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You can't even have stand-up comedy any longer unless it's super PC and boring.

But, a non-PC joke of the day:

Q: What do you call the ladies' room with three 'trans-women' in it?

A: The men's room.

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To the tune of "When a Man Loves a Woman"

When a man becomes a woman/

Can't keep his mind on nothin' else/

He traded his johnson/

For the good thing he's found/

If it's there, he can't see it/

He's bound back his dong/

And turn his back on his best friend/

If he calls her him/

When a man becomes a woman/

Spend his very last dime/

Trying to get others to call him a she/

He'd give up all his comforts/

Get implants that cause pain/

Cause he thinks that's the way, it ought to be/

When a man becomes a woman/

Don't be the last to know/

Cause if you use the wrong pronoun/

It will cause you misery/

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Preach it bro! (sorry, am I allowed to us 'bro'?).

I just love "expert in Lesbian Aztecan child sacrifice dance theory" but be careful! You don't want to give them ideas - they could run with this one!

Fortunately I've got one of those oversized Oxford dictionaries (the ones with over 2K pages and you need a magnifier to read it) so my children's children can look up 'woman' and 'female' and see what they were back in the day (along with many other words now on the sacrificial altar of the god of woke).

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Hard times make hard men

Hard men make good times

Good times make weak men

Weak men make hard times.

Guess where we are presently?


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LGBTQWERTY 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Thank-you! --- The rest. 😭😭😭😭😭

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Barmy blighty -see above.

Women who have been raped/assaulted/interfered with are now, in many instances, obliged to refer to the penile perpetrator as 'she'.

NHS wards accommodate patients on the basis of claimed gender, with predictable results.

We also have the various linguistic and clinical contortions enforced for gynaecological screening tests: so, colonoscopy, hysteroscopy and the cervical smear are subject to anatomical challenges.

And STEM subjects are now on the decolonisation to-do list:



Yesterday I had to cry-

My DNA is still XY,

But I proclaim that I'm XX

To hell with facts,

They make me vexed!

We're being turned into a formless, malleable, mindless human soup: all boundaries stripped away, expertise, integrity, common sense, identity, biological determinants, integrity, moral courage, as we emote our way into the blobbosphere.

Presided over by mendacious, righteous, slippery opportunists, who manage by means of nudging and control creepery.

Dissimulate to assimilate.

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Mr. Good Citizen, I am now thoroughly convinced I have a warped sense of humor. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time over a comment - "Just wait until they get Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and that little Swedish Autist who never even went to school to activate the Green Borg to move on beef eating monster truck driving heretics." You just forgot Awwnold "The Climatenator". Great article on all the wokeness "BS"

Linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Eric Peters also had a good article today along the same lines, that I am linking as well. His thesis being that if we accept this "BS", then what is the difference of accepting some old pervert identifying as a 14 year old for his own perverted purposes. Where do you draw your line in the sand?

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Great piece! There's so much truth in humor & satire. You've detailed out with such precision this woke nightmare.

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I really liked this article.I also found it extremely funny . Several times I literally laughed out loud.I shared it with one of my son's he loved it too.

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Oh, the days when you knew the cheaters from the fair & square: Commie women on steroids (any of their women could have bench pressed Lia). Barry, Jose, Sammy and Mark didn’t try to change gender: they were solid, they changed from men to Supermen. Barry didn’t hide his (shrunken) balls; he shared his largess by blasting all those free-for-all collectible balls to the kayakers adrift in the bay. Seriously need to avoid combat with the anabolic alpha while we’re pushing estrogen and xanax for the neurotic undefined.

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shared FB and Gab

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This new "ad" for Jeremy's razors is hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s92UMJNjPIA

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I've been wondering

Don't think Kalousey is into the trans wimanism


What gives S/he the idea to be transwimanity?


Weak link think ? What of it

I dont agree with all your thoughts but since you keep going to my spam spot I feel the need to consider your ideas

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Maajid is here on substack - I've subscribed to see what he has to offer - was very impressed by his interview with Rogan, hopefully his substack will be just as valuable https://maajidnawaz.substack.com/

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Good day to all my comrades here today. So much intelligence in one place - yahoo!!

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Concisely put crux of the matter: “… shift from a concrete shared reality where most can agree on basic facts in society to the desire to make ‘social constructs’ out of foundational topics like race, gender, sex and so forth. All of it designed to divide populations, and make the connective tissue of society and its cultural foundations obsolete so concepts like borders, nationalism or patriotism become racist. Masculinity becomes toxic. Science becomes ideologically flexible. Make it into a religion or cult, with adherents baptized at Universities who then go on to poison governments and corporate HR departments and you have a nice horrid stew of civilizational destruction for the benefit of a technocratic global elite.”

We’re at the precipice or perhaps we’ve gone over. We’re so close in any event that the outcome of the sadistic rape of the enlightenment is a foregone conclusion. The emerging Russo-Chinese axis will provide a tight fisted, techno-dictatorship counterweight as the West implodes within 10-12 years, disappointingly beating the oceans that never quite rose to their potential to the punch. Greta’s tears will console the damned.

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