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United States of Israel

Hello darkness my old friend. You've come to loot from me again.

We have spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. Do you know what we have for it? Nothing. Nothing!

— Donald J. Trump
Personal assistant to 45th U.S. President Jared Kushner

*** Notes on Substack, and a personal appeal to Good Citizens below ***

Have you seen the latest bipartisan Senate bill for Ukraine, Israel, and the border? It reads as if it was written in Kyiv, then sent to Tel Aviv, then emailed to the ghost of Count Richard Von Cudenhove-Kalergi, then sent by carrier pigeon to Frances Fox Piven to put some final touches on it as the ghost of her husband Richard Cloward smiled over her shoulder.

Legalizing 1.5 million illegal border crossings per year is now bipartisan Senate legislation. The bill calls for $60 billion more for the Poison Dwarf to kill off the remaining men of Ukraine with the average age of front-line soldiers now 44 who are fighting alongside young Ukrainian women. At this rate, there will be no people in Ukraine by 2032. Crops will be harvested by robot combines and ethnic cleansing of Russians in the east will be done by drones remote-controlled from Empire outposts in Germany.

Of course, no bill would be bipartisan without more taxpayer looting for their paymasters in Israel. From 1949-2009 the total direct funding from the United States to Israel was $110 Billion. Adjusted for inflation over the years it amounts to half a trillion dollars today. This excludes the $10 Trillion the U.S. has spent on wars of benefit for Israel in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, induced by Israel’s first 9-11 to kick off the War on Terror and openly called for by Netanyahu at the UN in 2002 and in Congress the same year where he scared Americans into believing that a nuclear missile hitting DC or New York from Iraq or Iran was just six months away.

Watch — Tricked Into War: Israeli Zionist Government Was Behind 9/11 (2018)

Under a push by new Israel-First Republican House speaker Mike Johnson (it’s why he was chosen) another $17 Billion is being authorized in direct aid in addition to the $15 Billion already sent in October.

People aren’t buying their bullshit anymore. The war narratives are collapsing.

Much of it will be laundered back to the reelection coffers of the very people who pass these funding bills via defense contractor lobbyists in the United States, plus the single Political Action Committee that controls nearly every Politico in the District of Corruption-AIPAC.

Turning Western women into ho$, and destroying their future mate appeal for the Israeli project. This clown gave $11 million to Niki Haley.

Israel’s main bribery arm AIPAC has a 96% success rate in (s)electing American politicians. Not even Sadaam Hussein was that good in Iraqi “elections.”

AIPAC has already donated $95,000 to little Mikey Johnson’s reelection fund to ensure they get their new package of American taxpayer loot.

Imagine getting $17 billion on a $95,000 investment!

All for a new phase of an 80-year land grab and ethnic cleansing operation that was recently reignited with a false flag against its people.

Meanwhile, Israel is already sitting on $205 billion in foreign reserves but why spend that when you can steal more from Americans?


Israel has always utilized two methods of controlling the elites and politicians, to gain from American military power and riches:

  1. Bribery (“campaign donations”)

  2. Blackmail—you will work for us or these tapes will be leaked to the press we control (much cheaper than bribery-it’s free!)

Not a single one of them is not working for Israel first, second, and last.

That includes the “alternative” candidates.

Except for Dr. Shiva, who is not, messing, around.

Watch Dave Smith let RFK Jr. expose himself as another Zionist clown:

Who killed his uncle and father and why?

A Personal Appeal To Good Citizens

It’s that time of year again when I dare move on to other topics (related to past ones) that didn’t initially attract readers. Anytime this happens I might lose as many subscribers as I gain, meaning I do not gain any new free subscribers for weeks or longer. In the case of criticizing Israel and exposing Zionism, I gained zero new subscribers for two months and ended up losing many paid subscribers as well, nearly 20% of my peak at one point.

I get why they left, and I chose to write about these topics knowing there would be repercussions, so I’m not here to whine about it. I know the mental programming on these (recent history, foreign policy, Zionism) runs very deep, and few want to confront the often tiring process of deprogramming from official narratives. I was one of these people for many years, but I refuse to look away and pretend not to notice the truth so that it benefits me financially.

Nothing is more cringy and vulgar than watching people chase money with lies by playing dumb.

Speaking of noticing, I have also noticed among many new subscribers that they are very robust readers. In the past, the email notification would say new free subscribers read 15 other substacks, sometimes as many as 40. Lately, I’ve seen some that subscribe to 150-350 other substacks!

That’s not to say they don’t have the potential to be dedicated Good Citizens or even join Flock Meadow, but let’s just say their focus and attention are pretty divided, and the probability of conversion goes down and down as these new robust readers join the free flock, and as Substack’s popularity grows.

A few weeks ago I wrote that a year from now some of you won’t be here, and though I’ll be sad to see you go, I wasn’t joking. After year Won, and as year Zoo comes to an end the one thing I’m certain of for year Free, is people will come and people will go. Another thing that has become clear is that if those paid subscribers who depart Flock Meadow are not replaced, then this operation begins to collapse quickly. The irony now is that Year Free may not be free at all.

I love writing and love doing this but it currently pays less than a job as a part-time barista at Starbucks without tips, so I have some difficult choices ahead.

  1. going 50-50 paid-free

  2. going entirely paid for 3, 6, or 9 months until the conversion rate of free-to-paid reaches a viable level to continue.

  3. The other possibility is one I don’t want to consider but it entails shutting down everything, paying out prorated refunds, and moving on to do something else with the hours that consume me here.

Currently, there are 8-9 free posts for every paid one, so things will change drastically overnight if Flock Meadow continues to stall.

I’m not seeking a large following or even a thousand paid subscribers, although at that rate I’d be making as much as an assistant manager of Starbucks. I don’t care about celebrity, status, or check marks, and nobody who tells the truth will ever get too big anyway, by design. Just have a look at the cream of the crop around here with purple check marks. It’s not pretty!

Anyway, I’m eventually seeking to simply maintain 600-800 dedicated paid flock with most content paywalled, and would much prefer that than 25k free flock, which I wouldn’t hit with this revolving door until 2026. Maybe.

I’ll also be able to lower the monthly fees by a dollar at that level, and the annual fee by ten percent. The more who join Flock Meadow the cheaper it gets for everyone.

To cut to the chase, if you take no offense to the truth, enjoy what I do here, and want to see it stay alive then I need your support more than ever. (pensioner and student discounts are below)

I appreciate those of you who heard the call the past two weeks and joined the Flock.

Shout out to those of you who have been with me from the start, you know who you are, and please know that I definitely know who you are and appreciate you!

And thank you to the following new Flock members for the kind words:

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Thank you for sharing


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