Monsters On Maple Street

"They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find, and it's themselves. All we need to do is sit back and watch."

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.


If what transpired last weekend, the incursion of Hamas terrorists into Israeli territory was permitted to happen by an intentional “failure” of Israeli security (or stand down order) to cook up consent and justification for a greater conflict, then it only reasons that what follows from that is a lot of lies and propaganda to further manufacture consent.

They say truth is the first casualty of war.

Maybe so, but the first casualty of manufactured war is logic, which renders both empathy and compassion impotent.

That no Western corporate media questioned the “40 beheaded babies” story and ran with it everywhere is to be expected.

That millions of Westerners wanting it to be true (and were sad when it wasn’t) bought and sold it to others anyway shows that people will believe what they want to believe with no evidence.

The “reporter” who propagated the story was i24 TV News reporter Nicole Zedek, who later claimed she never saw any baby bodies, but overheard soldiers talking about it.

i24 News is Israeli State Television.

It would be like a Mossad agent reporting from the crime scene that Mossad permitted to occur—in this case the sacrifice of innocent Israelis and foreigners.

People fall for it and amplify it.

The game of telephone is now considered journalism.

The story is still published on their site.

Da Babies!

The Biggest Baby In “Media”

“Meet my new employee for the tribe.”

War propaganda is some of the most effective because people tend to have their minds made up about what is true ahead of its delivery.

The preceding hysteria and tribalism will shut down people’s ability to think clearly and inhibit their desire to ask necessary questions. Whatever “truths” those in power seek to seep through their lowered defenses is effortless.

Take this video by India’s Free Press Journal of “events” from last Saturday. At the minute mark we see paratroopers flying into an urban zone. NOT paragliders. How did Hamas manage to parachute into this urban area and why are they sporting Egypt’s flag as parachutes? Did Hamas, an Israeli creation suddenly get gifted airplanes and help from Egyptian paratroopers?

The video has over four million views with no disclaimers. In the comment section below is one question about all this propaganda for every ten confessions of emotional manipulation or virtue-signaling thoughts and prayers.

Breitbart News is among the worst Western offenders for “alternative” sources. Perhaps they never were alternative at all, but merely another MIC mouthpiece to sow right-left division and give their readers the impression that there are political choices and political differences.

Presently the outlet is serving as Israeli State media. Their “Horror!” headline for most of the week spared no drama with very little accompanying evidence other than the word of the Israeli state that permitted all this madness to happen.

If one were to scroll inside the article beyond the headline they’d find the headline was not at all substantiated by the material provided. In fact, their claim of “None Were Spared” is mostly of kidnappings, meaning MOST of the victims they refer to were in fact spared and are presently being held hostage in a location that Israel probably knows about given the reach and scope of their intelligence and accompanying permitted “failures”.

Breitbart doesn’t appear interested in providing the truth at all. Its own article from 2015 by Larry Solov admits as much.

All Wars Are Manufactured

The International Crime syndicate today known as the IMF (Rothschild Banking Cartel) has been CREATING wars between the U.S., Russia, and around the world for two hundred and twenty years, since the war of 1812.

Rothschild crime

Rothschild who?

The Zionist plan for “The Promised Land” includes parts of Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq…

Michel Chossudovsky
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
By Israel Shahak and Prof Michel Chossudovsky Update and Analysis On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” which was led by its Military Chief Mohammed Deif. On that same day, Netanyahu confirmed a so-called “State of Readiness For War…
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Based American

The American people preferred neutrality by a wide majority for the first 150 years of the nation’s existence. Once a central bank captured the Republic, that all had to end, and consent for endless wars needed to be manufactured.

Today, the greatest act of defiance and revolution is recognizing that one’s enemies are NOT in far-off lands. One’s interests are NOT those of Zionists, Khazarians, or Islamists, or the forces of global chaos keeping the world in flames.


Gareth Icke drops the kind of bombs we need…

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