How does one go about nominating 4chan for both a Pulitzer and a Nobel Prize?

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For a look (according to the authors) at just how long this type of thing has been occurring in this country & other countries---with political ties to our own, read the following. Transformation of America, by O'Brien/Phillips. This is no easy read, so if you feel at this time, with all the other madness within & without our country, it's probably not the best book to read at this moment. If, what the authors claim is true, it could be argued, from a certain vantage point, that the republic has been taken over, by powerful forces, by at least 60 years.

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Totally agree. Nothing is as it was, nor will it ever be. Enough of us have discovered the unrelenting, soul-crushing, fetal position inducing truth and we can never unsee it. We must continue to fight to reveal the truth.

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Well Said !!

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My stupid autocorrect.

The title is:

Trance Formation...

Trance, b/c it discusses the end-stage workings, of MK-ULTRA techniques.

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Yes, I've read it. Shocking. Many big names in politics and entertainment implicated including Reagan if I remember rightly.

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Yes yes yes.


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Thanks. O’Brien is a brave woman.

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"The republic has been taken over by powerful forces, by at least 60 years."

More like since the very beginning. Washington DC looks like an owl's head from the sky. The 666 ft obeslik. The all seeing eye in a pyramid and the 13 stars forming a hexgram on the dollar. Their references to god in the founding documents was actually to their god, Lucifer. Ever wonder why SCOTUS has been wiping their arse with the constitution for decades? This latest spat of upholding it seems way out of place. Ever wonder why the weird handshakes?

It's the same story in every country. America's not unique. I don't see a solution.

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My Friend.

~ friend-of-a-Friend.



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Just To Lift Your Spirit:


So get this...

I need to get away, from the drudgery of the day.

I decide to drive up to the mountains to a secluded ravine, where the fish are always hoppin'.

I offer this to myself for all the tremendous Work I'm inclined to accomplish faithfully.

I vow to myself this is about being a weathered lone man surviving in the cryin' wilderness.

Leavin' home, I have completely left behind the comforts of the weary world in my rearview mirror.

I am wearin' sackcloth, face covered in ashes, lip balm, sunscreen Factor XVI, Mentholatum dabbed in nostrils to abjure the stinky comatose state of Nature, & branded with a single tin cup, just in case.

I already have a tremendous neck rash from my crudely-cut shirt, & sweating profusely.

? But does that stop me ?


I arrive. I breathe in the clean air. I think deep within myself, "Man, Nature is where it's at, its got a menthol-ee smell."

It feels sacred. The quiet is playing some-sort-of melody, that rejuvenates. And hopefully, I it.

Because batteries are too expensive for me, I power my boom-box with an extension cord, running from my continuously running old truck.

Since my engine blockhead has a slow leak, I poured in a wee bit too much oil at departure, so now my exhaust is smokin'.

I put in a CD, YES's Close To The Edge, put volume at 12, press repeat, then press play. The opening bird sounds attract other warblers.

And then it happens...

There's this guy, already fishin' upstream from me. He's quiet. Focused. It's like he's in some-sort-of-balance with Nature. Who the hell does he think he is !?!

And get this...

He's fly-fishin'. Oh !, Look at me, I'm the cabinet-maker-level of carpentry. I'm full of patience & skill.

Well. I quickly don my waders, purchased for 3 bucks at a garage sale & enter the liquid current field-of-endeavor.

Well. Let's just say, I'm wading in more than my waders.

He catches a fish, gently unhooks it, places the fish in the current's stream to assist oxygenation, & releases it.

I slap the watery surface hard & numerous times trying to drive the fish toward me.

While the fish is definitely making its way to me, he catches another. Then another. Then another again.

Well. I throw my metal crab cage against the rocky shore. The bait quickly draws a raccoon, he enters the cage & the doors close. I think, "Well at least I caught somethin'."

As I wade furiously upstream to him, with my non-hermetically-sealed waders, I am cast undercurrent.

He expertly casts a fly-hook into one of my suspender straps, & lifts me up into air.

Well. Game on. I fight him like sort sort of marlin. I seek more central deeper waters, he pulls me back. I twist & turn. He pulls me to shoreline, dragging me over the smooth & sharp stones carpeting the shoreline's interface.

I'm exhausted, laying there, belly up, like a great white whale. Water streams out my waders like a sieve, like linguini being drained in the sink.

I half-muster, "Don't cook me, but if you must, saute me, I'm fond of butter."

He replies, "Don't worry, it's catch 'n release here."


Well, long story short. With all the money I saved sans batteries, I invest in his soft necked cotton sweatshirts, colourful long & short shirts, tremendous funny ceramic mugs, & a host of other fine funny things.

"Oh... I'm there baby." ~ JR...

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I just re-read Jon's Morning nofakenews Piece.

Here's What's Within:

"Listen. There are millions and millions of readers out there who are unsure about what they’re supposed to do."

Read the rest.

From beginning

To end.


Re-read, listen deeply.

Then digest.

Good Luck friend.

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I'm not a strategist, so solutions are not my bailiwick. I leave that, to those with such Powers of Mind.

With that said, you sound Informed. Questioning. Concerned. Powerful.

Ergo, you give me hope.

"It ain't over, 'til it's over."

~ Yogi

TGC wrote a powerful Piece some time ago. A portion that I reference for you is about kids being recruited by Z. If a final run arrives, let's do it laughing, if kids can.

Know, I am not making light of anything. Things are as they are. But...your Creative Imagination is Alive. Listen to Godfather's last 3 audios for Inspiration & Possibilities, realized through yourself engaged. This very act of engagement will stave off undo concern, with the goings on. YOU CAN, DO IT ! My best to you.

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Don't forget 0bama's role in installing Biden/Harris thus allowing 0bama a third term to finish the job of destroying Colonialist America. 0bama's role in the real coup d'etat started just a few weeks before Trump's inauguration. That's when 0bama, Biden, Comey and probably the CIA met to hatch up a RUSSIA plot to try to disrupt and destroy Trumps full term. Two failed impeachments later they're still scared of Trump. REMEMBER----America falls---the world falls.

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Trump gave UkroNazis training and weapons to kill civilians in Donbass. Trump killed INF Treaty allowing US to put nukes in Poland, Ukraine and Romania. Trump ignored Ukraine plutonium stockpiling and US funded Slav targeting biolabs. Trump hire Robert Kadlec who likely led the program that release US military created viruses in China. Bird flu In 2018, mystery pig virus in 2019 and Covid in Oct. 2019. Trump created Operation Warp Speed in order to use Other Transaction (OT) law to create experimental gene therapy while avoiding all laws and regulations and keeping it secret forever. Ever wonder why Russia and China have never allowed mRNA into their countries? Ever wonder why Bourla said Pfizer didn't have to follow any regulations? Trump is why. Trump, with the full backing of congress, spent so much money that the overnight repo market required $1 trillion per day injection from the Fed in the fall of 2019.

I'm not anti-Trump. Just pointing out what he did so you can begin to see that they're all in this together. Left vs right is a con game.

Trump broke the bank giving money to military contractors. Now we find that Javelin missiles that cost $175,000 each fail to fire 80% of the time, and don't do significant damage when they do. They were designed in the 1970s.

M777 Howitzers break after only a few firings and have to be returned to the factory for repair, while they use shells that cost $63,000 each. They're made out of exotic materials to keep the weight down.

NATO's support for Ukraine is achieving nothing but getting Ukrainians killed. They're forceably recruiting women now. All the reproductive ago women left already so I guess they're going to sacrifice their grandma's.

And today's inflation has it's roots prior to Biden, what with Trump's profligate spending, and the Fed pumping money since 1993 to avoid any kind of recession. Around $400 trillion in debts worldwide now. Russia is in the black.

I'm in Canada. We're even more screwed. We don't have as many guns. God bless Americans for refusing to give up their guns. I think we'd all be sunk by now if not for that.

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And what happened with John Durham? Robert Barnes says Durham has spent his entire career protecting the elites. He protected Mueller from being on Whitey Bulger's payroll.

Then there's Kash Patel. Mr. Devolution. He supposedly was involved in it's creation yet talks about it like an alternative media fanboy.

Then we have General Michael Flynn. The guy who claims to worship the Lord but who gives speeches that are direct quotes from prior generation occultists.

And Pompeo wants them to go to war with China right now. China has hypersonic weapons and the world's only anti ship ICBMs. What would America do if they had their aircraft carriers sunk in an afternoon? They'd go nuclear, is what. That's what these lunatics want.

And Paul Krugman. The Nobel prize winning economist is recommending that the US start a world war to save their economy.

We're surrounded by freaking lunatics and no one is calling these people out.

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🎯 Tank Hough

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Can we now refer to Creepy Joe as “Pedodent Biden”?

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I prefer "Feebs"...

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Can you imagine the state of the media if that laptop belonged to Don, Jr.?

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24-7 hysterical noises.

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Seems progs are A-OK with human trafficking, especially kids.

Crack addiction is icing on their cake.

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What a shit show.

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the covid vaccines dont work


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Fire in the hole! Try to breathe deeply and figure out what the play is now; and next. The satanic maze game of a 3-D horror flick definitely smells sulphuric; ready again to blow.

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I am curious though why no one thinks he is working for China today with his inept policy in the Ukraine. To my mind Russia, China, and the WEF is the three headed dog from hell. Everything he does helps Russia and China and the WEF.

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Pedo Peter would have gotten the worst punch in the face from my paws if he would have touched or whispered a word into my daughters ear. It would have been devastating enough of a blow he probably would need facial reconstruction. I would have done it right in front of the press and everyone else. As for his son, if I was his father, it's a no brainer I would have him committed to a rehab facility for life.

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"in November we'll know with 100% certainty if the republic is as dead and buried as it appears to be."

Truer words have never been spoken....

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Biden Inc. at its finest

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Hard to believe...

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I ran across a random Twitter thread about Hunter. Lots of people think he's as cool a f*ck. Amazing guy. And... wow, Dad has his back! THEIR Dad's wont even call. Joe gives Hunter thousands of dollars at a time. Joe's great! Hunter's great! Hunter is their GigaChad hero!

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When Tony Bobolinski was one-on-one with TC, Tony said he asked brother Jim how he/they expected to get away with it; Jim’s two word reply, “Plausible deniability.” Tony was shocked and got out of Dodge. I’m thinking it’s now “Because we can.”

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