Thank you for providing a transcript. Reading takes less time than listening. Which I think is interesting. Reading seems to be "old-fashioned". People are being conditioned to listen and watch something whether its mainstream news media or podcasts or radio. Has there been any studies on the difference in comprehension of reading vs. listening and watching? As to culture, in 1979 when I bought my first car, I paid as much for it (900$) as some people pay for a cell phone. I lived in a rural area and a car was necessary for a teenager to have a social life. I couldn't afford a muscle car or to build one (76 Vega) but it got me to town where I could hang out with my friends. Thus all my friends could not wait to turn 16 and get a drivers license. No license, no car, no social life. Hard to date girls without a car. Fast forward to today and I have multiple nieces and nephews- in their 20's- that have yet to get a driver's license. They don't need a car because their social life is on their phone or on the multi-player video game. I just turned 60 the other day. I have a solid 40 years of adult experience and an overall 50-55 years of awareness. So this is my question, particularly for Americans but you could ask this of all humanity; do we have or experience more freedom today or less freedom? Do we even know what freedom is anymore? I did not have a cell phone until 1999 when my wife became pregnant with my son and insisted I get one. I used a 3G Tracfone until 2020 I think when my wife and son bought me a used Iphone 6. I know what live was like before cell phones, DVDs,VCRs,remote control for TVs etc. My grandparents knew life without cars,household electricity,landline telephones,indoor plumbing,radios or television,air travel or rocketships to the moon. Who has or had a better quality of life?

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Dr. Robson is correct in his assessment of how and what "smartphones" are doing, especially to the the young minds. I am very curious to know how he is teaching and having a positive effect on his own 14 year old daughter. He acknowledges that she is sucked into this game. It could be helpful to other parents and adults around children if we knew some words, explanations, tecniques to help break the spell.

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Nice work, GS! You actually sound credible 😉.

Seriously, looking forward to parts 2 and 3.

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A number of years ago now, when my daughter was attending a state high school, the principal was one of those fairly illiterate feminist types, so much so I used to edit her newsletter and send it back to her with corrections 🤣 One such newsletter boasted of how they’d received a grant for laptops for every student, ensuring (and I quote) ‘students could become productive 21st century global citizens’. Needless to say I cracked it, sending her a lengthy email on all manner of subjects, including the point that a laptop was merely a tool and should be treated as such. Well, gone are the days of people thinking that way, smartphones having replaced the laptop to a large degree and become an extension of the human being (intentionally of course). What that illiterate principal said was true - technology IS what defines the ‘productive 21st century global citizen’ in a technocracy. Great listen GC and Prof. Robson. I look forward to Episode 2.

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Shared with my 17 year old son who has been giving serious thought into what he wants to study in college. He is mechanically inclined but could also go to the academic side so who knows.

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Fascinating! This is mostly all new to me, so I appreciate learning about the history of technocracy, and all its tentacles through time. Kind of threw me into my ever-looming existential crisis mode and wondering why we aren't all just living hedonistically at this point. But then my tool-controlled kids started fighting over an old school balloon, and then the dog got it. That didn't cure my desire for a hedonistic life, but I am very much looking forward to the next episode.

Oh, and as another fan said, thank you for the transcript. I'm a mind-drifter for audiobooks and podcasts, especially those with a meaty subject matter, so viewing the written transcript along with the audio was perfect.

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Great podcast. Chock full of sources that I’d love to follow up on in print.

P.S. I always thought Among the Thugs by Bill Bruford was the great tome of hooliganism. I’ll have to check out Prof. Robson’s study.

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Really enjoying this “bleat” .

Congrats on this new feature .

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Great interview and discussion. As a school board director with the mission of policy oversight, I struggle with our administration’s infatuation with digital tools (data management) with the intention of “improved outcomes” without truly defining how to measure them, much less identify markers of success. The intersection of SEL with academic improvement is opaque to me. But, the clearly “sense of belonging” is highest on their target set. But, what the hell are “sense of belonging” or “sense of engagement? When it means different thing to different participants, how is it ever a legitimate data point?

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Good first radio show. Hope you continue to have quality guests. Puts me in mind of the type of radio John B. Wells has on Caravan To Midnight. Linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Excellent interview. It seems to offer little hope for the future. Those of us that understand what’s going on with the NWO, governing by the self elected elite, complete and utter surveillance and “thinning of the herd” will be isolated and (I hate to use the term) killed.

2030 is shortly upon us and so little time to turn things around.

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As General Patton said to his officers on 21st July 1945 we defeated the wrong enemy.

Hitler invaded Poland to stop the Bromberg Massacres of 58,000 Germans in the Danzig Corridor and wanted to end the War once he had satopped it by retreating out of Poland only retaining territory a small part around Danzig that had been German before the land was stolen at Versaille.

He invaded Russia to pre-empt Stalins planned invasion of Europe on 10 July 1941, it was a desperate move to save Europe he was outnumbered 7 to 1 in tanks ,there were 30,000 aircraft 20,000 tanks and 8 million men ready to take Europe from Russia.

Stalins Plan for an invasion of whole Western Europe(on July 10, 1941.): "Operation Thunderstorm". It can be found in the so-called "Osobaya Papka", a file which contains about 100,000 Top Secret documents. In this file it is document Nr.103202/06. The paper is signed by Marshal Semyon Timoshenko and the chief of the General Staff at that time Merezkov. It is dated 18 September 1940, three months before the German "Operation Barbarossa" was signed. After Georgy Zhukov became chief of the general staff in February 1941, the plan was called MP 41 (Mobilisatsyonni Plan 41). Bunich points to the Russian military archives, where it can be found (ZAMO, f. 15A, op.2154, d.4,l. 199-287). This document contains information about the Soviet military power in June 1941: 300 divisions, 8 million soldiers, 27,500 tanks, 32,628 airplanes.


Well you need to get your history right before you do anything else. no doubt you will ignore my comment because its the truth.China and all Communist countries were created and are still run by the same international bankers that control the West.There was no Holocaust ,but 12 Million Germans were deliberatley killed by the AL-Lies after WW2 listen to James Bacque.

Other Losses: Eisenhower's Death Camps - A Film by James Bacque


Redcross report on the camps in Germany in WW2, there were none in the camps after the War when the Germans were slaughtered or in the Gulags of Russia, Red Cross was not allowed only Hitler allowed the Red Cross to be observers.1600 page report read it.


The 271,000 deaths in the Camps was caused by the Allies obliterating Germany,machine gunning men women and children by fighters etc. on sight.Such that the Germans could not feed themselves never mind the Camp inmates.The Germans never shot any civilians as did all the Allies.The British machine gunned 10,000s of civilians that were not even German.


Tens of thousands of middle-European peoples, displaced by the war who fell into British hands were treated even worse in British controlled Austria and Yugoslavia. There, Britain and the NKVD ran the concentration camps jointly. The latter, forerunners to the evil KGB, were invited to assist the British in the capture and corralling, deportation and slaughter of their captives.

One British officer described how “The prisoners (civilians) were treated coarsely but not brutally. They were pushed and shoved but there was no resistance, no fighting or trying to get back or get away. They were all completely docile, resigned to their fate. The soldiers collected them all quickly into groups and marched them away to be machine-gunned in groups.’

The British officer added, ‘some of them didn’t get very far I’m afraid. At the back of the station there was a wood, a copse, and they seemed to be marched behind this copse. Shortly afterwards there were quite a number of sustained bursts of machine-gun fire. I can’t say for certain what happened, because I couldn’t see the shooting. But I am pretty sure that a lot of them were shot there and then, not on the siding itself but just around the corner of the wood.”

This is typical of many accounts when units of the British Army working with Red Army NKVD officers, hunted down and butchered tens of thousands of Cossack civilian refugees including children in Austria, in summer, 1945 after the war had ended.


And the Bleiburg Massacre the British were responsible for 700,000 deaths.


Auschwitz was visited monthly by International Red Cross inspection teams who were allowed to speak to prisoner representatives alone, in order to hear first-hand of any mistreatment, chicanery, interruption of mail and parcel delivery, health concerns, food and ration matters etc.


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After listening to the GC Radio Bleat, I can assure you that TPTB consider we "human beings" as THINGS. Most all definitions of PERSON in most all U.S. Statutory Codes define the word PERSON as including ARTIFICIAL ENTITIES, such as corporations, partnerships, etc., etc., etc., and further, under 1 U.S.C. § 8(a) we find the following:

(a) "In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the words “person”, “human being”, “child”, and “individual”, shall include every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development."

What the above says in effect is:

"human beings" are legally regarded as "persons" as well as the artful word "individuals" and further, the words "persons" and "individuals", as stated above, in most all U.S. Statutory Codes include ARTIFICIAL ENTITIES.

Therefore, we. "human beings" are not only regarded as THINGS, we are treated as THINGS, i.e. specifically, as THEIR PROPERTY. I believe some folks call this SLAVERY!



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Yep, business classes, I agree. He actually grew up helping me with several business I started on the 5 acres we owned years ago. I was selling goat milk for $ 10 a gallon😄, then soap for $ 5 a bar and also sold the young bucks and mean goats to my Hispanic neighbors for excellent profits. Now I sell burial plots and cemetery services,,..easier than farming .

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"Humans are a virus."

A core idea of German Nazi ideology was Disease and the need

to eradicate the cause of The Disease from society...

Very, very little attention to this has ever been given in the innumerable

docos about the Nazis...had it been so, maybe the equating 'anti-vaxxers'

with disease spreading would not have been as effective...

Many would have seen how the assertion was straight out of Nazi propaganda...

A few months ago a Canadian substacker 'promoted' the expression

'Viral Communism' - i was struck by how the wedding of the two words

would have been at home in Nazi propaganda...

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What's a "Human Being"?

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