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Watching the riders wear masks during outdoor interviews is the epitome of lunacy unchecked.

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It could be any number of things. The sky's the limit really. The one and only thing we know with absolute certainty is that it isn't the jabs.

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Did you see the video of climate change protestors blocking the Tour de Farce race course and then getting run over? One farce on top of another, just like the recent NBC news headline: "A study found that 42% of people with regular menstrual cycles said they bled more heavily than usual after their Covid vaccination."

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Why would Vladimir Putin do this?

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its obviously pollution, i expect mainly from all the bullshit flying around

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To T. Goode,

Your Pieces always stimulate thought within me. Great Writers always do that. It's a sign post for me.

With that said, I want to vent, just a bit. It's about the tragedy of post-vaxx symptomatology & their choice.


I would never make light of anyone's symptoms post-vaxx.

But we are, where we are.

I have a long-time friend of 30 years. 69 years old. Smart guy. Teacher. I told him CONTINUOUSLY about Jon's Reportage on all-things-Covid.

If memory serves, 1 day or a few days after Fauci was announced King of Procedures, Jon wrote A LIGHTENING SCATHING Piece on Fauci.

I held him down (figuratively) & read it to him.

5 minutes in, looking at him, he was shaking his head "no" at certain statements of Jon.

He said, "It [Jon's Piece] was over-the-top. He couldn't believe it."

I told him, sans arguing with him, respecting he must decide for himself, that if it were me, I wouldn't take the shot, or at least, stall as long as he could.

He replied, "No, I want to get back in the classroom, they won't let me in without it, plus I don't want to wait in the long vaxx lines."

So, he immediately signed up & got 2 Modernas'.

His school was on full lockdown. Both labs & lectures were being taught online.

He hated it. He teaches a science class. He said he 'could' teach lecture, tho' not favoring it, but the lab portion was unteachable & untestable, online-wise.

He was frustrated.

School issued statement that labs would be opening up in 6 months to 1 year. But if they wanted to teach, they MUST be vaxxers, no exceptions.

Because he likes teaching, he chose vaxx.

1st shot symptoms, pain at injection site.

2nd shot, 4 weeks later, resulted in him laying on the couch for 6 weeks.

He was an active guy.

He's suffering mental symptoms best described this way.

He cannot answer a simple question.


These are not the actual questions, but they are the same quality, etc.

Me: M

Him: H

M: Do you want to get a hot dog or hamburger?

H: I bought a package of hot dogs a few weeks ago, I think they're in the refrigerator.

M: You said you have a dentist appointment on Thursday, do you need a ride?

H: Well, I had a cleaning about a year ago.

M: Do you spell "tired" with an "i" or a "y"?

H: I've been tired lately.

I've pointed out to him REPEATEDLY that he's not listening to me. I explain to him, it's a simple yes or no question or a single answer question.

I AM SURE, that all Coviders, will surmise, & testify, with the greatest of vigor, that he is/was, on the sunrise, of his nascent Alzheimer's.

I don't believe it.

"THEY" have an already built defense, regarding upper center (brain) dysfunction.

Blame it on Alzheimer.


I feel bad for everyone having post-vaxx symptoms, especially healthy athletes.


I am sure there are many 'reasonable' answers.

It's frustrating.

It's sad.

It's a pity.

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“I see you haven’t received your fourth booster monsieur. What is zee problem?”

Only the fourth booster? My God, keep those lepers away from me!

Imagine not gigavaxxing in 2022.

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All you can do is cringe when witnessing such gullibility. Tragic that their naivete has resulted in profound physical harm.

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I swear they are putting something in the air. I have a 25yo friend that is an unvaccinated fit and healthy climber. He has a terrible cold and not COVID. People never used to get colds in the summer. Especially not bad ones. What the hell is this?

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As Always.

Great Call on The Maps !

& U.N. Predictive Traps.





But he stuck the landing !!!

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"We talk a lot about the covid, but there may be something else."

The price is too high to state the obvious, especially to the institution holding society hostage.

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So sad. I wonder if Victor Lafay suspects the injection but does not say so.

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It's heartbreakingly sad that this has happened to so many people, and also incredibly disturbing that they're forced to avoid mentioning possible COVID-19 vaccine involvement, or worse they actually haven't even considered such a link at all.

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Thinking, thinking... what could it be? Oh my how some dots - no matter how OBVIOUS - are just impossible to connect for some.

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What has been done to these finely tuned athletes is absolutely criminal. Bourla, et.al. should be drawn and quartered.

Then again, LaFay had the option of standing on principles (I'm assuming he has them) and refusing like the tennis pro. Principles are anathema to the criminal creeps like Bourla, Fauci, Biden, Gates and all the rest of the rectum orifices.

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