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1) It has been shown by multiple biodistribution studies that the “vaccines” do not stay at the injection site, but cross into the bloodstream and even pass through the blood brain barrier. [1],[2],[3].

2) It has also been shown that the spike protein, also in isolation from the whole virus, causes blood clots to form through several mechanisms. [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]. This is further confirmed by evidence from autopsies [9], [10], as well as from the exploding numbers in vaccine injury reporting systems (such as VAERS) all over the world.

Therefore, I conclude that the vaccines are unacceptably dangerous.

3) Natural immunity is better, broader, longer lasting, and has better cross reactivity against other strains. By contrast, the antibodies induced by the vaccines are oligoclonal and tend to be non-neutralizing for different strains, raising concerns for ADE. [11], [12], [13], [14]

Considering that there are many highly effective treatments available, especially if started early on, I see no point in investing in these questionable “vaccines” as opposed to therapeutics.

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the web of lies & liars

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I almost skipped this one because just seeing the title I was sure that I knew the contents. Old story by now. Wrong. Far deeper and more entangled than I realized. "Transform intent into impact" by weaponizing the human sciences and data science against the general population. And they just came right out and said it. Well, credit for that. & thank you for this post. It's a keeper.

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