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Are You Ready For Some Fixedball?

"All my normie friends are here on Monday night!"

The National Fugazi League reorganized itself over twenty years ago as an “entertainment league” consisting of individual profit-sharing franchises. The NFL has used this classification defense in official court documents against accusations of anti-trust violations. It openly came out and said it’s simply “family entertainment” and not a competitive sports league. The only other “sport” that occupies this legal position is the WWE.

The only difference between the NFL and WWE is most people know that one is fixed and they don’t care, and the other people don’t want to know their sport is also fixed because they need to still care. Like the gambler chasing his losses at the blackjack table, these “fans” will keep throwing good money attention hours after a lifetime of bad attention choices. They cannot accept just how much of their money life was lost to something that was always fixed. At least at the blackjack table, the gambler still has a chance of winning.

These “fans” care deeply about their sportsball team. Who they draft, who they select at Quarterback, who they select as head coach, if they win or lose, and how they win or lose. They care about statistics, records, schemes, game plans, plays, routes, replays, flags, anthems, and which cheerleader’s Instashame they’re going to rub one out to on Sunday nights.

They devote hundreds if not thousands of hours of their lives caring deeply about a scripted entertainment league that hauls in $45 Billion per year and shares it equally among owners, which means owners don’t really care if their team wins or loses because they share equally in all profits whether they win one game, or they win the Stupor Bowl.

Think of the Soviet Union of sportsball. A centralized planning committee will make decisions for the people league to maximize power and control profits and control, and the regional commissars franchises will make sure their citizens players and coaches do as they’re paid.

Even the merchandise that is sold under the NFL banner, including jersey sales, team merchandise is shared equally with other franchises. If that drooling tongue-wagging hayseed QB from Kansas City’s jersey sales makes fifty million in profits, they are split equally between all teams. Mr. Pfizer Jersey sales are split equally between all franchises, and other players will get their end-of-season bonuses from profit-sharing with the league in exchange for their silence about how fixed and fake the whole thing is. Players are heavily incentivized to play along with the scripted “family entertainment” and must sign a bulletproof legal contract—literally.

None of this could be possible without the referees who are also heavily incentivi$ed to make that crucial call in the fourth quarter to keep a team’s drive alive so they win with that last-second field goal just as it was scripted up at NFL HQ in the Big Apple.

They don’t need to script all plays or even all games, but they appear to script most games and rig most games. All they need to do is rig one play, on one drive for each team, each quarter or half to decide the outcome of games. It doesn’t need to be every play, and that’s what helps keep the illusion going for the 148 million people who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, where Mr. Pfizer’s team won again, and his sidekick Hayseed threw for 333 yards, at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas located at 3333 Al Davis Way.

Beyond the referees, coaches, and players all paid to play their roles in the scripted entertainment, there’s no shortage of other tricks used to rig games including magnetic balls and special receiver gloves, magnetized uprights bringing the ball right towards them on that last-second field goal that a bonobo could make blindfolded but not a professional NFL kicker who makes 100 out of 100 in practice. On game day it goes… Doink!

In 2018, Dan Goodes, an employee (lawyer) of the NFL came forward to spill the beans. Maybe he had too many Bud Lights that day and decided to go for broke, but he came forward to reveal the previous year’s Super Bowl was rigged, and all of it was scripted.

“This is the biggest scam in sports history,” Goodes said in Minneapolis, according to reports. “The Super Bowl is already completely scripted out.”

“How do I know it’s scripted? I’ve read the damn thing.“

“You need to understand the NFL is a $35 billion (2018) shared revenue corporation. Outcomes can’t be left to chance. Total league revenues are shared equally by all franchises, so they don’t care who wins or loses. Let me be perfectly clear here. It doesn’t matter to the franchise owners. It doesn’t matter to the players. But it matters to the league. Outcomes have been fixed to maximize profits ever since my early days here.”

“The sad thing is that it’s legal. Can you believe that? It’s legal thanks to guys [entertainment laywers] like me.”

Oopsie. It looks like the NFL called Ray Lewis and his buddies for some extracurricular work. Or maybe they told OJ Simpson that Dan Goodes was banging his girlfriend.

Just as Big Pharma will execute naturopathic and holistic doctors who refuse to play allopathic games with their patients’ lives ahead of a planned hoax pandemic with no actual threat, the NFL will off anyone who gets out of line and jeopardizes their billion-dollar operation.

The NFL is so powerful that they were able to delete it from the Internet, all search engine results, and even the Internet Archive page which captured the New York Times article on February 3, 2018, but for some mysterious reason “lost” those two instances of capturing that URL:

Can’t have the masses knowing that their sportsball games are rigged. Apart from the $45 Billion annual scam, there are tens of billions more going through the betting houses where for some “mysterious” reason they always get the over/under correct within just a few points. This year’s Super Bowl over/under was 47.5. The final score was 25-22.

As legalized gambling spreads across the nation, the bookmakers appear to know the final results in advance.

Before this century, the average margin of Super Bowl victory was 16 points. Since 2004, that magically dropped to less than a touchdown. Can’t have the masses leave during a blowout victory and not watch those Super Bowl commercials of sacred rollerskating homosexuals and back alley thugs getting their feet washed by “Christians”—just as Jesus used to do.

“You know Barry, there’s a Motel right over there if you’re not busy.”
“Scrub harder you pig ass bitch.”

As for the Taylor Swift psyop, it’s not a “political operation” to get Biden selected again as the normies want you to believe. Think about it for one second. Just take one second to think critically and ask one simple question: Why do they need Taylor Swift for that when they already rig elections for whomever they want through computer-transferred votes, mail-in ballot dumps, and dead people voting?

People listen to operatives like Jack Posobiec, a former Naval intelligence officer, who is paid to make everything about the red team or blue team, when it’s about bigger things, like team humanity versus team transhumanist depopulation death cult. If you’re pushing the masses away from the transhumanist depopulation death cult as the culprit, you are working for the transhumanist depopulation death cult.

The Mr. Pfizer and Swifty psyop was about something so much more than “helping Joe Biden” in a selection they already control.

To see endless examples of the National Fugazi League’s scripted “family entertainment” at work check out YouTube channel Jake The Asshole, who has been documenting this for years.

“Thanks for saving 150 hours of my life next season Good Citizen!”

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