Your airport vignette stands out in a piece chock full of ideas. The passivity of constant screen time is corrosive on multiple levels. It encourages physical deformity in the postures people adapt to keep those thumbs rolling, and it leaves no time or space for contemplation. With constant, curated input, where will the new art, philosophy and inventions come from?

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To be fair, the problem with email probably has nothing to do with your content. I know a lot about email deliverability and I get very controversial emails inboxed consistently.

The Substack email policies are not going to have high deliverability because that depends upon engagement and many people read the article on email without clicking on the link. Only clicking on the link tells the ISP that your recipient wants the email to be delivered to their inbox.

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What do you mean "I don't believe in God?" Talk to him every day

What do you mean "I don't support your system?" I go to court when I have to

And what do you mean "I can't get to work on time ?" Got nothin' better to do

What do you mean "I don't pay my bills?" Why do you think I'm broke? Huh?

What do you mean "I hurt your feelings?" I didn't know you had any feelings

What do you mean "I'm not kind?" Just not your kind

What do you mean "I couldn't be the president of the United States of America?"

Tell me something, its still "We the people" right?

If there's a new way

I'll be the first in line

But it better work this time - "Peace Sells" by Megadeth from the album Peace Sells....But Who's Buying

Another brain exploding very well written article by The Good Citizen!

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This is a great piece. So two questions:

1) What search engine will actually deliver decent results (if any)? There are many engines out there besides the handful you mentioned.

2) What do we do about the entire mess?

I read more stacks than I can count, and the number of people describing the problems dwarfs the number with any kind of even tentative solution. There are lots of us who would like to move forward and do something other than abortive one-off gesticulating. We all hope that brighter minds like yours might have some constructive suggestions as to how to fix this. Playing dirges is fine if one is in the funeral home business, but I am hoping not to be.


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4) Tom Cowan recommended

Ivan Illich ‘LIMITS TO MEDICINE’ (1976 & 1995) saying something like “if you really want to have your mind reorganized!” I guess all his insights fell on co-opted/deaf ears. The ‘Introduction’ begins thus: “The medical establishment has become a major threat to health.”

So this was, as you point out, the pinnacle of planning and implementation. Who says those jabs aren’t ‘effective’?

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1) Anyone can see you just want to be AOC’s train bearer, you horny misogynist, you!

2) All those tech barons must have the same legal teams coaching them pre-hearing. “Don’t answer, or say ‘I don’t know’ but keep it real simple, like one word or one sentence max; it’s going to be on the news, so smile, but don’t laugh. Like you’d like to help them understand, but...”

3) Solution: chuck the digital and go live “in a van down by the river!”

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"Congress can kick it off with the INTERNET CARES Act."


Oh God !

And you're not even campaignin', for A Seat.

Imagine that !

Ahead of the curve yet again.

Maybe you should send your

pro-scrip-tion to a mouthing campaigner.

Include a hammer.

So he can bash the idea through his thickened skull, into his birdie brain.

On 2nd thought,

Don't waste your precious time.

~ The Latter

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"web 1.0 sites that look like ancient HTML digital cave art"

This is why I like Moon of Alabama. It looks like a page from twenty years ago and I find myself strangely nostalgic for the Old Times.

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Beware !

When A Truly Peaceful Man,

Is Called, To A Righteous War.

~ anonymous

(Algorithmists: This is meant metaphorically. Calm down.)


If one pulls one's car into a service station because one hears a continuous, rhythmic, off balance sound, repeating, then call dear Occam to diagnose. Clearly, he'll start a look see, at all wheelies rotational.

Got it !



I'll go to my grave with that one.

See Ingo's Penetration Cover,

2nd Printing, June 2000.

Cover Art: Jim Harter.

"This book is dedicated to 'Mr. Axelrod,' wherever and whoever he is."

~ Ingo, The Swann

The Moon,

Still Swoons,

Inside US All.

It's rainin' right now in my parts.

Wonder what it will be like in November.

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Yes, it does look like the train has gone off the rails while in a dark tunnel. But we were warned by prophets (like Orwell) not so very long ago. Most were too busy to pay it any mind. Even the most dystopian of futures always had some stay outside the walls. We can only hope an/or pray.

I have to say, my google search history is rather short and boring to anyone looking.

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"The thumb dexterity action was surreal."


You're Fantastic !

Alright alright, I said it again.


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"Their ignorance is the sum of many parts."



Symphony, a song composed of many parts, via multi instrumentation.

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I want to thank you, Good Citizen, for allowing me to read this! My papa died last September, actually one year ago tomorrow, and I know he was murdered. He got "covid" and admitted to the hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and given the death treatment.... He was 83 years old but healthy, very healthy! I wasn't worried when I first heard he had covid but he went down once the hospital got ahold of him! Damnit I'm still pissed!

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The last video you posted is not available in my country.

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This needs to go out to the masses. Well done.

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The Internet has been nudging people in so many ways it boggles the mind. All to reduce them to mindless consumers and appeal to lowest base instincts. To create the soulless useless eaters that they view us as we have to be compromised first by being herded there. Content creators of all stripes know this and follow rigged market signals. Gangstas Paradise is acceptable

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