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We watched White Noise last night. I thought it was going to be about a toxic spill. That was a small part of it, the rest is about weird adult behaviors, and nothing to do with spills.

At least in WN, the cause of the derailment is clear, if not far-fetched. The *real* spill? Not so much. Nada. Not a peep about the cause. Maybe a train fire 20 miles behind finally exploded in E. Palestine?

I know it's just a coincidence, but that county in OH went like 71+% for Trump in 2020. Train derailment in East St. Louis? HA! Fat chance.

We live in evil times, and I'm not seeing any way out. Even FL is a bullet away from GOP Establishment control.

I'm glad I'm old...and feel sorrow for my young neices and nephews.

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Yeah, don't know if there are more people in the USA that love freedom and can see things the way they are, in respect to other parts of the world. Maybe as an absolute number, but I don't believe so on a percentage basis.

I do think the USA is leading when it comes to risking the health and sanity of their own people, like Roundup by Monsanto, fracking, high fructose corn syrup, and the present chemical spills, to name but a few. Having said that, the same emergency law takeover of basic rights by means of decisions by judges that are of ones own political party happen here as well.

But I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not going to run from the death cult. As much as possible, I'm going to go where my government can't follow. And I'm going to stay right here and defend my ground until my last breath when they're coming for me. Fuck-em.

Oh, bytheway, not a single mention of any spills here on MSM, no pictures, no clips, no articles. The general 8 o'clock news watching public in western Europe do not know this is happening.

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You said: "And so don’t expect rebellion.

Don’t plan for retribution.

Don’t wait for justice.

And don’t anticipate any tides will turn in humanity’s favor anytime soon."

Absolutely! I ain't expecting, planning, waiting or anticipating any of the above. I am far too busy being the change I want to see.

I am meditating all my waking hours. I am visualising the kind of society I can love unreservedly. I am working, flat out, writing and studying, empathising and responding.

I have wall2wall conviction that I am an eternal being having a human experience and I care about this delicate web of life so much that I cannot go quietly in the world. I have to shout my head off to protect the life that has no voice among the humans.

While the predator classes are creating hell on earth, nature is quietly still on track for its ultimate objectives and we are very much a part of it.

If the predators want to cancel our right to speak, drum us off all social media, shout us down, ridicule us and ostracise us, then they need to know something about the genuine eternal beings they are dealing with.


So they must, inevitably join the family of nature or get the hell out of our way because this power is immortal. It is time they found out that their own immortality already exists and they don't need their stupid 'singularity' because......


Believe it and it is true for us..... let's connect in a global meditation for peace, 24/7..... every second of every waking moment.

Never forget that we are part of one eternal life <with a mission> and whether or not it is clear to us, undoubtedly this Universe is unfolding as it should.

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Thanks GC. I love your writing (although you sound like me in the middle of one of my rants at times!).

It's so obvious this is a sustained, coordinated attack. I unsubbed from El Gato Malo last night because of the absolute midwit, mocking article that the (now walking Dunning–Kruger effect) decided to publish to absolutely trivialize this environmental disaster. "Train derailments happen ALL THE TIME donchaknow".

Yeah, there's enormous poisonous black clouds all of the time over the US, it's just no-one ever noticed them before! We are all such a bunch of dunces! All hail the Bad Cat's genius!

I despair at times.

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A bit of an aside when speaking to your normie or liberal friends. They are open to other ideas.

I have a far left friend in WA state. We don't talk about politics. Since I live in OH, she wanted to make sure I wasn't impacted by Poison Train Derailment. I don't seem to be. She also mentioned a train derailment in MI, where her Mom lives, and wondered what was going on.

We talked about 5th generation unrestricted warfare. We talked about The Great Reset. We talked about Klaus Schwab. We even chatted about CBDCs. She seemed open to a lot of info-- more than I expected really. So you CAN make headway with normies on certain topics, but not others.

Like most people I know... she is invested in the vaxx. That's one topic we can't talk about. But... at least she was open to the other info.

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Do you know what you say when they've beat you down, you're laying in the mud and the boot is about to kick you in the face? You say "F**ck you!"

I'm planning my escape but if I don't make it out before this shit show falls apart I refuse to give them the satisfaction of my submission

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Amazing substack piece. Sad Substack piece!! I live in CT and my eyes were burning for a week after it happened. I thought it was heavy spraying. Speaking of spraying, imagine that combo and the toxin cloud in Ohio. Coming to a town near you.

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Another very astute post on progress. You are right-there will be no justice, no retribution, no revolt and nothing will stop this progress. How could it? They have everything at their disposal and we have nothing.

Those laws are in place for a reason, not just "preventative" legislation. All building up to a certain point. For decades. One brick at a time.

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Phuckin' A we're stubborn people & sick of the evil creeps. Sooner or later the idiots still plugged in to the perpetual lying will realize they've been phucked "good and hard" (as Mencken said). But they'll be strapped over the barrel and unable to extricate the big tyrannical unit from their rear ends.

Eventually though, the pot will boil over...I wish I could be alive when it happens, but that's the fate of those of us that grew up FREE and remember what the real America is all about. Pity the young.

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Does anyone here remember the Lac Mégantic Rail Disaster in 2013 in southern Québec?

Something like 46 people were incinerated alive and half the town was wiped out. Of course in our

'forever-now' news cycle, the story seems to have been memory-holed.


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I am sure you will only hear blah blah blah...but I think I am on the mountaintop.

Do you know what I see?

I see a quota system...xxx amount of people must be dead in each country by such and such a date.

Hence the mandates in the US, hence the food supply and water contamination "events"..

But I also think it is too slow for the masters who gave the orders.

So I think a nuclear strike on the US is coming soon.

I hope I am wrong.

I also think us old ones will be culled in the hospitals regardless, because the pension/ss system is


I am trying to decide how I want to go...and home is looking like a good option provided there

are pain pills.

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when all is taken into account, at least all that happened since 2020, a list not many dare think about! how many heads should roll? tens of thousands probably. our World has a crisis of Justice! the worst part is that it is understandable. majority of urban pop is cognitively un-able and addicted to chump-change and diseases.

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I am one of those who saw the Civil War as a major turning point leading to this technological takeover involving governments, corporations, institutions. Not to mention the governing of and manufacture of consent. Trains were a big symbol of this.

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More dead cows coming https://apple.news/Ae_bGz_U1Ri2nNYgInUtbTw

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Here is some detailed information from virologist Adam Gaertner substack via Texas Lindsay. Both of their substacks have comments turns off. The information is very interesting, I do think it should be shared widely:


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"The United States must be targeted because it’s the last place on earth with too many stubborn people who still hold dear, above all else, their liberty."

The United States must be targeted because it’s the last place on earth with too many stubborn people who still hold dear, above all else, their illusion of liberty.

Herds of modern moron slaves ONLY have the LIBERTY to CONSUME... and even this is highly controlled!

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