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JFC! What else can you say to all this destruction of our food security? MF's!

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If ever you needed a clue who will survive their future, look no further than those they demonize or try to scare.

This is the one thing the corporate media is good for.

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1971 we bought an old farmstead on the Eastern Shore of VA, between Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic. Neighbor stored straw for his cows in our barn. He paid with the creamiest, freshest raw milk. He just raised calfs for auction. He told me, that Federal Inspectors had driven him out of his 30+ year milk business; as they did to another, who took the other option available: Perdue chicken.

You became indentured to Perdue or Tyson, both of which had large (stinky) processing plants in this skinny strip of land. You put down your only money, Perdue built you a metal building with all the newest things to receive 20k 3-day old biddies. They had weighed the semi before delivery. Six weeks later they showed up at night, turned on red lights to calm the birds, and four guys walked through calmly picking up two in each hand then tossing them to the catch & crater on the back of the truck, who would catch them two in each hand and stuff them into a crate which held 12, close the lid for the stackers. The truck was weighed again at the plant. The farmers got a percentage of how much weight gain vs food, electricity, water, heat and then of course their interest payments due. Just enough to keep a small family going and if you were young and ambitious then The Company would set you up with another house or two of 20k chicks.

Long comment to illustrate the indentured servant system being forced on people years ago: regulators forcing quitting a generational livelihood to become indebted to stay on your own land _ which also opened up lots of fertile fields for large Agribusiness to pull the same type stuff for soybeans.

Their seeds, their fertilizer, their herbicide, their pesticides.

Those days the chicken feed was full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Agribusiness technology has a bad track record. The fires were lit. They had small planes crash on plants. Vegan maybe?

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Could it be fellow good citizens that we suffer from our own cognitive biases. Ther doesnt have to be conspiracies for all of these things to be happening. 100 years or progressivism, inflation , foreign interventionism, growth of the state ; this is enough.

These people arent smart or talented enough to orchestrate all of this

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We Exist In Every Kind

Anger is a funny thing, not very healthy to hold within. But Righteous anger, I reckon, is another ball of wax. It's how ya use it, I guess.

Long long ago I saw a film about an Indonesian man in a small village. He was the town's 'shaman', possessing healing gifts too.

An American film crew was doing the investigation. The lead American was a bit ham-fisted in his approach toward the shaman, un-gently & ungainly disbelieving. Pushing the small-stature shaman about, constantly checking his hands to see if he was palming some ignition device.

The shaman was dressed in his Country's normal attire, sandals, loose-fitting long pants, & a button-down short sleeve shirt with collar.

The shaman often giggled happily by the pushy & unduly doubting American, as he handled him somewhat roughly. Holding his arms outstretched to allow American scrutiny.

The shaman balled up pieces of paper, dropped them on the ground, placed his hands over the paper without touching paper, concentrated hard, & set them aflame. He demonstrated other techniques, that I cannot clearly remember.

Upon interview the shaman explained in broken English that he gets his Power, what sounded to me, from daily meditation & the lower chakra system.

(The Ancients didn't name that bone 'sacred' fer nuthin').

The American wanted the shaman to perform something 'big', but the shaman demurred, saying something on the order of, 'This practice requires caution.'

The American, now thinking, he had 'proved' his disbelieving thesis, stood smug.

The shaman, not wanting the American to leave unseeing, & therefore disbelieving, said/pointed to him to place his palm just below the shaman's naval/waistband.

The American held it there for 2-3 seconds, then tore it away quickly, screaming 'ouch', & examined his own palm, as one would to check for injury.

The shaman giggled.


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I think you may have missed a couple of bird cullings in Indiana this year.

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Lather, rinse, repeat...2022 edition......

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Yet Another MasterWork !

Love the embeds.

Really Appreciate The 3 Months-Ago-Prognostic-Piece.

Helps Trace The TimeLines.

Sirens Sound Clarion.

"The European Cannon is here"

We've all become too accustomed, to the distortion.

"It's too late,

To be late again."


Listening right thru the roof.

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Double 🎯🎯…. Btw I love freebird, saw them live few years back at the Doheny Jazz fest.

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Amazing how Cigarette man dies and always comes back. Indeed he has been busy. Linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Excellent update on a topic you've been on top off from the start. Just FYI, Michael Yon (War Correspondent ; unapologetic American nationalist; and seemingly too far out for even Alex Jones) also called this well over a year ago. Spelled out the coming Global Food Shortage, disruptions to the supply chain, and more. In detail. At the time, I thought "That's interesting [as in crazy]."

In apology in matter of speaking, I subscribed to his Locals: https://locals.com/member/MichaelYon?community_id=22444 He's raw source, at times very, so I shift carefully through his output. Likewise, he has a particular presentation style that some people love, but I can only take in small doses. That said, people like myself who consider this post "The Chicken, The Egg, or the Spook's Match?" important reading might also want to browse a bit of Michael Yon.

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