I have worked with health systems and know many doctors. The best advice I can give is to keep yourself as healthy as possible so you don't have to deal with them. Will be posting an expose on them next week.

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And note: not ONE health care bureaucrat ever says: lose 40 lbs, get your BMI below 30, go outside and get an hour of sunlight daily, and turn off the goddamn TV.

Among my friends in three countries, I know more who have been damaged by the EGT's than by covid itself.

I pray that at some point the average man on the street will rebel against this medical tyranny.

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This is a great article. They used dexamethasone in combination with remdesivir.

Number one issue right now that needs to be highlighted is that THERE WAS NO PANDEMIC - THERE WAS MASS MURDER.

All of this was (and much much more) done to create the mass hysteria event in order to hide the massive economic collapse of 2019 and hide the $13 trillion (so far) worth of bailouts AND to jump start the Pharma bio-security system as THE new economic driver in a bankrupt system.

Here is an addition to your excellent article:

The average age of a death by or with "Covid-19" is higher than life expectancy in all Western countries. No other figure even need be known to understand the "pandemic" (business model) is a fraud and a giant Ponzi scheme.

The fact that there is no such thing as a "Covid death" is another minor problem here as SARSCoV2 itself is a computer generated fiction.

In the US the "Covid death" number is cooked/manipulated due to how the CDC does their accounting as well as many other factors- an audit of the CDC mortality numbers themselves is required.

1) The first thing that must be addressed is "who were these people?" The average age of a "Covid death" is 80 in the US and 82 globally w/4 comorbidities on average. The vast majority of these people were from nursing homes, assisted living, hospice etc. Where did the vast majority of initial "Covid deaths" occur? Here in the US (and everywhere in the West- Milan, Madrid, London, Brussels, Montreal, Toronto, etc.) most, if not all, who died from "Covid" already had one foot in the grave and their death was put on fast forward through medical protocols not an anomalous viral event.

What we had here in the US was a radical and mandatory shift in policies relating to hospitals, care homes and the overall social order. These new "policies" were mandated through various new and aberrant state "guidelines" which resulted in a concentrated death rate for a six week period in March/April. Take that out of the equation and there is no death rate to talk about. Put (or keep) these policies in place and we will have this happen every year.

There was also gross negligence (beyond the usual) in numerous nursing homes that led to abandonment and medication alterations that turned these slow motion abattoirs into death houses. One of the remarkable things of note is that here in the US the "pandemic" was not widespread (which is supposed to be one of the defining features of a pandemic) but was in fact limited to very specific locations;

2) The faulty diagnosis of what is a "Covid death" did they die "with" or "from" Covid which is problematic for several reasons. In many cases an actual test was never done only a "presumed to be Covid" assessment was put forth. Add to this that when the tests were done PCR tests done with faulty specs (gene sequencing, cycle thresholds, annealing problems, faulty primers and so forth) were used. PCR can't diagnose anything in the first place and compounded with these problems they are useless and misleading;

3) No autopsies. Why were no autopsies done in the US? Why did they pass new mandates that halted all autopsies for "Covid deaths?" This went against decades long protocol. They also changed decades old protocol on how death certificates should be filed;

4) Another way they inflated death counts was through hospital admissions and faulty PCR testing. So for example if one came in with a coronary condition you would be given a "Covid test" no matter what- all admissions required this- and then if you died while in the hospital you could have been listed as a "Covid death." This happened frequently throughout the year;

5) Home deaths is yet another way that figures were cooked. This was admitted point blank by Stephanie Buehle (NY Dept. of Health spokesperson) among others who stated that home deaths with no testing at all would be presumed "Covid deaths." This "guideline" was mandated through the NY Health Dept;

6) "Covid death counts were forged- CDC instructed officials to certify any death as "caused by" COVID if the decedent tested positive prior to passing or was suspected of having "C19", even if it wasn't the actual cause of death. Thus we have major misattribution. E.g., we have over 14,000 injury deaths listed in the "C19 death" total.

We also unexplained declines in other common death categories because so many have been attributed to "C19." The unprecedented broad definition of "C19" death has created huge fraud in "Covid death" counts;

7) Another way they inflated death counts was through hospital admissions and faulty PCR testing. This caused a huge spike in iatrogenic deaths caused by misattribution of "Covid" to incoming patients and the ensuing improper treatments applied e.g. ventilators, remdesivir and associated fentanyl dosages which killed thousands.

So for example if one came in with a coronary condition you would be given a "Covid test" no matter what- all admissions required this- and then if you died while in the hospital you could have been listed as a "Covid death." This happened frequently through the year.

The practice of PCR-testing hospital admissions who are asymptomatic for Covid using high Ct values undoubtedly caused deaths and unnecessary suffering.

This matters for several reasons. A pneumonia patient e.g. has a very good chance of surviving with correct support. However, if the patient tests ‘+’ for the non-existent pathogen an entirely different medical protocol goes into action and with this and there is little chance of survival.

The 'diagnosis' of "Covid" effectively permits dangerous protocols to be enacted that then increase the chance of mortality.

With regard to adoption of a new RT-PCR protocol for hospital admissions this also falsely manufactured death statistics for "Covid." Add to this how it was incentivized-$$$$$ while hospitals are under extreme financial duress. The US hospital system had it's worst financial quarter on record in the middle of a "pandemic." Administrators were under pressure to alleviate that financial pain and exploit all openings in the CARES Act.

None of this is accidental.

8) Lockdown impacts- too numerous to cite here.

In short whatever "excess deaths" which may have occurred anywhere can be attributed to people who didn't have to die but were KILLED due to the unnecessary use of ventilators, harsh toxic drugs, people dying prematurely do to lack of medical treatment, ill effects from the lockdowns and so on.

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The hardest part of "two weeks to flatten the curve" is the first 24 months...

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Once again, many thanks Good Citizen for a lot of information in an easy to read (and digest) format. Greatly appreciated.

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In the future many of us will only get medicine on the black market. By choice. Licenses are meaningless if the doctors only harm.

So far I've not been rejected for being unjabbed but the thought that doctors would knowingly put people on Remdesivir and ventilators scares me. I'd love to find alternatives and not just for the Fauci Flu.

I see a doctor working for the Mayo Clinic laughing demonically at how he longs to see "unvaxxed" people dying on ventilators and it gives him an erotic thrill to see think of them die. Uh...who wants this sociopath to be in charge of their health? He sounds like a serial killer. Even if you're jabbed he has such contempt for human life and may get mad at you for not being vegan or practicing a religion he hates. Scary weirdos.

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The UK figure is even less than that, 6,183 people died SOLELY of COVID-19. These are official figures in my article below.


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Please watch, then share!

Sen. Johnson Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates


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"Killing for profit was never easier", and the killers don't even need to dispose of the bodies.

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Got to get the population down to a level that the globalist's new technocratic system will be able to reliably manage. We're still nowhere near their target range.

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"The purpose of todays practice of medicine is not to cure you, it's keeping you healthy enough so that you won't die, but sick enough to get you to keep you coming back."

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Late to this party, sorry. Your usual excellence. I was working on something related using the CDC's own data. Since the results do have some tie-in and confirmation of your general claims, please let me share. My data dashboard here: https://rpubs.com/Thom_JH/Covid_Relative_Risk

Let's compare year 2021 (year of vax, Fauci as Pharaoh, and so on) to year 2020 (no vaccines yet).

Some highlights from the data -- the CDC data.

1. In no uncertain terms, the USA failed to reduce the relative risk of Covid morbidity for the vast majority of its citizen and residents. In fact, for vast majority of people, relative risk doubled: people were twice as likely to Die with Covid in 2021 than in 2020. (Relative risk -- not absolute count).

Like, we went backwards not forwards.

2. In 2021, for biological females in the Age Ranges 0-17, 18-29, and 30-39, the Relative Risk of "Dying with Covid" was 2.5 times or greater compared with 2020 as a baseline. So biological females in these age ranges were 2.5 times MORE likely to die with Covid. To express that in percentages: 278%, 256%, and 259% respectively. (Again, Relative risk -- not absolute count).

This is NOT a joke. No. This is NOT a hoax. You can download the data. You can have complete access to my code for analysis here: https://github.com/Thom-J-H/Covid2021vs2020

This is just crazy. Billions of dollars spent. Livelihoods and lives destroyed. And NO progress made. In fact, we went backwards. According to the CDC data.

Go ahead. Check my work. Replicate the results. It's simple math. My overly verbose post on it here: https://americanexile.substack.com/p/you-had-a-higher-relative-risk-of

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How nice of them to be looking out for us like this! Not.

Here is a fun exercise. Open your dictionary and look up the word ‘hospital.’ I use Websters'. Now consider closely the first root of the word, ‘hos-.’ Look up and down the page to see how many words are prefixed with ‘hos-.’ Find ‘hospice’ and trace its sister ‘hos-‘words all the way to ‘host.’ Skip over Hosta, a popular herbaceous perennial, and jump next to ‘hostage,’ ‘hostel,’ ‘hosteler,’ ‘hosteiry,’ and ‘hostess.’ Next you’ll see ‘hostile,’ ‘hostility’ and ‘hostier,’ a horse tender attached to an Inn, a synonym for ‘hostel,’ another ‘hos’-word. And if you are intrigued, browse the words starting with ‘hos-‘s contracted analog, ‘ho-‘ followed, always by a ‘t’, as in ‘Hotel.’ It’s just ‘Hostel’ without the ‘s’ (a contraction designated by the circumflex placed over the ‘o’ in European languages).

‘Hos-‘ is clearly a loaded root. But what does it mean? The root connotes a dormitory of all sorts. It could be anything from a ranch barracks to an upscale sanitarium. But there’s more. Something of its campuses' purposes and intramural tactics is implied in the root, too. Its campuses always detain, constrain, reform or otherwise dispose of their wards inside of architectural enclosures. And its personnel dispense ‘hostly’ therapeutics to their wards that we call ‘hospitality.”

Now it’s about to get fun. ‘Hospitality,’ the product of hospice, hostelry and hosting is cleverly left undefined and morally neutral. Hospitality may be punishing, entertaining, educational, or surgical and medical and ultimately murderous. These are the identifying traits of ‘hos-’ places and the people who inhabit them.

It, the root, doesn’t have a soul and does not care what practices its practitioners perform under its mantel. Hospitality can be cruel or kind, soft or hard, strict or forbearing, and all of them sometimes in the same day. And this gray definition invites abuses of the brand by schucksters, film makers and politicians, of course.

I’ll leave this soon because it is getting a little long, but, for a comparative analysis of Hospitality’s double edge let me suggest two movies to you. The first is Tarantino’s horrific reboot of the ‘Hostel’ franchise. In it one man’s hospital is another man’s abattoir. One teenager’s horror is another man’s delights. And Tarantino folds Niceness into Sadism seamlessly, with Hospitality lending cover equally to both.

And the other movie is Darren Arronofsky’s wrenching ‘Mother!’ In this sleeper gem, Jenifer Lawrence’s character battles to host her husband, Xavier Bardum’s mob of idolaters, while his solicitous encouragement of them destroys her artful home, manhandle her pregnant body and gruesomely sacrifice her newborn infant. All out of duty to home, hearth and husband! 'Hos-!'

BTW, ‘Mother!’ is a good allegory for America’s immigration debate, too. Highly recommended to Forest Man, to help him find his way up.


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The Watchmanjust now

Another excellent article. Kudos! Will be linking today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Thank you.

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This whole "from covid vs with covid" meme is false on its face. The "from covid" figures are pulled from thin air just as the "with covid" figures are because the "test for covid" is incapable of identifying "covid" in a living host. If that test was actually capable of identifying the virus, no specimen of the virus was used in creating the test anyway.

The actual number of proven cases and/or deaths both "from covid and with covid" is still zero. If they can get you to ask the wrong questions...

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