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Misinformation, lies, and propaganda are so commonplace it’s all part of the Corporate-State regime’s plan to manipulate, control, and distract you while they consolidate power, enhance surveillance, erode liberties, and loot the treasury. In short, corporate-government elites across the west have declared war on their own people and won’t hesitate to terrorize them with fear, propaganda, total surveillance, and medical tyranny. They are expanding now to wars, supply chains, energy grids, and food crises.

Together we will witness how these events shape our lives with a critical eye toward digging for the truth and rebuilding in the aftermath for the future that we want.

In the meantime keep working hard, pay your taxes, mask your children, inject yourselves every few months with experimental toxins and always obey your owners Good Citizen.

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Documenting the deliberate dissemination of propaganda and misinformation for control and manipulation of an intentionally dumbed-down population. Not you, of course.


Dumb and silent we are being led, like sheep to the slaughter.