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To Be, Or Not To Be Human?

What does this question even mean after the last two years?

All decisions affecting humans are moral ones. Every human situation is unique and uniqueness has to do with personal history, consciousness, memory, intention, all that is not explicit — all the experience and understanding gained through and stored in the body. All that makes us specifically humans, not machines. While machines, so it is claimed are getting more like humans, humans are getting more like machines.

— Dr. Iain McGilchrest

In a global war on humanity, the central question of those who recognize themselves as targets of the transhumanist belligerents in power must always be: why is humanity unique, special, and worth preserving against this assault?

It seems redundant to those who comprehend the profound implications of biotechnological experimentation on our species and reject it with every fiber of their human being.

However, this fundamental question is not considered by the transhuman fetishists that have appointed themselves sole arbiters of humanity’s future with the power, means, and psychopathy to experiment on their human subjects how and when they desire.

Six months ago I compiled a review of all the Eugenics and Malthusian events from the last century, with some speculation as to the actual scientific purpose of the “vaccines” since they clearly have no deliberate intent as a health intervention or medicine.

It’s evident we have to presume beyond any doubt now there is a multi-use technological and police-state objective related to controlling human subjects. Those who aren’t riddled with health issues from these shots that lead to slow or sudden death are being experimented on for some future goal related to networking populations or tracking and identifying them, perhaps simply seeing how these nanoparticles affect human biology and what adjustments need to be made for a biotechnological merging.


All of this Science Fiction conjecture regarding vaccines has left me to ponder with greater focus a recent series started by Winston Smith of Escaping Mass Psychosis on the related topics of genetics, human evolution, and intelligent design.

Are these “vaccines” the evil experiments of psychopaths, or simply part of a predetermined design agenda for our species that must be masked under the guise of health and medicine? It does seem more like the former than anything intelligently planned given all that has occurred, but his series does lead to some interesting questions about exactly what it means to be human and how little we may actually know about ourselves.

Escaping Mass Psychosis
A Strong Delusion 1.2
In our first post in this first section of this series, we touched on the very complicated genome and the improbability that such a complicated information system could have just happened randomly. …
Read more

For those Good Citizens out there who were coerced or succumbed to pressure or just didn’t know better at the time and got these shots, look into the detoxification protocols out there involving (CDS) Chlorine Dioxide Solutions, vitamins, herbs, and other natural remedies and practices to rid your body of these toxins.

COMUSAV: World Health and Life Coalition (Protocols)

COMUSAV: Extended Protocols (Spanish Only for now - use translator)

FLCCC Alliance also has a list of protocols for detoxification at different points post-injection.

Watch the COMUSAV Documentary Bluetruth

Watch Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s speech on the threat of AI and what makes humans special.

Once again, the man, the legend, Dr. Michael Yeadon…

… I think the evidence is very strong from independent researchers, that there never was a viral pandemic with a novel pathogen.

The deaths that we saw were medical malpractice at best and murder at worst.

Basically, we were lied to from the beginning. I don’t believe this has been a novel cause of illness and death other than our governments’ responses to the fake pandemic.

More @ Exposing The Darkness…

Exposing The Darkness
Dr. Michael Yeadon: “If I Perish Attempting To Avert This It Will Be Fine. It’s About My Children and Grandchildren”
Exposing The Darkness is a reader-supported publication. To support my work, please consider becoming a paid subscriber. One-time or recurring donations can be made through Ko-Fi: … I think the evidence is very strong from independent researchers, that…
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