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Our Fren Elon

He's such a swell guy. Isn't he?

Video credit: Greg Reese of Reese Report

Update: Some have viewed this piece as a ‘hit piece’ on Musk the man. That’s my fault Good Citizens, I focused too much on his history of fraud and hucksterism, his post-humanist brain chip/satellite AI borg aims, which are well documented in the Reese video, which I can tell by the metrics many of you misreading this piece have yet to watch. (You should watch it.) This entire charade is a nation openly admitting that it’s no longer a constitutional republic with a Bill of Rights but relies on the selective generosity of Oligarchs to restore basic human rights. That’s a rotten system that cannot thrive. It’s a system that’s dead on arrival. Clinging to the hope of a Billionaire troll resurrecting the corpse of a bird we should all let die, borne of a centralized corrupt system that colludes with the state to censor and blacklist citizens while collecting data to spy on them, and that has open contempt for the Bill of Rights is called missing the bigger picture. I do applaud his willingness to stand up to the Malthusians of Global technocracy by saying we need to increase the population of the planet, and that we don’t have enough people. Credit where it’s due. And yes, Elon is an effective troll. But the thing about expert trolls is that one never really knows who they’re trolling. Be careful what you celebrate, even if the mob celebrates it. It may be your own demise.

Everyone’s having a field day watching the illiberals freak out over Twitter potentially have some level of “free speech” restoration applied in the wake of Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company and take it private.

And as usual, the hysteria of the crowd is blinding people to the truth.

For the third post in a row: Twitter has the highest concentration of retards anywhere in the digital universe.

But that’s only one truth.

In 2020 Elon Musk’s net worth was ~$30 Billion. One year later (you know what happened that year) he was worth $240 Billion.

Did he suddenly start mining rare earth metals on a nearby asteroid? No.

Neuralink: la nueva startup de Elon Musk que fusionará ...

Did he sell more cars than the previous year? Barely. Toyota sold 10x more cars and trucks than Tesla, but if you combined the market capitalization of ALL the automobile manufacturers in the world, they were still worth less than Tesla.

Did Tesla motor company innovate some new kind of battery that could get 500 miles per charge? No.

Did Tesla introduce a new line of models to its fleet? No.

The company ranked 30th in consumer reports quality, and near the bottom in sales suddenly became more valuable than all the other car companies, plus a few airlines as well.

How did Tesla’s stock suddenly take off?

The lockdowners at home with their freshly downloaded Robinhood trading apps and their newly minted Government stimmy checks bought up Tesla stock like it was in 1999. Hedge funds and dumber funds followed. Everyone followed the fed largesse (inflation), the main street stimmy checks, the frothy market madness, and even with some well-timed fabricated company news tweets by the man himself voila Tesla stock went to the moon.

Call it capitalism or call it what it really is: riding the federal reserve’s printer1 in the age of mass speculation to astronomical riches that do not at all reflect any level of real marketplace value that Tesla or any of Elon Musk’s companies bring.

Much of Tesla’s success is owed to government tax credits and rebates. At the local level for development and infrastructure, and at the federal tax level for doing what all major corporations do - completely avoid paying any taxes at all. At the consumer level, EV rebates have dropped the price of Teslas by anywhere from 10-20%. That’s not free money, that’s money that taxpayers have to make up elsewhere when Telsa consumers get to write it off.

They say it’s “for the environment” but that’s also a load of Elon. The amount of carbon expended by mining all the rare minerals like cobalt and lithium needed to make a single EV battery is greater than simply burning good old-fashioned Texas tea. They’ve fooled two generations or more into thinking an electric revolution will save the planet. It’s just another in a long line of many market and social engineering schemes. One that has helped our fren Elon become a quarter trillionaire.

While Elon gets rich off U.S. taxpayers and the federal reserve debasing the U.S. dollar through Quantitative Easing, aka money printing to prop up artificial Potemkin markets, he’s also busy mooching off the government teet for his space toys. Young Elon has some space dreams. While the rest of us plebs deal with homelessness, mass suicides, drug addiction, toxic injection mandates, creeping totalitarianism, corporate-state fascism, and an average life span that has decreased by 2.2 years for the first time since that big war last century here on good ole planet Earth, Elon gets to play with himself and his government-subsidized orbital deep probes.

In his free time, when he’s not naming his poor kids with a Mork alphabet, he pumps his favorite shit coin on Twitter with no consequences from the SEC while people on Discord or Telegram who try that same game get arrested by the FBI.

This past Monday Tucker Carlson ran a long piece on Elon buying Twitter and how it would completely change the nature of free speech and undermine the elites in power who need censorship to stay in power and unleash their narrative management campaigns. For the first time in a long time, Tucker is wrong.

Musk has said he’d eliminate anonymity to deal with the Twitter bot problem. That’s exactly what the World Economic Forum wants to do by eliminating cash and forcing us to have digital IDs that track all our social media handles, email addresses, and soon digital money. Eliminating online anonymity is a stepping stone to tyranny. Here’s an idea that a non-quarter-trillionaire might have instead of that moronic idea: how about getting rid of the bots?

Did I mention Twitter has the highest concentration of retards anywhere online?

Remember Friendster? Friendster came onto the Internet scene in the late 1990s and within three years had hundreds of millions of users around the world. By 2005 it was dead and MySpace had hundreds of millions of users. By 2008 that was dead. These platforms are ethereal concoctions, digital fads that can be easily destroyed by a little bit of willpower and innovation.

We are at the precipice of Web 3.0. What does that mean in English? The corrupted centralized power systems of Big Tech and all their plans for totalitarian surveillance are going to sooner than later be creatively destroyed. Creative destruction is the foundation of free markets, which always produce new self-correcting systems to transplant those that fail to innovate.

There are dozens of new decentralized and distributed network technologies working toward solving this problem in a way that will never require capital or rich billionaires to asset virtue signal their own self-enriching solutions. Decentralized networks are the only solution to destroy the information monopolies that states refuse to regulate and prefer to collude with instead. (See Election 2020 for one of many examples of how they hijack information to destroy democracy, rig elections and censor the necessary free flow of ideas.)

When you see all the mad hysteria over Elon buying Twitter, remember he’s the guy with billions in military contracts, who sucks the government teet, has made his billions on paper (no sales reflecting that net worth) and who has another company that literally wants to put chips in people’s brains. His company Neuralink wants to create a planet of zombie borgs (as if we don’t already have one) by merging brain chips with Artificial Intelligence. Yet another Elon aim that we know is also a wet dream of globalist technocratic management.

Technology always gets hijacked by those with different, mostly nefarious aims. It always gets pushed on those who are made to think they need it. The reality is that it ends up limiting their bodily autonomy, wrecking their privacy, and destroying whatever liberties they had remaining before they blindly embraced it without using the brains they already had to realize they’d have been better off rejecting it.

Did I mention his Starlink satellites?

Elon bragged about helping the Ukrainian cokehead and his regime stay online during the early days of the war to counter Russian frequency interference, offering his network of nifty interconnected satellites. Oh, how noble. But if he can use them by offering access to those he likes (Nazis), won’t he have the power then to hurt people he might not like by turning them off?

As the conservatives and libertarians gloat about shitlibs eating crow at the prospect of our fren Elon buying Twitter, just remember who he is and how irrelevant Twitter will be one day very soon.

All we have to do is find the willpower to walk away from censorious platforms like Twitter and watch them get slaughtered by Web 3.0.

But never underestimate the bedazzled willingness of a hysterical mob to make a quarter trillionaire richer on an old bird’s corpse.

People celebrating a known huckster and fraud with a post-humanist agenda who wants to waste $40 Billion on a shitty digital pig pen that corrals all the known and unknown retards of the world is peak idiocracy.

But celebrate if you must.

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The same printer that’s responsible for his astronomical wealth, is responsible for consumer inflation. Ordinary hard-working Americans are now paying between 15% and 45% more for everything which means every ordinary person’s net worth has declined at the expense of the 0.1% who hoarded new wealth “created” by the fed money printer during the pandemic. No wonder the elites loved the pandemic so much. They made $14 Trillion from it. And that’s why we call it a plandemic.

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