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Virtually Lost: Human Beings or Things?

Virtually Lost: Human Beings or Things?

Good Citizen Radio Bleats (GCRB #1)

Men have become the tools of their tools.

Henry David Thoreau

Professor Garry Robson joins Good Citizen Radio Bleats to discuss his new book Virtually Lost: Young Americans In the Digital Technocracy.

Professor Garry Robson (dr hab., doktor habilitowany) is a Professor of Sociology and Cultural Studies at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland.

Recently he organized the first ever academic conference on the subject of Technocracy—specifically digital technocracy. If you find that as hard to believe as I did, I think it says everything one needs to know about the present state of Western academia, and who owns and controls the “experts.”

He is the author of numerous academic articles and books including the first ethnographic tomb of Football Hooliganism. It focuses on his home club fans, the badest, meanest, roughest, and original hooligans of South London club Millwall, Lions—No One Likes Us We Don’t Care: The Myth and Reality of Millwall Fandom.

He has also co-authored numerous fiction books with his brother Roy. If hard-boiled crime fiction is your genre check out their Inspector Hawkins London Large six-book series on Amazon.

Full Disclosure: Prof. Robson was my graduate advisor and Ph.D. supervisor. He’s a friend whom I privately refer to as my red pill guru.

He was scheduled to appear on Michael Rectenwald’s podcast a few weeks ago until Rectenwald announced his candidacy as the Libertarian candidate for the 2024 Presidential election and canceled his future podcast episodes.

If you find value in this conversation and believe others will as well, please share it widely.



Intro 0:00-1:34m
Plandemic Arrives (Urgency To Finish Book) 1:34-5:45
Technocracy Definition 5:45-7:30
Early Technocracy (A Brief History) 7:30-10:20
Modern Technocracy & The Managerial State 10:20-12:05
Gilded Age: Rockefeller, Taylorism, & Technocracy Inc. 12:05-21:15
David Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome 21:15-23:02
Billionaire’s Revolt (Population Control) 23:02-27:32
Humans Are The Virus (Climate & Pandemic Scams) 27:32-30:52
Programming Youth (Catastrophizing Climate) 30:52-35:30
Weaponizing Youth (Emotional Manipulation via phone “zone”) 35:30-41:53
Heidegger (Humans as Beings or Things?) 41:53-45:25
Ellul (Technol. Society-Humans assimilate to the system) 45:25-48:43

In the second episode, Professor Robson and I continue our conversation on weaponizing science, information, and technology against society, particularly children in the classroom through techno-social-emotional “learning” that is politically motivated and goes far beyond the new “woke” religion. Prof. Robson and I also attempt our best Klaus Schwab impressions and I tell a personal story about the good professor, his teenage daughter, and what he did when she snuck her smartphone along for a family hike one Sunday a decade ago. This episode will be uploaded to my X account next week two days before uploading here. Follow @MuyMachoGrande on X to continue listening to this radio bleat for free before it hits Substack.

In the third episode of Radio Bleats called “The Spigot” Professor Robson and I will be discussing some reasons why popular music turned…terrible, around the turn of the century, as if for decades great music flowed through the cultural pipes until it was as though a spigot was turned off and it all just suddenly ended. You can read some of my preliminary thoughts on The Spigot before our conversation in an essay I will publish early next week.

Thanks for listening and sharing.

Professor Robson with Alex Thomson at the Chișinău Forum 2023.

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