President Zelensky is a comedic actor, the world is his clown stage. The West indulges him and his farce at the expense of the Ukrainian people.

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All my life I have been demonized for being born in Russia, which you'd only know if I told you

Honesty is ridiculed and derided in America

Please write about huntergate lap top dances

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Um. Guys? This is like the third article today I've read along these lines.

I'm starting to feel, um... pro-Putin.

Talk me out of this?

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Why does it appear that democrats, socialists and the crossbread democrat-socialists are always the provocateurs of conflict, war and death?

US civil war

Mexican American war

Spanish American war



And after Orwell's prescient book, the proxy conflicts have all (for the most part) moved to the disputed territories outside Oceania, EastAsia and Eurasia.

Where the uniparty Rinos didn't want to left out of the party so they've danced around the pig's head a time or two.


Viet Nam




Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia





Will we ever learn, or just keep ineffectually culling the herd, hoping for a better (brave new) world (order)?

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I indicated it already in 2002 that if I wanted genocide, I would do it with "vaccines," then new "vaccines" that would complicate and simplify certain things.

I also pointed out that WW3 would probably break out on TV without a shot ever fired. After all, Eurasia and Oceania must be in perpetual war in order to ensure martial law.

Everybody, the Chinese, the Russians, and the West are in the club.

The rest of it is a theater, which will work as long as people believe in "viruses" and "infectious diseases." After the covid theater, it only stands to reason.

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I have lots of questions, but not for this time; instead I will link this now:


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Zelensky the actor and CIA puppet has a new gig with the western authoritarian globalists.

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Thank you GC for factual comment. Without bloggers like you, we in the west who support the Russian effort would be without ammunition.

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Respectfully, I still need to dig further. But I have a different -- and to some, more callous -- point to make. Zelenksy armed the civilian population, effectively conscripting them. Little to no training, improvised weapons (the explosives), and so on. The Western media celebrated these actions -- which only a very very few dissenting voices pointed out could be understood quite differently under the Geneva convention. Likewise, the MSM celebrated stories of civilians poisoning Russian soldiers with cake, and other acts of "resistance."

But during the first few weeks of the war, it was apparent to all observers that Russia was targeting Ukraine's military capacity. NOT the civilians. MSM even reported this -- now down the memory hole. Russia was not fighting a war of attrition or terror against the civilian population. Russia was intentionally not targeting the civilian population.

Okay. Here is my point. If you conscript your civilians to fight soldiers who were not previously targeting your civilians, you had better expect increased casualties -- including deaths -- among your civilian population. I have no idea about the truth concerning Bucha. Meaning, I certainly do agree with you that we must critically and cautiously evaluate the MSM accounts and government statements. But more civilian deaths were a given -- because of the very policies and practices that Zelensky implemented and the MSM unconditionally celebrated.

Zelenksy sought and still seeks to use his civilian population as a shield. He is not defending them or even Ukraine -- he is defending his regime. Our power elite want his show to continue -- seemingly at any price.

For example, when Tulsi Gabbard called for a cease-fire, a halt to Russian and Ukraine military actions so that the pathogenic "research materials" could be secured, our MSM pundits and social media shills denounced her as a "treasonous liar". Stop or pause the war just to prevent potential massive casualties to the people of Ukraine and the region? Absurd! Unthinkable! Treason!

And on it goes. FYI, I do discuss the Pentagon Fact Sheet on the Ukrainian biolabs. This will not apply to your readers: but if anyone still doubts these labs existed or that they contained bio-terrorism level pathogens, feel free to send them over.

All best. You just delivered an important and even courageous check to the MSM consensus -- to both the manufactured consent and the engineered moral panic. You might be a target for some blowback soon enough.

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What? No babies thrown out of incubators and onto the cold floor?

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I don't question your assertions, but what about the relentless bombing and missile attacks on numerou cities.

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Biden claims war crimes; Boris threatens more sanctions; the MSM is lapping up the genocide claims, without questioning the narrative.

Judging from the behaviour of the supposedly impartial MSM over the past 2 years, one can be shocked by the pictures but doubt the veracity of the sources.

The same people who stripped us of basic freedoms and introduced vaccine policing are now wielding the sanctions weapon, destabilising economies left right and centre and egging on the Ukrainians from a safe distance, while whipping up public outrage by tried and tested manipulation of popular sentiment.

The shrill intemperate enthusiasm for prolonging the conflict while simultaneously demanding an end to usage of gas and oil convinces me that a one way ticket to Net Zero is on the cards in Washington and London.

Surely a more rational approach would be to implement immediate mediation within context: negotiation of a ceasefire, aid for displaced and injured citizens, acknowledgement of western meddling and broken promises , guarantees of neutrality for Ukraine and no more NATO invitations, while recognising the wishes of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions .

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I love this amazing club I belong too. Thanks to everyone for your intelligent thinking!

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Pentagon can't independently confirm atrocities in Ukraine's Bucha, official says -


THAT PRETTY MUCH SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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‘COMMENTS’ are longer than the post; guess GC touched a nerve.

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