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Amen, sir. At this point, all I know for sure is: 1) we're being lied to; 2) people will die because of those lies. Wars, covid, climate. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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I appreciate the “Monsters on Maple Street” reference as I cited it myself in one of my numerous feckless exchanges with Covidians on Nextdoor way back in 2020.

Here are some relevant quotes:

“You fools. You scared, frightened rabbits, you. You’re sick people, do you know that? You’re sick people—all of you! And you don’t even know what you’re starting because let me tell you … let me tell you—this thing you’re starting—that should frighten you. As God is my witness … you’re letting something begin here that’s a nightmare!”

“Let’s get it all out. Let’s pick out every idiosyncrasy of every single man, woman, and child on the street. And then we might as well set up some kind of a kangaroo court. How about a firing squad at dawn, Charlie, so we can get rid of all the suspects? Narrow them down. Make it easier for you.”

“They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find, and it’s themselves. And all we need do is sit back … and watch.”

“Their world is full of Maple Streets. And we’ll go from one to the other and let them destroy themselves. One to the other … one to the other … one to the other—”

Closing narration:

“The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices—to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own for the children … the children yet unborn. [A pause.] And the pity of it is … that these things cannot be confined to The Twilight Zone!”

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I just figger the grifter Overlords know the Ukraine gravy train is derailed, and they need to sell more bullets and bombs to *somebody," so they can still reap their addictive 20%.

Besides, Bob Peters handlers know Ukraine is a losing hand so Islamic-committed atrocities might sell better in 2024.

Same shit, different day.

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If they were lying about the beheaded babies, you have to ask yourself what else they have lied about.

To ask for evidence of the dead babies is tantamount to "disrespecting the dead." Where have I heard that one before?

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Excellent information and presented very nicely in such a way I'll lock my doors tonight.

Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.~ Victor Hugo

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Thanks for the post GC. Been wondering if anyone else has considered a "false Flag" event this past Saturday evening. I can't imagine Hamas accumulating such a vast supply of missiles (more than 5000 ?) and other equipment without their Israeli overlords knowing about it. After all, Gaza has been for years a virtual prison camp watched 24/7 , and while yes--tunnels are a known means of getting stuff in past the guards noses --those tunnels do not get a very long life before the sniffers close them down. Don't think they were those home made rockets Hamas generally uses, or if so the vaunted

"Iron Dome" was shut down for the night.

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I am aware that the Palestinians have been getting a raw deal for a long time now, and for all the resolutions passed by the (worthless) UN over the years, Israel. knowing it has several security counsel vetoes in it's pocket, just keeps thumbing it's nose at the rest of the world. But the world is changing, and the western powers --ie. USA + NATO +EU know the time for their total control is coming to an end. Failing empires are always dangerous on the way down.

Now I'm getting rather long in the tooth. but I do hope god grants me enough more time to see how this all works out. Meaning the WEF globalist plan to make humanity obsolete except for the needed serving class. My money is on the people if they can manage to tear themselves away from the bread and circuses long enough to realize that their most valuable commodity (freedom) is rapidly fading. The fight for that is only now beginning, and there are big events coming. Get ready people.

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YES!!!! 100%...I made this reference at the start of the pandemic...thank you for this..... I LOVE Twilight Zone...... Serling was decades ahead of his time....

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All lessons from Iraq war forgotten.

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Thanks, as always,;a powerful punch of truth telling. Same fuckers doing the same shit, over and over. When enough of us, say enough of all that, we can change this world overnight.

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I knew of none of this as I don't have any exposure to MSM and I have never been on social media. I much prefer to read thoughtful, insightful and intelligent analyses from competent writers such as the goodcitizen.

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For anyone who doesn't know how that Balfour Declaration came to be, look up Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech on bitchute. --He was an insider, assistant to Bernard Baruch (yesterday's Soros/Rothschild front man) and witnessed the behind-the-scenes intrigues that got America into WW1. Germany was winning the war, so the Zios went to England and said you can still win this war if America comes in on your side. We can get America into the war if you give us Palestine. So, they got the Balfour Declaration and then went to work on Wilson. 160,000 American men died so the Zios could get a piece of real estate. Also, Benjamin Freedman also said that the Zios rule over America like absolute monarchs. He also tells the truth about the lead up to WW2. He subsequently broke with these people, married a Catholic woman, and spent the rest of his life and personal fortune trying to warn the American people about them,

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Jeff Berwick/ Dollar Vigilante doing a good job here exposing all the lies to get the war going:

Both Sides Are Being Played By The Banksters Again To Cause Genocide, Division and World War III https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qiy1GjRY5bwI/


The Israeli army has no information confirming allegations that "Hamas beheaded babies," Israeli army spokesperson unit told Anadolu on Tuesday.

Source of dubious ‘beheaded babies’ claim is Israeli settler leader who incited riots to ‘wipe out’ Palestinian village https://thegrayzone.com/2023/10/11/beheaded-israeli-babies-settler-wipe-out-palestinian/

Oren Ziv, an Israeli reporter who joined the military’s official tour of Kfar Aza, commented on Twitter, “I’m getting a lot of question about the reports of ‘Hamas beheaded babies’ that were published after the media tour in the village. During the tour we didn’t see any evidence of this, and the army spokesperson or commanders also didn’t mention any such incidents.”

LA Times retracts rape allegations



A lesson in Israeli propaganda. The video is a jump of many cuts but the soundtrack simply continues over the cuts. Not a single person shown has lips moving in any kind of chant. A large number of educated people, who must see and understand this, are deliberately tweeting out this fake.

Also, Red Ice TV (bitchute) played a clip of an Israeli woman, who said Hamas came into her home and was apparently quite nice, asked to eat a banana. Nobody was harmed. Made me wonder if we had something like the Lavon Affair going on.

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IMO this was an obvious false flag in order to justify what the Israelis have always wanted to do: slaughter millions of Palestinians and take the land:

Netanyahu Bragged About Zionist Support for Hamas


Scott Horton, the editorial director of the Antiwar website, has found further evidence that Hamas is an Israeli-controlled terror organization. Horton points to a recent post at the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The article is locked up behind a paywall. However, it is posted on the Archive.org website.

During Netanyahu’s fraud trial, writes Gidi Wewitz, the prime minister is quoted as declaring,

“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” he told a meeting of his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy—to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.” (Emphasis added.)


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when I hear that guy in the video and many others say I dont care about pissrael or palestine is only half right. the West has to care about palestine cause what the jews are doing to them they want to do to ALL gentiles as their devil god in the OT instructs them. the talmud is way worse

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It appears the International Banking Families' divide and conquer strategy is working wonders in the good ole USA; however, I said appears. In reality what they are really up against has already divided itself and it is in fact both sides, which includes their side.

Familiarize yourselves with the Primordial Scission, coined by the great Schwaller de Lubicz and which they are braindead to grasping. Energy/Physics, the study of Force, controls everything. All else is folly.

In that light the GS is correct when he said they are fighting themselves; however, I disagree with his position of watching. No, we must help them along by simply not accepting their assumption they are in control of our decisions. No argument, no fight, just a steadfast holding on to any and all of our positions we really feel in the face of their whatever to have us acquiesce.

I remember the GC some time ago mention the book titled "The Peaceful Warrior." That's it!

As our poet laureate. Bob Dylan, said in 1966,

"I just can't do what I've done before

I just can't beg you anymore

I'm gonna let you pass

And I'll go last

Then time will tell

Just who has fell

And who's been left behind

When you go your way and I go mine"



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Also, Twilight Zone is like Orwell for television. So incredibly brilliant, thank you.

Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIVIOPL1Vf4

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