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Dancing Oven Babies

"No wailing wall photo, no pushing atrocity propaganda, no destroying your first amendment for 'anti-semitism,' no AIPAC shekels, no re-election, and those tapes of you with kiddies get released."

If you want to make me fu**ing hate the people you want me to like, keep doing this, keep telling me you’re going to put me in fu**ing jail, in this case for an opinion I didn’t even hold. You motherfu**ers.

Based Scott Adams

Step 1: Purchase the Empire of Lies. Own its politicians, media, entertainment, and mind-raping apparatus. Use bribery, or more effectively blackmail to control selected officeholders for life and get them to vote exactly how you want. Use atrocity propaganda from the previous century’s most lied-about historical events as emotional blackmail for mind control of the Empire’s subjects via public education and their favorite entertainment mediums. Shalom Señor Spielbergo!

Step 2: Loot its treasury for your gain. Cycle that money back to its politicians via AIPAC who will then send you more money! Use its military and sacrifice its young men and women in uniform for five conflicts declared in official documents in the late nineties. Threaten “Islamic terror attacks” publicly and in your Prime Minister’s book Fighting Terrorism on their home soil including the WTC towers in advance of those wars and the very “Terrorism” that you create

Step 3: Plan and execute 9/11 with partner intel agencies

Step 4: Use the Empire as your proxy military force, spying apparatus, and information controller to imprint your status as “greatest ally” on the pea brains of Empire subjects who are now all-in on your victimhood status, while simultaneously being the opposite—its greatest enemy. Inflitrate all of its tech monopolies with your state agents to algorithmically manipulate and control the minds of its tax-paying wage slaves

Step 6: Flood western Gentile nations that have notable Jewish populations with millions of your declared enemies to demographically destroy those nations while instilling fear in Jews, driving your “Chosen People” back to their “only safe home”— “The Promised Land”

Step 7: Use those enemies you helped create now deeply embedded in those Western nations along with their college campus useful idiots to organize “violent protests” against your criminal actions while calling them “terrorists” and “terrorist sympathizers” and infiltrate these groups stirring the chaos and amplifying their incompetence to use them as justification to pass “anti-semitism awareness” legislation with help from Step 1 to trample on the Empire’s founding document, now just a neat abstraction

Step 8: Get your bribed and blackmailed politicians to repeat your atrocity propaganda ad nauseam in advance of more looting bills and anti-1A legislation. Be sure to add babies and ovens to your atrocity propaganda, to cover for your second 9/11 on October 7th, 2023. Babies and ovens play very well with the Empire’s brainwashed subjects

Step 9: Use Jewish “fear” to usher in censorship, especially criticism of Israel to cover your war crimes and genocide, and equate Zionism with your most effective victimhood cudgle— anti-semitism. Amplify that fear in the media you control. Divide the empire into two distinct groups while raising the temperature of violence between them as you continue your ethnic cleansing operations, settlement “acquisitions” and land grabs

Step 10: Watch the Empire descend into civil strife so it is no longer “safe” for your “Chosen People” who will rush to Palm Beach or “The Promised Land” with future generations of IDF soldiers in their “ovens” and all their assets and property to invest in your rapidly expanding apartheid ethnostate

Step 11: Keep feeding those red heifers

The cost of owning absolute clowns and traitors? $100 million every election cycle, plus a few minutes in front of a camera in a basement with “missing” children.


U.S. Senate letter to the ICC protecting Israeli war criminals. Americans wonder why the same assholes get reelected cycle after cycle, and they ask the question as if it’s some great mystery on what organization/ethnostate has a 98% success rate and openly brags about it.



Odysseus Unsheathed
Congress Identifies Source of Antisemitism among the Schoolkids Jews Are Currently Slaughtering
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Will they ever teach the truth of that false flag event in schools?

Who killed the Boomer’s favorite President? Oliver Stone knew all along, but he couldn’t put it in his JFK script if he wanted a career. (Watch 👇)

When will the majority of boomers finally recognize who has controlled their minds for half a century, and why?

The Reese Report
The Zionist Death Grip On The United States Government
When Netanyahu demanded that the protests against Israel be stopped, the US government complied because our members of Congress have all been bought and paid for with tax dollars given to the American Israeli Political Action Committee, known as AIPAC. AIPAC openly brags about this on their…
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When the boomers go, so goes U.S. support for Israel.

That’s why they have to take out TikTok. There’s far too much noticing going on with Millennials and Zoomers.

Will Substack be next?

When Zoomers rewrite the LSAT in the year 2050:

If some selected representatives are blackmailed, and all selected representatives take money from Israel, then most selected representatives are definitely unelected Zionist cock-sucking pedophiles.



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