OMG, Thank you so much!!! I was going to be depressed for the rest of the day after seeing that video. The happy ending saved me 😚😚😚

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You are most welcome.

I hate such awful injustice, so I desperately wanted there to be an "animal rescued" or "abuser punished" ending.

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Me too!!! Literally in tears and sick to my stomach💔💔💔

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!st reaction: Good title for a C&W summer hummer: "Dumped Like a Three-legged Dawg"

2nd: "Phew. I got a lift and something smells good. Glad I got away from that crazy bitch!"

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Thank you for posting this, that hurt my heart to see. What a relief! 🙏❤️

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Oof. That video hits hard.

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Indeed it does. I sure hope that bitch who treated that helpless dog like that gets what she deserves. P.O.S.🤬

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I would hope that the video makes that evil bitch recognisable enough to be visited by a few angry......


Some people deserve all the harm that comes their way.

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Hope that cunt got hers.

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The IRS agent meme is a masterpiece, did you craft it?

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Added the badge and gun to another's masterful meme art.

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So everyone knows the Nature and Basis of the Federal income tax, I will break it down in a "keep it simple sweetheart" manner.

Nature and Basis of the Federal Income Tax

The 16th amendment re-initiated the Federal income tax from whatever source derived in the Internal Revenue act of 1913, after 31 years of dormancy. It authorized the Federal income tax from whatever source derived to be an indirect excise tax, as the supreme Court affirmed in its landmark case Brushaber v. Union Pacific R. Co., 240 U.S. 1 (1916). If the 16th amendment had authorized a Federal income tax as a direct tax without apportionment among the several States, the 16th amendment would be unconstitutional. Therefore, since it is constitutional, as per the supreme Court, the 16th amendment authorized the Federal income tax as an indirect excise tax. Further, a Federal indirect excise tax requires commercial activity involving Congresses’ list of specific goods/commodities it has determined to be subject to a Federal excise tax. For this reason the IRS definitions of taxpayer, found at 26 U.S.C §7701(a)(14), 68A Stat 911 & 26 U.S.C. §1313(b), 68A Stat 339, are accurate. A taxpayer is any person subject to any applicable internal revenue law. Therefore, according to the IRS’ own definition of taxpayer, one must be subject to an applicable internal revenue law, and that subjectivity regarding Federal indirect excise taxes requires commercial activity involving Congresses’ list of specific goods/commodities that Congress has deemed subject to a Federal excise tax. It is that simple.

Therefore, the two questions one wants to have the IRS answer are:

1) Am I on the IRS list of taxpayers

2) If I am, how did I get there, i.e. what commercial activity am I engaged in that is on Congresses' list of goods/commodities subject to a Federal excise tax and off course where can I get a copy of Congresses' list so I can check for myself?

Oh! by the way, "human labor" cannot be on Congresses' list because as per 15 U.S.C. section 17, 38 Stat 731 "human labor" cannot be a commodity /article of commerce.

The answers to these questions will eliminate 90 percent of everyone who pays income taxes today.


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Awesome stuff. Thanks Dean.

Also more at 'The law that never was'....


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Interesting. I’ve always thought the 16th violated both 4 & 5 of the Bill of Rights.

While “human labor” cannot be subject to an excise tax, per section you state, what about the product of the labor? Is this how the IRS gets around openly robbing everybody?

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The 16th amendment did not create a new way for Congress to tax. The Constitution allows for Congress to lay and collect both DIRECT and INDIRECT taxes. The very first Internal Revenue Act was in 1861; however, it was a DIRECT tax and the difficulty administering that was too complex for the government; therefore, Congress in 1862 changed the Internal Revenue Acts that followed to be based upon an INDIRECT excise tax, which to this day remains as such, and which automatically requires commercial activity involving specific goods/commodities that Congress has deemed subject to a Federal excise tax because that is the very NATURE of excise taxation. If one is not commercially involved with producing income from Congresses' particular goods/commodities on its list, one is not a Federal income taxpayer, end of story. THIS IS NOT OPINION, IT IS THE VERY NATURE OF EXICE TAXES.

Therefore, the fruits of your labor have nothing to do with the requirements for the IRS to impose a Federal excise tax. As stated above, if you are not commercially involved with the very specific goods/commodities Congress has deemed subject to a Federal excise tax you are not a Federal income taxpayer.

PS: As of January 1, 1872 Congress abandoned the Federal income tax from whatever source derived until the Internal Revenue Act of 1913, passed 7 months after the 16th amendment was supposedly ratified (it matters not whether it was properly ratified or not) and further, to this day the IRS has cleverly omitted revealing the NATURE of its Federal income tax, and over the years has deceived most into believing exactly what you stated, that the fruits of one's labor is taxable, when they are not unless you are commercially involved with Congresses' list of specific goods/commodities.

As i stated yesterday, IT IS THAT SIMPLE . I will include my piece on Income Taxes I wrote in 1996.

Income Taxes

The right for our Congress to lay and collect taxes

Is not found in the overly popular 16th Amendment

But rather in our very own Constitution's Article 1

And since this is true

And Constitutionally approved

Why should anyone be complaining

About any income taxes that are due?

But what is this distinctive feeling of distraught

That almost everybody's got

Of being victimized by some deceptive, scheming plot?

What exactly is all wrong

About what appears to be all right?

What important information

Has not been brought into thee light?

Well here it is, and here we go

Because it's time you found out

What they already know.

If you read Article 1 really slow

You'll notice the word "income" never shows

And that is the very first clue

That you really need to use

To get this whole thing clearly sorted out

So the question now becomes

What is this thing called "income"

That the IRS is constantly talking about

And to answer this question we need to go back

To the Constitution's governing rules

Regarding Congress' power to tax

There are two great classes of taxation

Referenced in Article 1

They are direct and indirect

And both have very specific rules

To determine how each one is lawfully run

But first let's understand the difference between them

So our job can be properly done

A direct tax is one which is laid

Upon a person or property

An indirect is one which is laid

Upon a revenue taxable activity or event

And the misapplication of this by the IRS

Says that extortion is the direction it's bent

Direct taxes are governed

By the rules of apportionment

Among the several States

Indirect by the rules of uniformity

Applied to a taxable event

And so at this point

We have both established and defined

Based upon Article 1

The existence and difference

Between direct and indirect

To the clarity of everyone

So now we need to determine

Where the "income" tax should be placed

Is it direct?

Or is it indirect?

The answer is right in our face

Read the 16th Amendment

And listen closely to its words

It was written to permanently prevent

The income tax as we know it

From ever being categorized as direct

Which means it is bound by the rules of indirect

Which automatically force it to be based

Upon a taxable activity or event

And the income/gain/profit

Becomes nothing more than a yardstick

for calculating the financial dent

So what are these taxable activities

Upon which income tax must be based?

Well, alcohol, tobacco and firearms

Are easy ones to trace

But this is not the main issue

In the American working man's case

Because a review of supreme Court cases

Combined with some common sense

Would leave one in aa comfortable position

To be able to absolutely state

That exercising the "enjoyment of a Right"

Can never be imposed with aa charge

Under the guise of a taxable event

If it is lawful, innocent and harmless

Regardless of the income it creates.

Now to become your lawyer-at-arms

Is certainly not my intent

And the treachery involved with this deception

Could very easily leave one hell-bent

This piece was written to give you a picture

Of the situation we're all in

And it is up to each and everyone of you

To protect your earned dollars and cents

Because commercial slavery/peonage

In its most clever form

Is precisely their focused intent

And if you wish to have any chance

To stop their forward advance

Against what's left of your freedom today

You had better get up off your knees

And start learning what it is that you need

To prevent them from continuing to bleed

Your lives anymore in this way.


PS: I have come a long way regarding the pre December 1, 1873 self-authenticating competent Law relative to this matter since 1996 and that Law is not expressed in this piece; however, that law states what I stated yesterday and in this reply. NO COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY INVOLVING CONGRESS' LIST OF SPECIFIC GOODS/COMMODITIES---NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX LIABILITY, END OF STORY!!

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Well, the car is the USA. The black dog represents the gringo's.

AND Germany is the white dog!


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That is so wrong 😭😭😭

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Eventually, people who are being abused either decide to fight back or they just go away. The decision on which is the better option is made based on a calculation of how likely they are to beat the abuser in a fight.

In my estimation, the American people are going to go away instead of fighting. Not because they are afraid of a fight but because they see they cant win it.

The psychopaths will be left ruling a bunch of unproductive idiots.

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They've been made to falsely believe they can't win it, so they won't even try.

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That's right. I believe we can stop the madness but we can't at the moment because there are too many who want to pretend things are just fine. How do we wake the delusional?

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It’s not delusion. It’s apathy. A far tougher nut to crack.

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Time and numbers. We have almost unlimited quantities of both. If we realized it and had the courage to say ‘I’m not doin’ that’ to the evil ruling class, we’d be unbeatable.

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When are people going to realize that the number one problem in the world , and ALWAYS has been is-----Dumbed down obedient order followers / weak people who lack courage and just do as their told on command ----I will debate ANYONE/ANYTIME on this and every argument to the contrary will be demolished by me, who is MUCH SMARTER than you about how the world really works

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They’ve been made to not give a shit.

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Or have we been fooled into thinking they don't give a shit? Everyone wants freedom. Everyone wants to know that their children will be safe to grow and thrive. They behave as if they don't care because they have been presented with a narrative that has prepared them for this moment, by those that already knew the truth would be presented by the insightful few. They knew this would happen and primed the less lateral minded for a response. They are soldiers who have been prepped for war armed with the WORD. Insults fly like bullets, idioms for missiles, lies/propaganda lay waste like bombs.

It's a game of Chess but only one side has been thinking ahead. And they have a plan laid out right to check.

It really isn't anything new. This game is all too familiar from our beloved int. agencies. They arrange coups for breakfast, using exactly the same principals. Misinformation spewed on both sides to create overnight adversaries who before it happened, hadn't even heard of their enemies.

I like to think that there are more and more people realizing this every day. But it surprises me that even major complicit publications sometimes lay bare the deception, lies of a US intell-led coup in a foreign country that resulted in needless death and bloodshed, and many readers will thumb through it over their Saturday coffee like it was describing the plot of a blockbuster Hollywood film written to entertain them before heading down-town for lunch! Not a second thought as to the horrible reality they have just been made privy to. Such is the conceit of the globalist, and the apathy of the masses. Maybe you are right @Amuzed_Traveler....

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Most Americans don’t actually owe any taxes.




Spend a little time reading the definitions and you’ll begin to see the deception.

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Wow! Some truth-drops there. Good work :)

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Politicians are bad boyfriends/girlfriends.

People go into relationships with the best of intentions and give others the benefit of the doubt. Then, after a period of time, the new boyfriend/girlfriend starts doing things you don't like. And then more things you don't like. Finally, you have to break up.

Politicians are the same way. We believe them when we elect them (honeymoon phase) and are shocked when the lie to us. Unfortunately, we end up metaphorically marrying many of them, because once you're elected, you have the job for life in many cases.

The American public is not the same as the american political system. Aka "taxation without representation."

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That dog is going to make some homeless person really happy, and some homeless person is gonna make that dog really happy. Or dinner.

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I concluded some beers ago, that this is all about money; and that the departure from a hard currency standard will eventually lead to this.

The Parasites class did not gain their power honestly - it was made possible via fiat.

And so, once this was allowed our fate was sealed ... and here also lies our solution - a return to the hard currency standard never to allow anything else. Ever.

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Oof is right. If I ever see someone abandon a dog or any other animal like that, I would take that animal in as my own. Then I would go out and find that person who abandoned that poor creature and claw their throat away and ask them how it feels as I watch that person of evil rabidness bleed out. No regrets.

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Hahaha - brutal justice! May I suggest you avoid many countries such as Vietnam....?

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I will try my hardest, but I cannot make any promises.

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That pisses me the fuck off for many reasons.

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Are you in PV?

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This video depicts our lives in the not too distant future:


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