000,000 (4.63 sextillion)

But wait! There’s more!

Act now and you get another statistical impossibility absolutely free!

The question we must ask ourselves Good Citizens…


They’re definitely coming for your guns America. This Psyop is geared toward getting the normie dunces to believe that mass shootings (staged) are so ubiquitous because the same people happen to miraculously be at multiple school “shootings” in a very narrow time frame in DIFFERENT states, clearly a statistical impossibility, AND therefore the only solution is to violate the rights of the law-abiding citizens and take away their constitutional right to self-protection.

The courts and DAs are in on it too.

They want need law-abiding gun-owning (white) Americans to react VIOLENTLY to the tranifesto psyop.

If there is a shooting targeting trannies in the near future you can bet it’s just the other half of this ongoing Psyop.

They won’t get the guns. There are 12 guns in circulation for every citizen and too many free states with people yearning to live free.

But by weaponizing the useful idiots of Gen Z and their brainwashed parents who feed like vultures off corporate media fear, they may just create something much worse than a cultural revolution.

If you’re a one-issue voter and 2A is your issue because without 2A you can’t protect any other constitutional rights, especially when the state is the entity most often violating them, and the state wants a monopoly on power, then you should never vote (D) ever.


Gun Control: Go Upstream and Fix the 2nd Amendment by Al ...

The more they weaponize the druggies, the mentally ill, the trannies, and keep criminals on the loose through deliberate policies of anarcho-tyranny, the more Americans are going to need to exercise their constitutional right to carry, preferably in one of the 28 permitless carry states where outside blue cities there tends to be a lot less tyranny.

The Good Citizen
Anarcho Tyranny For The U.S.A.
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After 9-11 and anthrax and WMDs and Abu Ghraib and bankster looting, I left the U.S. 16 years ago with a vow never to return and never feed the beast a penny of my labor in taxes. So far I’ve kept it because each year the situation there deteriorates. BUT. If I did move back, to an open permitless carry state as far from Blue Cities and Scott Adams’ wise warning (6% pop./51% of violent crime) as possible, and could still avoid paying taxes that go to terrorize the American people and the world, the very first thing I’d do, before I get a place to live, before I get an internet contract, or sim card, or even a bite to eat, is get one of these on my appendix. Not out of fear, but because the best way to avoid being a victim and another statistic is to always be prepared.

And while messing up the Democratic primary by switching parties and voting R4RFK Jr. would create havoc for the chosen party, unless he gets a clue about this issue and the climate change psyop, he’s obviously not someone you’d ever want to vote for in the general election.

What an idiot.

Video Edit Source: Jim Fetzer Ph.D. on Bitchute

Watch the Full Breakdown of the Nashville Shooting Psyop:

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