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Remote Controlled Humans (Part 2—5G Weapon)

Frequency manipulation via trojan horse bioweapon injections.

ICYMI—Part 1: Graphene Oxide

Graphene Oxide in humans as transmitters and receivers interacting with 5G EMF for total surveillance.

Despite the heavy trim job, here’s a summary for the ADHD “TL;DR!” crowd:

  • The cover for a new weapon targeting human populations was “medicine” to combat a non-existent virus with no biological (or laboratory) origin at all.

  • 5G simply means fifth generation and has no relation to the power of cell towers or satellite frequencies.

  • 5G uses microwave /mmWave technology and is a military-grade weapon being deployed against civilian populations for human biotechnological experimentation in conjunction with the “primers” or fake vaccines

  • As with the Internet of Things, the transhumanist agenda calls for the Internet of Bodies—connecting humans to a total surveillance grid where the reduced graphene oxide nanoparticles inside bodies serve as transmitters or receivers, and are triggered by EMF including 5g weapons. This is openly part of Klitz Schlub’s “Forse Industreyael Revolshun.” Klitz’s transhumanist sauna boy Yuval Harari has called humans useless eaters and hackable animals with no free will.

  • Different frequencies affect human biology in different ways. Powerful 5G mmWave frequencies induce oxidative stress, cellular degeneration, immune system disruption, increase cancer cells, human reproductive gland destruction, and open the blood-brain barrier for neurotoxic poisons (toxic metals) to flood the brain, distorting neurotransmitter function, and causing neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

  • Along with reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) the “vaccines” are populated with parasites and nanobots composed of variations of organic and non-organic elements including bismuth, titanium, vanadium, iron, copper, silicon, oxygen, and aluminum that self-assemble into nanocircuitry within the human body if it doesn’t first kill the host SADSly or at a later date with turbo cancer.

  • The goal appears to be the covert engineering of a post-human species of network assimilation or real-life NPCs (as if there aren’t enough already), and total surveillance for control of human thoughts and behavior. Why waste time with censorship and propaganda when you can go right to the source of moods, thoughts, and beliefs without people knowing by first scaring the shit out of them with a phony sniffles bug and then offering them the cure to rescue their jobs and regain some crumbs of liberty?

  • If the above goal seems “crazy” there are mountains of evidence that the CIA and Pentagon have been at this for at least sixty years using psychotropic drugs, the con of psychiatry, hypnosis, mind control techniques, psychological torture, electroshock torture, electro stimulation, neurosurgical procedures using node implants, and frequency exposure with deadly microwave technologies

  • 5GW—fifth generation warfare means that human minds are targets and all options are on the table for manipulation including all of the above. WW3 is already hot, and it is, after all, a silent war on humanity. A war on our minds, bodies, spirits, and souls, perpetrated by governments and their controllers against their own citizens.

Energy: Earth, Body, Mind, and Soul

Electricity, magnetism, and frequencies guide our world.

The Schumann Resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

These natural background resonances can be measured and have been found to be in the low frequency (LF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum.

The earth is protected by a delicate electromagnetic field, while the constant frequency responsible for guarding all natural life upon it is 7.83 hertz. The natural frequency of a standing human body is 7.5 hertz, while human Alpha brainwaves tend to fluctuate in the same range as the earth—8 hertz.

Energy as a scientific explanation for phenomena is as old as the secrets of mystic healers and psychic seers. Ancient civilizations understood the energy of the earth, and the power of the sun, stars, and cosmos, in orientating themselves toward natural living.

Today this is called mystic quackery and modern life has abandoned the lessons of ancient civilizations and instead herded our species toward all that is toxic and deadly to human health.

A Peruvian psychic who could somehow read individuals' energy and frequency forces once told a man that he would be stricken down in middle age by a terrible disease eating away at his insides. She nearly named the exact time it would happen. This man was my father’s closest friend, who expired twenty years after his meeting with that psychic after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Everything around us is vibrating at different frequencies, and some people claim to be in touch with them and to even see them.

The great British mystic David Icke claims to have had his life transformed on a visit to Peru in the early 1990s. He constantly stresses that the key to combating the global evil engaged in enslaving minds and destroying bodies is to keep away from the lower frequencies that feed them—the low vibrational energy emitted by the lower range of human emotions that deteriorate our own well-being.

If human moods and emotional states can channel different frequencies then this requires constant ruminating in a self-aware state of meditation and reflection with some ability to control our emotional states.

The “alternative” practice of energy healing and energy medicine claims that Quantum Science has medical answers that are mostly ignored by Rockefeller Big Pharma toadies who never work to heal humans, but instead, burden them with greater diseases while collecting windfall profits for the pleasure. There’s no money to be made in natural healing, and so it will always be dismissed as pseudoscience charlatanism by the powers that want us ill, submissive, and dependent on them.

However, there is evidence that our thoughts create energy, and various vibrations within our system that have the power to accentuate our own healing capacity—or destroy it.

Nature, the earth, and our bodies overall, operate at a basic frequency of approximately 10 cycles per second (Alpha Frequency). Any thoughts we think that generate a frequency different than that—such as fear, anger, or worry—compromise our natural health and well-being in some way.

When prolonged thinking in this fashion occurs, it generates the incapacity for cells to operate as they were designed. This leads to the cells’ lack of ability to replenish, rejuvenate and heal, ultimately leading to disease.

As Dennis Rancourt observed in a recent interview with JJ Couey, “It’s been shown that stress is the number one cause of illnesses. Now imagine locking down the whole planet and telling people there’s something dangerous out there that can kill them.”

The attainment of higher frequencies of emotion, of love, joy, peace, and enlightenment cannot be obstructed by fear, pride, grief, or guilt, which perhaps requires a willingness to reason that the courage of acceptance might be the first golden ticket upwards toward higher states of being.

The process of dehumanization is at the forefront of the global technocratic order’s agenda and the first and most important step for dehumanization has been taking place since the industrial revolution.

Removing humans from the natural world and herding them into urban areas is a process that this order seeks to accelerate while criminalizing small farming and eventually private property.

Fifteen-minute total surveillance cities are designed (and currently being rolled out) as mechanisms to keep humans away from natural stabilizing forces and frequencies. Cities are nothing less than systems of social organization to disrupt our connections to the natural environment.

In our brewing digital dystopia, as people accept dehumanizing technologies and systems without the slightest thought of resistance their bodies and mind pay the price. As a result, there’s no shortage of blog posts and articles about “digital detoxing” and “reconnecting with yourself” for balance and well-being.

It has become a tired and predictable self-help industry, another money-making grift that utilizes common sense to sell a way of living that only a generation or two prior would have been met with a chorus of laughter and a resounding, “Duh!”

Endless studies show what ancient civilizations and natural healers have known for thousands of years, our mental (and therefore physical) well-being requires we stay connected to the natural world:

One study from 2017 showed that individuals who spent more time in nature had reduced levels of depression and anxiety.1 The research used a large sample size from the UK and established a strong link between exposure to nature and improved mental well-being.

Another published in 2015, showed that walking in nature could lead to a lower risk of depression. Specifically, the study found that individuals who went on a 90-minute walk in a natural environment had lower levels of rumination (repetitive thought focused on negative aspects of the self) and reduced neural activity in an area of the brain linked to risk for mental illness compared with those who walked in an urban environment.2

Another found that interacting with nature could improve cognitive functioning and mood. The study found that individuals who walked in nature could perform better on memory tasks and showed improved moods compared to those who walked in urban environments.3

Concrete jungles and coffin skyrises are not just herding mechanisms for the masses, leading them away from nature. They are the perfect setting to unleash the 5G weapon to experiment on millions of humans.

Cities are at the forefront of the global 5G rollout. Hundreds of powerful cell towers litter urban areas, along with requisite 5G repeaters needed for phased arrays, which give 5G ten times the power of its predecessor. These repeaters are hidden inside lamp posts and on electrical poles, on rooftops, and atop traffic signals. The combination of upgraded towers pushed 600mhz transmissions to 2.4Ghz on upwards to 6Ghz or more in recent years while billions were distracted by a non-existent virus.

Some Western governments have even approved 6G frequencies of 26Ghz for enterprise experimentation in anticipation of a global rollout before the end of the decade.

The shift from 4G+ to 5G, all rolled out under the cover of a hoax pandemic, was no small matter. Mobile download speeds went from 20mbps to 155mbps overnight, with some urban areas hitting up to 400mbps. Throw in tens of thousands of 5G satellites and our world is become an experimental radiation cage, with all living beings including humans as real-time subjects for biological electromagnetic experimentation.

Invisible = Crazy

Why don’t more ‘truthers’ or alternative voices of the so-called “medical freedom movement” speak out about EMF poisoning or the 5G rollout happening under the blanket of a global plandemic?

The normie mind has become conditioned to equate that which cannot be seen with crazy (yet can still be measured and quantified and studied as the cause of harm) because none of the “experts” speak openly about it. The corporate media ignores it like they do the consequences of the toxic vaccine horror show because their bills are paid by both Big Pharma and Big Telecom and the agenda of the Internet of Things plus Internet of Bodies must continue for the technological solutionists and transhumanists that control the world.

Invisible viruses that have never been measured or proven to be the cause of a disease are easier for the normie mind to believe after a lifetime of programming than invisible frequencies that have been measured and studied, and determined to be harmful and deadly to so much natural life on Earth, including our species.

Even though the self-identified non-normie red-pilled person knows the vaccines are toxic and deadly, they still won’t touch the 5G topic. While they can see the CDC and FDA don’t have their best interests in mind regarding, masks, lockdowns, medicines, and “vaccines,” and want them to depart the world sooner than they’d planned, somehow they can’t see the same evil motives in the FCC which hasn’t updated its recommendations for human EMF exposure since…1996.

The Telecommunications Act of that same year which gave Americans five media monopolies that control all information and work with the government to censor citizens on social media also gave citizens the federal law that prohibits municipalities from stopping the construction of cell towers in their neighborhoods on the grounds that it’s bad for human health.

If cities consider the detrimental health effects of EMF in prohibiting the construction of new 5G weapons towers then according to federal law, the cell companies can sue the city. Seriously.

Did you think it was just Big Pharma that wants you sick or dead?

The next time you’re watching the exciting sportsball game between the Boston Lucky Charms and the Philadelphia Tranqs, and you see those Verizon or T-Mobile commercials touting how supreme and wide-ranging their 5G coverage is, imagine Pfizer or Moderna commercials trumpeting how supreme their Covid vaccines are and then try not to vomit your hot wings into your popcorn bowl.

What’s the difference other than one might kill you faster? One is sold as medicine, the other as a convenience for the frictionless digital life. For the transhumanist Internet of Bodies, each occupies one side of the same coin.

Global 5G Rollout + Covid Outbreak Correlation Fallacy

Before we get to what 5G is, and how it affects human health let’s tackle the one subject that keeps the virus and lab leak crowds from bothering to engage with the 5G topic.

People want absolutely have to know what caused all those people to become ill and die in 2020 and 2021. If there was no virus, then what explains the illnesses?

  • Tell them that most were killed in hospitals, intentionally with government-subsidized poisons and most don’t believe it.

  • Tell them that the illness that led people to the hospital were ordinary illnesses we’ve always had, and most don’t believe it.

  • Tell them that the PCR tests are not diagnostic tests, and most were false positives and most don’t believe it.

  • Tell them the flu was rebranded and ask them how it magically disappeared for two years and they’ll look at you as if they’re auditioning for Beavis and Butthead.

The key point is that faking a pandemic doesn’t need a novel virus, and proving that the 5G rollout was the cause of the pandemic using maps is a waste of time.

There are websites that try to prove a correlation between the global rollout of 5G at the exact geographic hotspots of “Covid” outbreaks. Forget China, it’s impossible to track cell tower data, dates, rollout, and frequencies. Wuhan did have a massive 5G rollout at the time of the Coivd Psyop’s opening curtain, hundreds of base stations, and towers, but there’s no way to prove it using data because the Chinese Government offers zero data. But it’s a hundred times more likely that 5G EMF radiation poisoning and toxic air pollution triggered the illnesses that led to deaths instead of a novel virus.

I have spent hours going through these correlation claims in the next two hots spots (Italy and New York) where data is available and looking at their cell tower maps and historical data because I assumed at first they were correct and wanted to believe it was true, but there’s simply no way to prove a correlation of 5G rollout to hotspots as the cause of “Covid” disease.

The first hot spots in Lombardy didn’t get 5G repeaters until two years later. Their first tower upgrades happened a year later, but without the thousands of repeaters, the towers alone are not as powerful.

But then the lightbulb finally went off.

Why would there be an obvious correlation fingerprint left behind between Covid hotspots and 5G rollout?

Imagine faking a global pandemic to get as many people injected with GO and to cover for a 5G global weapon system targeting internal corporeal GO manipulation for their transhumanist agenda.

Would you really make your first hotspot in Lombardy, Italy WHILE simultaneously pumping new 5G towers and repeaters in the area, when the date and rollout of transmission can be easily shown with public data to match the timing of the outbreak?

Would you then go and do that the world over matching outbreaks to hotspots? These people are diabolical and arrogant, but not stupid.

This is not to say that EMF poisoning hasn’t been happening on a mass scale since even before the plandemic. Constant exposure to 4G was enough to cause a host of health issues, with no connection by allopathic white coats ever made to EMF exposure.

But they didn’t need a cause of illness whether EMF or a novel virus with scary spikey things. The old illnesses were good enough to be labeled Covid with PCR tests. The media and governments did the rest by locking down and turning up the fear dial. The hospitals did their part by murdering patients with pneumonia and treatable illnesses. The rest is history.

Again, this doesn’t mean that 5G doesn’t cause illness, including nearly identical symptoms of Covid-19 as you’ll see in a study below. But the 5G rollout will never match the timeline of phony Covid “outbreaks” as they happened and they don’t need to match the timeline to validate an epidemic of GO and EMF poisoning.

What is 5G?

A hoax pandemic to cover for weaponized global EMF rollout. Radiation is 10-100x more powerful than previous cellular frequencies since 5G uses phased arrays, and requires repeaters or base stations every 100 meters.

Mark Steele is a British engineer, inventor, patent writer, and weapons research scientist. In February of 2022, he released a report warning about the implications of 5G weapons on humans and our natural environment.

The sweeping movement of the beam wave at over 13.6V causes the positive charging of air, which is noxious to all biological life at significant distances from the antenna emission to the target acquisition zone, such is the capability of the 5G hard- and software and is the very reason this equipment is, and has been, used extensively on the battlefield as scanning environment radar and Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) for the purpose of disrupting and disabling enemy hardware, as well as biological assets, i.e. humans.

Spectrum dominance of the 5G network from sub 3 GHz to 300 GHz poses a real risk of bodily harm from higher photon energy value frequencies that are coherent radiation emissions, the impact of which is currently unknown since they are untested and not proven to be safe, as well as uninsurable, with levels of radiation emissions in excess of anything imagined by earlier technologists. ICNIRP guideline radiation values apply only to single antenna device emitters, and do not take into account the massive increase and multiplication of radiation emission devices proposed across all cities and towns for the 5G network, which is intended to interconnect everything simultaneously using highly complex, biologically toxic, and in particular, modulated microwave radiation.

Mark Steele’s report on vaccines with GO and EMF:

The vast majority of the populations across the West, in particular those of the Five Eyes community, the Anglosphere intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have been injected without their knowledge with nano metamaterial antennas and are unfortunately going to suffer increased mortality rates due to localized reflecting radiation emissions from the 5G urban radar. All of the known coronavirus symptoms can be attributed to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation pollution.

Insurance companies must rely on the most accurate data available in assessing coverage options and products. One of the largest in the world knows something about 5G.

From Lloyd’s press release in 2019, a full year before the 5G global rollout and the hoax pandemic:

“Today, MANY more recent peer-reviewed scientific studies show a range of serious damage caused by these wi-fi frequencies. 5G brings a quantum leap in damage – to DNA, to cell mitochondria, and much more.”

All of this was known as early as 2012 when 29 authors from around the world, including 10 with medical degrees and 21 PhDs wrote the BioInitiative Report

The report reviewed approximately 1,800 studies that reported EMF exposure effects:

  • abnormal gene transcription;

  • genotoxicity and single-and double-strand DNA damage;

  • stress proteins because of the fractal RF-antenna-like nature of DNA;

  • chromatin condensation and loss of DNA repair capacity in human stem cells;

  • reduction in free-radical scavengers – particularly melatonin;

  • neurotoxicity in humans and animals, carcinogenicity in humans;

  • serious impacts on human and animal sperm morphology and function;

  • effects on offspring behavior; and,

  • effects on the brain and cranial bone development in the offspring of animals that are exposed to cell phone radiation during pregnancy

5G “Covid” Connection Study Ignored

One of the most fascinating publications to appear in the past three years is also one of the most ignored. Under the cover of a hoax pandemic with a virus that has never been proven to be the cause of anything claimed by those orchestrating the hoax pandemic, they silently unleashed fifth-generation cellular technology across first and second-world countries.

The bioeffects of 5G poisoning are nearly identical to the stated “Covid-19” non-existent virus symptoms. Perhaps the most glaring similarity is the Rouleaux (French: rolls, or chains) blood formation or clumping of red blood cells. In addition to reduced hemoglobin, this would explain the lack of oxygen or hypoxia-like symptoms including those still attributed to “long Covid” or spike-protein poisoning.

Naturopathic doctors have been treating “Long Covid” from the “virus” poisoning and “vaccine” poisoning, by treating Rouleaux formation with natural and chemical chelating agents. Though most of them are unaware they are actually treating the Rouleaux caused by toxic EMF and GO poisoning.

What are the effects of 5G EMF on the human body?

A meta-analysis from 2022.

Overall results of this review show three types of effects by base station antennas on the health of people: radiofrequency sickness (RS), cancer (C) and changes in biochemical parameters (CBP). Considering all the studies reviewed globally (n = 38), 73.6% (28/38) showed effects: 73.9% (17/23) for radiofrequency sickness, 76.9% (10/13) for cancer and 75.0% (6/8) for changes in biochemical parameters.

Taken from

More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate harm to human health from RF radiation.[10] [11] Effects include:

What are the EMF effects on graphene oxide inside the human body?

Graphene oxide when oxidized or activated by specific EMF frequencies (2.4gHz from 4G and 8.4gHz and higher from 5G) overruns the body’s ability to create enough glutathione, which paralyzes and destroys the immune system and causes a host of symptoms, many of them shown in the list above.

According to Dr. Pablo Campra graphene oxide from the “vaccines” assembles inside the body, and is an electrical conduit. It is activated by EMF frequencies, which mobilize the particles to possibly self-assemble into a nano circuitry to be used as some kind of transmitter or receiver for the vaccinated subject.

Also from Mark Steele’s report:

Vaccines have been shown in a number of studies to contain toxic metal contaminants, including “inexplicable” levels of nanometal contamination. This phenomenon is far from inexplicable if the research scientists who carried out this study had knowledge of the defence industry goals and the metamaterial ingredients that can be used to enhance urban 5G interrogation technologies.

Remote Controlled Humans

The CIA and Pentagon have been at work trying to discover ways to control the population beyond propaganda through psychological manipulation. For at least sixty years, they’ve experimented on human subjects using psychotropic drugs, the con of psychiatry, hypnosis, mind control techniques, psychological torture, electroshock torture, electrostimulation, neurosurgical procedures using node implants, and frequency exposure with deadly microwave technologies.

A journalist who requested documents in Washington State using the Freedom of Information Act received additional files by accident. These files included documents on “remote mind control” and the effects of “psycho-electric weapons.”

One image shows the use of mobile phone towers to induce “mass and individual remote mind control” in addition to using disguised communications vans parked outside homes, and even helicopters carrying “psychotronic weapons.”

9RNM Government Files About "Remote Mind Control"

They even know which bioelectric resonance frequencies can induce different effects through different parts of the brain.

Another diagram shows the effects of psycho-electronic weapons on different parts of the human body. Many of these match up with 5G EMR radiation exposure.

Not long after 9-11, in the wake of the Patriot Act, one of the last noble Democrats Dennis Kucinich submitted bill H.R.2977 in an attempt to block government expansion and overreach of powers and in particular the targeting of humans with advanced weapons systems.

This is nothing less than a confession that for decades the U.S. government has been utilizing the following weapons systems that appear in the bill:

Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as-- (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons; (ii) chemtrails; (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems; (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons; (v) laser weapons systems; (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons. (C) The term ``exotic weapons systems'' includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population

That last one must really hit home with the people of central Turkey.

So, what happened to Kucinich’s H.R.2977?

The Cheney-Bush White House requested comment from the defense department. The DOD came back six months later and entered into the congressional record as the final action of H.R.2977: Unfavorable Executive Comment Received from DOD.


  • Limit your exposure to 5G. Start by never buying 5G products.

  • Get away from cell towers.

  • Leave the cities while you still can.

  • Avoid any and all injections (vaccines, insulin, dental -cains, anticoagulants - they’re putting GO in everything)

  • Take care of your body (follow GO and metal detox protocols)

  • Be mindful of your emotional frequencies

  • What you put out in this world is what you’ll get back

But remember that true joy and peace start with sharing this post.


And enlightenment can only be attained by joining the flock.

For more on why every pandemic in history was not a virus contagion but a human toxic-biological reaction to technological rollouts, see Roman Shapoval’s excellent post:

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Roman also informed me that the author of the excellent book The Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg is on Substack.

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And Roman has a great five-part series on how to mitigate the effects of EMF toxicity on the body.

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Your Brain on their favorite addiction for you.

Then Soul & The Pineal Gland

Local corporate media five years ago.

Watch Dr. Robert Young confirm La Quinta Columna’s findings on the hoax pandemic, no virus, and transhuman injections for an Internet of Bodies total surveillance society.

Every human injected or transfected or graphinated now has an IP address and is being tracked. Without a cell phone.

— Dr. Robert Young

Click image to watch.

Watch Barrie Trower on 5g as a military weapon.

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"Doses of Neighborhood Nature: The Benefits for Mental Health of Living with Nature" (2017). Published in BioScience.


"Nature experience reduces rumination and subgenual prefrontal cortex activation" (2015). This study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS)


"The benefits of nature experience: Improved affect and cognition" (2015).

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